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adapt and evolve that's what we've done

for the last hundred years we're a fifth

generation business goes back to my

great great grandfather he was a cabinet

maker first came to Pennsylvania built

cabinets there in the furniture trade to

eventually moved to Cincinnati around

1875 and opened his own furniture

manufacturing company

well the Herbert's in business and had

to evolve quite a bit my

great-grandfather started as a cabinet

maker here in the Greater Cincinnati

area at that point the furniture

business evolved into the automobile

business of course in World War 2 you

couldn't get automobiles so they went

into the garden tractor business you

know I think there's one thing I've

learned from from our family businesses

that you have to evolve it might not be

major changes or you know a complete

change in direction of far as how the

business goes but you have to always

look for new things new ways to improve

new products new ways to keep customers

happy and so you're constantly evolving

if you're not evolving you're not

growing if you're not growing you're not

gonna be the fun part of our business is

helping customers not only through the

service sides that it's through a sales

side and just talking with them I can't

tell you how many times that a customer

has come into the store and we spent

some time with them which sometimes I

feel is middle time but it's them it's

like an eternity and they're just so

thankful that we're willing to stop them

and work through their situation and try

to recommend the right

and that's what steel dealers are you

know our company has has continued to

evolve over the past hundred years and I

think it's important to us to align

ourselves with manufacturers like steel

that are committed to that same change

in evolution now and in the future we do

that I think we'll be successful I'm Jim

Harper with bud herbert motors we are

real people we are steel