Learn Spanish: The word "se" in Spanish grammar

hola como estan en más o menos mal women

muy bien

super bien Superman the million in a


porque oil I'm going to teach you today

I'm going to teach you a lot almost

everything and I say almost because

sometimes I forget all I forgot to say

this offer but I'm trying I'll try not

to have it all in my mind I'm going to

teach you all about the word say say so

small say Si a say so small and yet so

important it's one of those things in

Spanish that are so small and so

important it teaches this is my

philosophical me it teaches about life

because such a small thing can really

really explain to us a lot of bigger

things it's a small comma big thing now

you probably have seen this word a lot

probably open a magazine I have here my

leftist magazine very well and you can

see it everywhere open whatever you may

want to open and you'll see say it's

everywhere to be found

you won't lack this word and a lot of

you are like why do you say how do we

you say how do you guys you say it's so

complicated and I'm sure you have asked

your native Spanish speakers friends say

hey what is this things like oh yeah

it's you know when when you talk about

like man yo and samanya yeah but when

you oh yeah that too that like most

Spanish speakers won't be able to give

you a complete explanation without

leaving you more confused I beg you if

you have done it you end of line I think

I was clear before this person told me

because it's complicated

in fact some link will say that they are

conference about these words so linguist

get together to categorize this world

and so they call it

they call it a particle it's a particle

so it's like a particle in the universe

of Spanish okay so let's talk about this

particle say we get the way I did it so

in order for you to understand better

yes I kind of summarize the way we use

it and then I gave you some examples but

of course I'm going to deep dig deeper

deep digger I was going to say deep dig

deeper into each one

okay so let's forget about my magazine

you see here let me just find one

quickly yeah there's so many I will I'll

go to go tease through these first and

then maybe I open my magazine ladies

love their magazines and I'm going to

teach you this all right okay let's

start I'm a bit distracted today so I'm

going to focus and forget there now okay

oh yeah well say will you sit as a

reflexive reflexive pronoun now but on

cloud nine is reflexive pronoun well you

probably have seen it is when you say yo

me baño to t Banyas L say Vanya you stay

say Anya ellos saben Elias say Banyon

ustedes se Banyon nosotros NOS vamos

vote rose husband eyes if you lived in

Spain so here you have said here you're

going to use this say as I reflect with

reflexive verbs with reflexive sentences

which means the subject and the object

are the same which means you are the the

patient you are the receiver of that

action okay for example hey Ted c'est la

vie las manos yeah it's your hands maybe

it's not like syllable cuerpo is part of

you it's kind of the action returns to

you reflects on you oh yeah

c'est la vie los dientes right so we're

not talking about two people

is there are verbs and reflexive

pronouns where the action is reflected

and you're going to use this cell with

two perdón perdón o2 with el dia busted'

