Learn how to say numbers in Spanish

Ola welcome to butterfly Spanish me

llamo Ana and in today's lesson you

learn to talk about numbers

okay well this lesson is important for

four reasons maybe more first you can

give your phone number you can ask a

phone number you can give your address

you can ask for an address you can talk

about money and you can ask how much is

it maybe if you're on vacation okay so

let's get started

there's probably um this okay I'm going

to divide my lesson in four parts okay

first we're going to go from 1 to 10

then from 11 to 19 from 20 to 29 and

then from 30 to 99 okay this is going to

be our lesson after we're going to go

through some useful questions and

answers in which you can use your

knowledge about numbers okay so let's

get started first of all let's go

through here sorry here so una dos tres

cuatro Cinco seis siete Ocho P nacho no

way yes now we're going to go 11 to 19

okay so on say Doce Trece Couture say

Kinsey PSC says TAC siete yes your Cho

TAC no a

ok so now we're going to go 2220 now 29

and this is going to be very easy ok

because it is bent a then you'll

memorize fainting fainting ok so from 1

to bang dead de una a bent a to memorize

them and then you go like bang T puno

been T dos been T tres bang T Quattro

bente singko painty seis ik summer paint

is yet a paint your chopped event in way

ok if you see they have the same root

the same beginning bendy bendy bendy

bendy and then you just attach from 1 to

9 and you write it all together

ok now even easier from $32.99 you don't

even have to put all together

you just have to attach words okay so

it's treinta 30 cuarenta cinco enta

Sesenta setenta ochenta or chenda

noventa ok and you can attach the next

number the decimal train that e e kreega

remember if you go to my lesson about

the alphabet you'll learn this e treinta

y uno treinta y dos printe y tres

treinta y cuatro and so on so that means


3290 you're going to attach the word the

letter e you're going to touch letter e

and then one of the numbers you need

from uno to Nueve okay and these are

separate words Sesenta e o chão but

venti Ocho together from 20 to 29

separate from 30 to 99 okay now why is

this useful to you okay well with these

numbers if you learn these numbers if

you memorize and understand these

numbers you'll be able to ask how much

is it cuánto cuesta how much is it

cuánto cuesta you answer questa Cinco

pesos Oh questa dos dólares okay number

not be what's your telephone number

what's your phone number qual s2 numéro

de téléphone oh well f2 numéro de

téléphone oh okay

my number is me me numero s Quatro uno

seis siete siete seis dos Oh Cho Sarah

yet and so on whatever is your number

the other useful question is how old are

you cuantos anos tienes how old are you

cuantos anos tienes now in Spanish

you'll say

I am 24 years old I am 24 years old in

Spanish you'll say

tango you'll use the verb tango if you

don't know how to use that verb you can

also go to my other lesson on that verb

and and learn different ways of using

pepper okay then go Benny cuatro años I

am 24 years old tango venti cuatro años

now the other one is what's your address

qual s2 dirección my address is me

dirección s me dirección s and you pick

the number we address the name of the

street and you'll be able to know all

these questions okay well I hope you

enjoyed this lesson please if you liked

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Spanish and see you in the next class