What's the difference between Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish?

I can ask you do you know what the

difference between latina or Hispanic

and Spanish is we Latinas Spanish

Spanish um I would have to say where

they live

okay Geographic they're just different

as a seasoning between Mexican Latin

America - that was confusing the general

public and the media used both of these

terms interchangeably but there is a

slight difference Hispanic is a term

that refers to spanish-speaking origin

or ancestry Latino is a more frequently

used term which refers to origin or

ancestry to Latin America because latina

means someone who speaks Spanish because

in the case of Brazilian sick Portuguese

Hispanic is basically based on whether

you or your family speak the language of

Spanish whereas Latino is focusing more

on geographic location that being Latin

America so unlike Hispanic Latino

includes Brazilian but exclude Spaniards

I favor I'm a Spanish come on okay

you're from Spain Manish is from Spain I


I know a lot of people were saying and

to somewhere they get someone Spanish

like photos Canada McNeal takes both the

thumbs is there from Spain

for starters Spanish describes someone

who comes from Spain it's a term of

nationality but it's also a language

think of Italian it's a language but

it's also a nationality which one is

latina porque no is latina

pollution black day like Adam simplon

ticket in a mask mask I think every

region around also a spawn actually

looks black can you be black and be

latina I believe so but some people you

know langa center might know we're

different those are the ones that have

been colonized and I've been in a

disagree with you there I think they all

could be latina I feel like they could

all be Hispanic I mean they all could be

Spanish - you don't know you can't

really tell just by a person's face

whether they're Latino Hispanic or

Spanish because many Latin American

countries like those of my parents

Colombia and Peru were colonized by

Spain many folks don't feel the need or

want to identify with a term that

indicates them belonging to Spain maybe

think of it this way Hispanic a sense of

community through a connection to Spain

Latino a sense of community through a

history of colonization from Spain

colonization isn't something that we

just read about in our textbooks we feel

the effects of centuries of colonization

today through lost history erasure of

native and African languages based

practices basically our culture so it's

no wonder why so many folks just don't

want to identify with the term Hispanic

that doesn't mean the Latino doesn't

have any remnants of Spanish colonialism

I mean

even latina is supposed to describe

folks from Latin America but the term

Latin America only came to be after

European Spanish imperialism it's

important to remember that none of these

forms of identity are perfect and that's

because they're socially constructed and

mostly only used in the u.s. they also

leave people to assume that Latino or

Hispanic is a race when that's not true

which is why so many Latinos with

African ancestry have begun to use the

term after latina as for me well until a

term that comes around the fully

encompasses and embraces both the

indigenous and African influences of

Latin America I'm going to stick to

identifying as an indigenous latina how

do you identify how do you feel about

the terms latina Hispanic and Spanish

let me know in the comments down below