hey Jose hey Diaz who starless muy bien

and then you're gonna use same how did

you recognize those reflexive verbs well

as I said those are verbs who that can

reflect the action on to you so subject

and patient not like the doctor and the

patient is kind of like the doctor is

giving medicine to himself like you were

the subject and then you're the object

so if you have for example la God say

pain are sabin are say you may want to

watch my video about reflexive pronouns

very well so because it's used with so

many people we do stairs with L we

haveá-- and with this plural ones it's

very common right if you say I say

bunion and ustedes a yeah L etcetera so

since then it's already it already

applies to a lot of people now these are

reflexive but for example these two okay

Jose which is to complain some people

complain a lot

ah why don't you make more videos about

this topic

oh why don't you speak more Spanish oh

why don't you speak more English oh so

many components K Farsi the fancy has

more to do with you don't make a hoe to

take a house L say keifa Edea say k ha

who studies say Kevin right it's a bit

different and by yasser Lavazza because

you do that to one part of you but this

is kind of deeper it's like it involves

all of you i repented set to repent it's

kind of like to change your mind to to

repent your memory PN toe to therapy

enters L say repent a nosotros para

ponerse a you say repentant ustedes se

are repenting very well so it's kind of

the same this reflexive way

though of expressing something that kind

of like as I said like the doctor is at

the same time the patient right kind of

reflects on to you that's when we use

that one of the uses for same and

because you know it's so common those

verbs and it's so common to talk about

the actions do you to yourself or to

part of you that it makes sense that we

find it everywhere but let's go a bit

with more examples and more contexts

another way in which we you say is when

a verb is reciprocal press but when

there is reciprocity amongst two people

so for example Leo a Maria Leo and Maria

understand each other each other there

is reciprocity

I'm not saying Leo hates Maya and for

instance Maria really hates Leo no Leo a

Maria say entienda Leo and Maria

understand each other they have

reciprocity there is reciprocity there

here Leo and Maria Leo Maria say Arman

they love each other they only marry a

civilian they fight with each other it's

reciprocal is like when there's a one

fist fight and the other gives the other

one they it's they do it to one another

so you can think about Oh a lot of verbs

that you can wear to people you know

agree like there's a kind of ballet and

st. the ending mmm for example you can

say say say Polly say Basin they kiss

each other Sabra son

you see you can say for example you may

want to use to check my my video about

the gerund and

to make things to express things that

are happening at the moment you're

talking to express things that are

progressing developing you can say job

is there have you seen it Leo and Maria

are fighting with each other so you can

say Leo Maria sustained penny Ando job

is destined peleando Oh chubby stick Leo

Maria's stun base and oh-oh caramel

Kwanzaa say stand base and oh you can

say say as Stan is Stan base under


you who's done this and Oh yellows be

muy bien the stamp base and so we have

two already one with the reflexive

reflexive pronouns and the other with

their with reciprocity so like reflexive

pronouns may they say nose Oh

may they say no sauce we may say not

oath reflexive pronouns yes si muy bien

second is reciprocity when they both to

subjects to people do the same thing

their love is reciprocal reciprocal is I

correct to say reciprocal the other love

is reciprocal their hate is reciprocal

their problems are reciprocal whatever

you like reciprocal oh yeah now let's go

to the next one and the next one has

different levels and the reason I

divider in different levels because

you'll see the difference I cannot tell

you all it's an impersonal sentences

because there are so many type of

impersonal sentences right and we use

that in so many different ways so the

next one is for impersonal centers

impersonal impersonal Simonon in Spain

impersonalist there's no person right

there's no person there who is talking

oh that is what they say they

manipulative conflicted say put its nose

and really master this field it's the

doctor of impersonal they say is the

most impersonal thing in Spanish really

it can take the role of everyone yes we

use it a lot when you want to make a

sentence impersonal with no person in

one way is when things kind of happen by

themselves or when we're saying one or

day but we don't imply like one it's

like everybody right so we're going to

get to the first level for example one

lives well in Merida Merida Yucatan

I heard that yesterday someone says

Sabina Bienen media-savvy Fabian is like

saying one lives well in Merida and then

I heard to say c'est combien a key one

it's well here in this restaurant this

is not a restaurant in that restaurant

but I'm giving you the example this is

indirect speech say comedienne and

Esther restaurant a second

Vienna key second me falta la bolita la

