STIHL Dealer vs. the big box store


for some reason as Canadian consumers we

are used to almost automatically

visiting the big-box stores when

shopping for power tools but wouldn't it

be great instead to support

independently owned stores these owners

may even be your neighbors who have the

products and accessories you need have

amazing customer service and best of all

our local businesses in your city or

neighborhood oh yeah and prices are

competitive to what we face the steel

dealer versus the big-box stores in a

head-to-head match on five super

important categories let's go steel

dealer versus big-box store number one

availability steel dealers are available

all over campus Flippo big-box stores

they also are you may know exactly where

your closest big-box store is but now

you can easily identify steel dealers by

looking out the orange outdoor signs

with over a thousand dealers across

Canada there will always be a dealer

near you if it's not exactly by your

home there will be one next to your work

at kids school or in-laws in the

availability category steel dealers and

the big box stores get a tie


number two hours of operation in this

category the big Boxster has an edge

over the steel dealer big-box stores

have extended our inner open all weekend

even on Sundays steel dealers because

they are independently owned do not have

a fixed schedule across Canada and their

hours depend on their owner and how they

think they can best service their

customers but this doesn't mean that

steel dealers are never open all you

need to do is find a steel dealer in

your area that has a schedule that fits

to your needs because even though not

all dealers have the same hours some

steel dealers are open late or open on

Saturdays and even on Sundays in this


even though steel dealers can close I

will give the edge to the big-box stores

number three customer service big boxers

have amazing staff that are always there

to help you find the product that you

need and tell you what aisle is located

up and some of them will have some

expertise and will help you select the

right product for you out of Steel

dealer steel staff are constantly

trained to know each product and their

application if you need a smaller

machine for working on your back yards

they will sell you what you need if you

are a professional any more powerful

tools they'll know exactly what to

recommend customer service at steel

dealers goes beyond to smile and knowing

the product location inside the store

it is complemented with in-depth product

knowledge and it doesn't stop there once

you select the tool you want to buy the

dealer will set up the unit for you if

it requires setup they will put gas and

oil in it or test the battery then they

will teach you how to start it safely

and how to run it and lastly they will

show you all the protective accessories

you need to make sure you are always

safe steel dealers don't make you take

the unit home in a box and follow

complicated assembly instructions once

you get home your unit is ready to go

this is what customer service means for

steel in this category I have to give

the edge to the steel to play number for

technical service when you work at power

tool reality you will pop to face is

that at some point your machine will

require some maintenance and sometimes

it will break down even an amazing

product like a steel will require

maintenance and parts replace if your

machine breaks down and you bought it a

big-box store you can bring it back to

the store but most of them do not have a

technical service department that can

fix your unit replace broken parts or

perform a seasonal tune-up

if this happened the best they can do is

refer you to the 1-800 number near steel

so with the steel dealer all you need to

do is bring your machine in because they

have expert technicians that know the

product inside out if a specific part is

not available the steel distribution

centers carry all the spare parts to

service every product they sell and in

most cases the dealer can order any part

for next day delivery in this category

the steel dealer takes the edge

Bar oh but hey there is an upside if

your big box product broke down you can

always bring it back to the steel dealer

it is very possible they'll be able to

fix it for you and once there you may

even be tempted to upgrade to a steel


number five

supporting local the final cabinet II

have to do with something that is very

important for every community and this

is shopping local steel works with a

network of over a thousand independently

owned local dealers across Canada when

you purchase from a steel dealer your

money stays in your community in this

last category the shop local category

the steel dealers definitely takes the

edge I hope you enjoyed this

head-to-head match between the steel

dealer versus a big-box store visit

triple W steel dealers dot CA to find

your closest field dealer and see it for