Why shop at a STIHL Dealer in Canada?


so you're all grown up now and you own

your own home now you're responsible for

the upkeep not only inside but also

outside you think your shovel and hand

tools be good enough but then the work

gets really hard and you start thinking

about using a power tool sure you can go

to mom and dad's every week and and bore

their equipment but isn't it time you

buy your own

power tools are like everything else you

get what you pay for you may save some

money by getting a cheap trimmer a

chainsaw a big box store but are you

really saving in the long run your

equipment will break down you'll find no

technical service at the store steals

the number one manufacturer of gas

handheld outdoor power equipment in the

world yes we invented the chainsaw for

over 90 years we have been selling the

best outdoor power tools in the world

thanks to quality products and German

engineering but where do you buy a steel

steel is not sold at big box stores

steel is only sold at independent

dealers which in most cases are locally

owned shops and not part of a big

national chain also most of the time

their owners are the ones helping you

with the purchase if you are wondering

why we only sell through these

independent retail stores well it's

because when you buy a steel we want you

to have the most amazing customer

service experience and we achieve this

by working with people who love their

business and truly care about their

customers when you buy a steel the

dealer will answer all your questions

and will have the expertise to recommend

the right product for your specific

application they will set it up for you

test the battery or fill it with gas and

oil then they will show you how to start

it how to safely use it and finally they

will show you the protective accessories

you'll need to safely use your machine

after the purchase the dealer will

always be there for you should your

machine needs some repairing or a

seasonal tune-up they will have all the

parts to service your machine or even

offer you a new one should you want to

upgrade compared to most other stores

which do not have a service department

your unit will always be safe in the

hands of a steel dealer Steel has been

in business for over 90 years now and

over time we have partnered with an

amazing national network of dealers one

independent store at a time with over a

thousand dealers across Canada there's

always a steel dealer near you find your

local steel dealer today by visiting WWL