mala veto Sabina vienen Marie de se

comedian aqui

we're not saying Roberto Bieber vienen

Merida Oh job Evo being in Medi that

we're saying one lives well or they live

well in Merida we're not implying one

person in a specific correct Oh see

Esmeralda say comedienne say vbn say

kameena ven aqui esta muy bueno muy

bonito etc but we are going to a deeper

level of impersonal and that is when

really there's no people he's like

non-human things can't think for

themselves something like that for

example said

rented apart amento he's like apartment

for rent apartment for rent

we're not saying I rent my apartment

rental me departamento with a 730 part

amento as if really the part the depth

the apartment is it's for rent on its

own it's like the apartment can think

and is like the permanent puts itself

for rent Center departamento is a way to

just make it impersonal to make it

general sale rental departamento now in

Spain they sell ela piezo

so this is a Latin America I mean in

Mexico and Central America haven't gone

to South America but one day I will go

and I'll tell you how he said there see

I'll kill a piece so they say in Espania

and Spanish and say I'll kill a piece Oh

Sal kill a piece of paramedical samosa

rental part amento servant a casa

Sal Renta bicicleta sell rent an autos

etc say and then the verb in present

sale Renta another thing the object 7th

apartamento why are we trying to do here

to move away the person we do not care

who is renting it

our focus is not who is renting it

the focus is they are the apartment is

for rent that's the important thing

so really they say is just a

manipulative particle to express things

in different ways so Sal Philippe's oh

and then for example in Mexico you go

around in Mexico they're going to see a

lot this is like set point change yentas

gratis which is we no way I mean it's we

punctured tires for free which is if you

leave your car here if your part if you

park your car here we're going to

puncture your tires but they make it

impersonal of course nobody wants to

know who is doing

horrible mean action some Mexican there

that just doesn't want any car to be

outside his house no it's not not

respectful so they put this big ad they

even spend money honestly they even go

and spend money on buying this ad saying

say punch an junta's gratis now it makes

sense that right I don't

he doesn't wanna say Joe Pancho Dantas

gratis because it's like say punch and

Dantas gratis he's like no nobody does


it just happens here see you like to

remove the person

so our say comes to our help and help us

remove our names from me so you're gonna

rent your apartment or your house you

can say cetera entire parlamento so you

don't have to be really the one who

rents it right or who cares they make

one your apartment oh really you now

we're gonna go to another level of

person so many levels of in person we're

becoming too personal or very impersonal

here we're becoming very impersonal to

eliminate who is responsible for an

action and I love this one

oh and we Mexicans are masters at this

it's like it's never I it's always say

it's never do

there's always say siempre see for

example I don't say I lost my teeth I

say keys are lost keys are lost is like

I say me perdieron las llaves I don't

say pair these jobbies as an active

subject of that action as the actual

person who performed that action

perdy las llaves no Senor we say se me

perdieron las llaves is like those keys

might have done something because they

just got lost

they got lost a day keys are lost it's

like I paired Eli's javis no se me


nice job so if you want to avoid

responsibility for your actions you are

going to be best friends with this

particular say because it's the best

thing now imagine you say I forgot to do

the homework

no I the homework was forgotten to be


Samuel B doe hacer la tarea Samuel video

hacer la tarea se me perdieron last

javis I lost the kiss no se me perdieron

las llaves

the kiss got lost another I forgot my

wallet I the wallet was forgotten

well the wallet was forgotten say now

you can say he forgot the keys say live

patio Oh better yet on there's there's a

problem here I put I think I was gonna

put a plural example and then I changed

my mind

say la you can say sell a pair do like

yeah b-but it that's only one key right

you wanna say Sally Padilla done last

job is you can say Sally belvira look

how impersonal this is that the verb is

going to be conjugate conjugated with

the object what did he lose the key now

imagine he was the key pelipper pelipper

do like yahweh why did he lose the key

now if it's enough it's plural say sell

a pair the arrow

Duke will say leper the error sorry say

leopard Hierro space space las llaves

see this verb is going to be conjugated


this object not with me that I died or

with him that he forgot the keys he lost

the keys is with the object with the key

so it's a perfect way to avoid

responsibility you don't really do it

he's just happens said that Quemoy la

Rose say take my road it's also like the

rice got burned said take a more la rose

that means maybe this is a bit more

because you were pointing someone but

you're not really pointing someone in

the way that like Louise or whatever

