Real People. STIHL People. Jose and Hector Cantu | Servicing STIHL Dealers

our father worked for trees incorporated

for 30-plus years he got my brother a

job there and we just started out as

technicians just working on repairing

repairing equipment

you know we would do it for neighbors as

well after work at home in the garage

she just got to the point where you know

it was pretty good on her own

we asked her parents I said do you think

we can kind of take over your 800 square

foot garage and and they say yeah go for


we kind of grew up in the tree industry

so we figured well we only have 800

square feet we can stick 100 tanks off

in here and so we strictly just said you

know what to describe to the tree guys

and that's what we cater to we're always

mechanically kind so we always knew

around we knew how to tinker and stuff

and remember some pretty brutal summers

spent there you know at that young age I

guess wouldn't think any better we just

went for it or go Gators so speak I

guess at this hour the eye of Hurricane

Ike is moving toward major population

areas and there is a lot of concern

about Houston the nation's fourth

largest city because it's channels are

not protected by sea walls Sunday

morning we woke up no electricity

we hooked up from generators and we

opened we opened shop no none of the the

carriers or freight companies were able

to get in with all the free downs so

nobody had equipment all the big-box

stores didn't have units change songs so

it was a hot commodity so we did was we

work with our reps and we have meet them

halfway just load up three or four

hundred chainsaws we load up the

chainsaws come back sell them back at it

again you're up at one morning every

single day to 10:00 at night

if I were to guess we sold over 2,500

chainsaws on iTunes we had enough cash

flow to come in to finally just make the

big move and finish the specs out move

in here so that was I think that was our

her a moment that was our launching of

saw house so to speak one struggling we

didn't have was a burglary than we had

here a few years back get a phone call

Ron took off in the morning and alarm

company she's like hey we need you down

here there's a fire all I could see from

a distance just fired tricks come to

find out it was rain going around the

whole Houston metropolitan area that was

just torching and getting breaking into

small engine repair shops and just

didn't equipment obviously when they

were using the torch to get in something

caught on fire sure enough we lost over

200 units in there so that was pretty

devastating for us I think we've been

fortunate that we've had good customer

99% of them work just in order just like

Jose you guys you know you do what you

got to do don't worry about us worry

about us later we came in here the next

day I remember we had some of the steel

guys come in here and work with us we

faced every single unit for a customer

with a brand new steel unit

I think one of the reasons you stand out

is this customer service we've created

over the years that friendship you know

business relationship as well I still

think to this day our dad actually our

works less he's probably the first one

up and the last one to leave our uncles

that work for us or both our technicians

I have a nephew that occasionally comes

in is wanders in bit and then I have my

two daughters that you know during the

summer spent some time here as well and

my young is always going to be coming to

work and do something we came up with

something called cookie Friday and she's

in charge of just baking six seven

cookies at a time and making sure the

coffee is fresh and and taking care of

the customers we've always worked that

inside you know we want them to be

brought up with that same work ethics

and just so they can know what it's all

about know how we started what we

started with and maybe if they want to

take over the company one day they can

my name is Jose ken - my name's Hector

Fenton we are real people

we are still people