10 common questions in Spanish


welcome to butterfly Spanish me llamo

Ana and today's lesson you'll learn 10

ways 10 questions in Spanish 10 very

useful questions in Spanish ok maybe you

need them because you're planning on

going on vacation or maybe you're

traveling and your Spanish is not that

good so you need these sentences in

order to communicate and asking and to

ask for basic needs you have when you're

on vacation

ok so let's start it let's get started

so the first one is very common one you

probably know it if not well learning it

what is your name what is your name is

como de Gemma's nope if you're on

vacation you may need to know some

people ask them to be friendly or

something so you ask como de Jamis ok

the second is where are you from because

you're on vacation right so you if you

know other people or wherever you are

and you would like to ask them where are

they from

and the donde eres they don't they it is

do you speak English

because if you're asking these questions

if you're interested in learning these

questions you can say do you speak


probably you don't know the other

language so you need them to stew like

you would like them to speak English

well you wouldn't like them to speak

English but you need to communicate in

English because you don't have more

vocabulary so that's a useful questions

habla English and this is a formal way

habla English Oh habla English and more

friendly one a more Castro a bless in

bliss and here in English is written

with a capital but not in Spanish you

don't capitalize it ok hablas English

where is the washroom maybe you'd have

an urgency you need to go to the

washroom so you know you don't want to

have an accident you just don't know how

to say it to learn it okay

and most of all you're on vacation with

all that food that you might eat so

learn it donde esta el baño okay

donde esta el baño okay donde esta el

baño okay next

oh now here what time is it okay

hola es que hora s okay clear your eyes

muy bien

okay so now let's go to the next five

points okay

so let's go to the question six pregunta

face is there a bank restaurant bar

whatever you think is there a whatever

you're looking for i un banco or i own

restaurant circa close by circa I own

Banco cerca oh I own bar circa okay now

how do I get to that bar how do I get to

that restaurant come on J go El Banco or

como llego el aeropuerto airport


Oh como ya go al bad how do I get to the

bar because first you ask is there a bar

close by if there are bank close by then

you would like to ask how do I get to it

como Jago ah al aeropuerto o la playa

okay so pregunta Oh Cho oh this is not

really a question but it's important I

would like a beer okay or I would like a

coffee or I would like something you

need I would like a tea I would like a


okay Hierro una cerveza

most people say cerveza por football no

don't say cerveza por football okay it

sounds nice it sounds funny so if you

want to be just like you know I speak a

little bit of Spanish okay so you ask

quiero una cerveza por favor or no por

support well if you cannot pronounce the

R I know it's difficult quiero una

cerveza but don't say

just serve as a support for okay quiero

una cerveza Oh

quiero um cafe now this quiero if you oh

this this verb is very important in

Spanish you would like to know some more

about this verb you can go to my lesson

in this / but also I would like to tell

you that

quiero in Spanish is not rude right if

you are I don't know like if you speak

English and you say I want a coffee

it sounds a little bit rude right my

teacher is corrected me when I just

started speaking English but you don't

say I want this that's rude I would like

this right in Spanish is not it's normal

in a friendly way you can say quiero un

cafe au quiero una cerveza and that's

not rude that's perfectly fine okay

you will even sound like a native

speaker you say it like that okay so

this is important one

there might be an accent I hope not but

there might be an accident so you say :

ambulances JAMA ah la ambulance eeeh

o-jama ah la policía policía okay so

great this is it pregunta no way muy


hora let's go to the tent one and the

table and it's interesting I'm going to

teach you this because a lot of my

students have asked me how do I say this

because they are on vacation they don't

know how to say it they don't understand

them they are in trouble and you could

have terrible effects if you don't know

this question okay so a way to say do

you have do you have means in Spanish

DNA or tienes in a friendly way but if

you're asking for a product you would

like to to buy a product you can also

say Bendi do you sell right do you have

and do you sell do you have is ENS do

you sell is when

now for this I think just go in the

beginning go for this for tienes okay

tienes condone s do you have condoms

okay well a lot of my students have

asked me this so I have to tell you

because you might need it okay

tienes go on donate so you can write it

con Tony's okay now this you okay this

you could be any person TNS the person

that sell them at the pharmacist or your

girlfriend or your boyfriend pns condone

it and that probably is very useful to

you I hope so

so answer many questions with this


great I hope you enjoy this class and

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Spanish okay okay we'll have a wonderful

vacation adios