you're saying celebrity arrow nice job

is o1 paired your last job is no silly

perdieron do you understand it's like

one pair do las llaves celebrate the

arrow nice job as he liked it the kiss

just got lost

oh say take my LaRose no Camilla Rose is

an active active way of doing it I

burned their rights no no ii mullah

Rolls Royce got burnt anyway so you see

how here we go through a different level

of impersonal until we actually make it

it's really I it's really he it's really

she but not really it's always say to

make it not our responsibility very well

now let's go with an example that might

be a bit more complicated because it

implies that you know more more about

direct objects and indirect objects

which is a topic that a lot of you don't

like but it's so important I brought

this example and it says one regalo only

bro ah Maria one gave as a gift regalo

is like give as a gift

together regalo only bro Maria one gave

a book to Maria

now that's the

way to say right and I'm teaching this

if there's no word say because I'm going

to show you how and why you see say all

the time because we actually can change

the sentence in a very short way

especially if we already know about one

if we already know about the book and we

already know about Maria so imagine we

know all these context so we part of the

conversation often well I'm gonna

explain this often thing in a bit but

you're going to ask the verb what is the

verb the action what did one give what

libro a book

too-hoo too-hoo again a Maria Maria see

a Maria so what is he what is one give a

book - who did Juan give the book -


ah how can we replace this well very

easy this is the direct object because

you were asking they um they're what

what did he be gift you're going to ask

a verb what it's the object the direct

object we're going to change libro it's

a masculine and Libra

that's what we say only bro we don't say

una libro they own libro es el libro

so it's el we're going to change it for

no no and then the indirect object to

whom its leg

but we're going to see that law and lay

okay you're gonna say one say no play

god no I love this fight cy no it's

replacing the book because it is an ugly

direct object pronoun is replacing the

book why did he give a book - who - my

dear - who is the indirect object and

because it's Maria it's a third person

is a dia she we're going to replace it

with leg you have to learn the indirect

and direct objects but you can go to my

other lessons direct and direct objects

metal a or metal o etc now why am i why

do I have here low and say but not lay

oh because when you have an indirect

object so this should be later I'm gonna

write here because I don't I think if

you pass here you won't see so why

didn't we put say lay the indirect

object before law one landlord Rygel oho

besides it sounds very silly hello hello

is like don't hello

together be whenever an indirect object

is before the direct object pronoun

instead of being lay it changes for say

that's kind of a recipe ting sale Oregon

Oh nan lian wrangle Oh even though


this is led in fact it's so much Li that

Hispanics Latin American people we

actually say one and that's what I put

here narrow leg on low Libre Maria we

actually make kind of a double indirect

object all the time let leg alone this

is the same as Maria

we want to emphasize we like to

emphasize so you're gonna see a lot that

we use lay and then the indirectly less

like a lowly Brock one less like Allah

knows libros I Mis Primos let leg alone

even though you say it regalo ah and you

already know the recipient we are always

gonna put this lay before the verb

before the action now when do you know

the context the context is understood

and you need both you need the help of

all pronouns you need like you really

need them to be like helping you like

ambulances and you're going to replace

them then the leg will change for say

before a direct object before low-loss

last for example if we say las Flores

leg aloneness Lourdes Lourdes it's a

feminine it's a plural what is the

object that replaces a plural feminine

nice so you're gonna say say last regalo

say last because last replaces Flores

and say because the recipient is aa lay

lens like a la me a mis Primos ami Prima

say last ragazzo okay well I hope this

is clear this is actually kind of the

most complicated one because it involves

sorry I better biblical my mother is a

bit dry I should drink water once a la

Vega low because it replaces a lot of

particles in the sentence it's kind of

rearranging a sentence and that's where

you see it a lot so here for example

yeah it's like when you don't take

responsibility then you put set before

the verb and here is okay when the verb

is reflexive then you put say for the

essay for the LA yeah stairs etc but

here it's kind of a game of replacing

you can write the long sentence but if

you already know the context you can

replace each particle to make it shorter

no need to be so long so let's make it

shorter so that's when you're sorry

placing indirectly lalala well I hope

this this is clear now I gotta show you

two more examples so I'm going to erase

one part I hope you already copied this

because I'm going to erase this part

