The Mower shop stihl dealer in Ft Smith Arkansas great place


do you guys have opti to hear or to

steal has its own oil but still okay

thank you


there's grasshopper an american-made uh

more great


do you have something similar like the

twist line from echo or the black

diamond that still carry something like

that do you know the in comparison

between the two which one's better which

was not the board thing okay thank you

see they do have a helmet

I don't know if it's an actual timing

all I know it's not an actual finally I

got theirs accident coming mama

mm these balloons

I wonder what cutter kit today what was

that for

what does this hook like pink for oh

okay I'll get to that in a second

how do you do that yeah find the super

sub or something take a look at this

though your manual pull saw how how how

high does go or how tall

there's a 25 or 22-footer now it's gonna

reach up to 16 you have something that

does yeah okay thank you mama look at

this one this is old to Kimberly look at

this one


you saw one no this one look what's the

correct pronunciation is a steel or

still steel just spelled wrong right and

that's a long song look at the teeth on

that thing

only you can prevent forest fires





are all this stuff commercial-grade your

your battery-powered stuff or no okay

and the display no not the display right

the display is that commercial-grade

doesn't look like it no all right then I

think I got what I needed