How to Get Rid of "Neck" Headaches (Proven Therapy Techniques)

hi I'm Bob short physical therapist and

I am Brad any physical therapist I'm so


and together we have the most famous

physical therapist on the internet in

our opinion of course Bob

Brad uh everybody has a headache in

their life and no not everybody does but

what we have found is that fifteen to

twenty percent of people who have

headaches that neck is actually the

cause of the pain in the upper yeah

usually the upper neck and and this is a

treatment that top three treatments that

a lot of you can do very easily very

easy to try and we'd recommend that you

do so let's go ahead and start sure the

first one brad is again we've just

talked about this in our last video how

a lot of people are now spending a lot

of time on their computers or laptops

and they got this forward head pond

right and now what happens is the

muscles start to tighten up here Brad

so what you're going to want to do is

chin tucks and we've said this ad

nauseam at a lot of our videos now you

want to go into short pressure so we're

just a promotion the chin tucks in

towards your throat and everything goes

back like someone's going to take a pie

throw in your face and you're going

through that so it's not down here but

it's in fact it's kind of a strange

motion some people have a hard time

doing it if you want to add a little

pressure if it feels good here and you

push a little more you can do that but

you don't have to it's just a simple

chin tuck and often times good enough

and you a lot of times I have patients

that yeah I feel it stretch right back

in here and that's what it is what you

want to deal with that I've seen people

to take the you know the crease of there

and go like this and really stretch it

yeah and then sometimes it feels really

good Brad to do that stretch and it

makes funny faces too yeah they say

surprise all your friends but so that's

number one you want to make sure and if

you are all day long like this maybe

want to try to correct your workstation

so that that you're going to up in this

area here your your heads equal with the

screen so that you're not down like this

all day long because that again that can

be causing your headache all right the

second thing you want to try is to go

ahead and just do a massage to this area

yeah so yeah good position there Brad

and what a lot of times I have to do is

just take two fingers like this and pull

it across so yep you see how Brad is

doing that you got to focus in on that

really break that up the only thing

better than doing this is having someone

else do it right but yeah I feel good

matter of fact that's something you can

easily do throughout the day you know if

you're having trouble is - yeah little

circulars but you're working right in

that area a lot of pain let's let's talk

about where the pain often is when

you're having neck headache spread it

actually is often a lot of time starting

here and it will radiate off to one side

or the other sometimes sometimes they'll

go behind the eye sometimes it's like

that tight band feeling right around

your Ola head and I think that we can

see the reason that is is lot of

occipital nerves come off the greater

occipital nerve yeah that's there that's

how they travel that's where Brad you

bet and so that's why it's sending pain

is that's especially at c1c2 often can

often send pain into here too so the

third thing you might try is just simply

take some ice and put it on that area

now we just showed how to make an ice

pack out of rice and a sock a clean sock

a clean sock and I'll put that video up

right here but the other way this one

I'm just the most simplest way of all if

you just have a little baggy little

plastic baggie mark ziplock and you take

a washcloth and you wet it and then you

put that in the freezer and I'll use it


this isn't frozen right now I'm sure but

it works out really good just very

simple to do this is rather use a bigger

bag if you have one and you just put it

on there and then you can you can well

actually but that's why we're the rice

pack my work you can just sit there yeah

but if you can have some house what it

just stays there certainly recliner sure

and ice that baby up right in there and

that may take away the headache there so

obviously I mean you can obviously try

ibuprofen or some type of whatever works

for you for pain relief but those things

these are the things we're trying to do

to stop it from happening again right so

the ice Asha though instead of just

treating the symptoms we're going to

we're trying to eliminate so the pain

doesn't happen again

the other thing helps is if get the

stress out of your life all right yeah I

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