there are some verbs in Spanish that

imply a change of physical change or how

do you say anaemic change something

changes it there's some person who's

fine in English of course in all

languages I guess of verbs that imply

physical or an image change physical so

we got so with those verbs we're going

to use say for example let's think about

to move right to move if you move you

have to move from one right to the other

it implies a physical change right so

you say one let's stop Frodo life is too

long okay now let's think about Leo Leo

say maybe now this isn't present right

somewhere a layer moves same way you can

say Leo say mo Bo so you put it same Oh

Bo gonna send to allow you put it before

the way you put it before the verb that

implies the physical change you can say

he lay off el se cayó

ah to sleep it implies a change you go

from be awake way to be asleep it's a

change say doom you so you're going to

you say before a verb that implies a


physical or anemic now you're also going

to you say this is cut you up before I

keep going cut yo and guy Joe that's to

shut up and that's to fall right well

different both imply a change right now

you're going to be careful with this one

because it will imply that every verb

implies change but this is really like

that the reason I'm giving you that it

implies a physical change is because it

really does when you see a very Olympic

physical change and you're talking about

someone you may want you you are going

to use the same to make that change

happen when goes from one to the other

stay then you're going to use the same

now there is another that is actually

not very common in Spanish but it's

common in English but I'll show you is

called the passive sentence right so for

example we're going to say the house

grass salt

we're not saying the house was sold the

house was sold for a million was salt

this is a passive and in English you

guys love it you live the passive voice

you love the passive voice you see it on

the newspaper all the time in Spanish we

are not so keen on the passive voice in

fact I had this co-worker Oh Yolanda Oh

every time I would translate that

sentence with like a passive voice

because okay we don't use it very often

but we you do say we do you said

sometimes but she was just against the

passive voice she is against the passive

voice she cannot see the passive voice

Spanish don't even have dreams I think

she hates the passive voice so she was

always correcting my past airports even

though I use it a lot but sometimes I

like to use it because I like to use a

variety in the language I know it's not

so common but we use it so when you are

going to convey a passive sentence in

Spanish you're going to make it you're

going to make it with say la casa say

Ben do because it was passed right it's

already salt 7 yo por uma young poor

tatata por un me on La Casa 7 yo for me

do the passive way will be la casa plus

free soul participle Bendita remember

the participe o sold the verbs the end

with a dough or ido ad a do or I do

although he dough say Ben do muy bien

the house was sold Polynesian we are

going to usually use like Cassa 7 yo

paramedian rarely we're going to see

like a software bandida bandida la casa

5 indeed upon omean we don't really make

that passive voice like that when you

are using a passive sentence in English

don't make it passive in Spanish that

means don't use the past and then the

participle use they say and then the

simple past say been yo se NT go la casa

quaint regatta a los compradores was

given to the purchasers people who

purchased it

in Spanish you wouldn't say la casa say

entry go

I lost compradores and I'm going to open

in a page and I'm going to show you that

there are a few uses of sex and

especially in this one because

politicians always avoid responsibility

so they say always come comes to help

them oh look at this sexy young process

so Democratic oh I wanna speak like a

politician say CEO proceso democratic or

las elecciones like a democratic process

was followed right this like we don't

say seguimos they say ceci yo is like

the process was followed by itself ceci

yo proceso democratic oh they love they

say oh yeah

say say the wholeness Ultima elecciones

it was said in last elections is like we

don't know who said it

we don't really care names yes that's

not the important things you guys always

focus on the wrong thing

what do you want to name how does it

help you to know a name just important

to know that the end the elections the

process was followed that's the

important thing

sorry like the say always like going

around helping politicians for a boy

responsibility anyway there are tons of

uses open any page of everything and

you'll see tons of uses I hope you

enjoyed this lesson

or at least you got to understand a

little bit of the users of they say as a

reflexive pronoun as a particle to

express reciprocity amongst two people

that love each other to replace direct

and indirect objects and say that before

an indirect you're gonna put saying on

that story to avoid responsibility do

not make it passive why if in Spanish is

not so passive etc

thank you for watching my lesson gracias

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