hello namaste I'm heaven tracker a of

diamond expert from all your swells in

this video I am going to talk about

things to check when buying a solitaire

diamond okay so once you have made your

decision of buying a solitaire diamond

online or you have already bought us a

little diamond and you receive the

rabbit so what all things you need to

check that ensures that the diamond here

bought is the exact diamond you have

right so two most important things you

have is the diamond and the certificate

it has so few things what you can check

is first is the laser inscription which

is on the diamond which is on the girdle

area you will read this certificate that

they have a help of a magnifying loupe

second is to check the plotting it means

the flaw which are plotted on the

diamond and if it is there on the

diamond okay so supposed will do is you

know with the help of a magnifying loupe

you know and the tweezer you both the

diamond in a profile manner and try to

locate the laser inscription which I

spot now and I'm reading it and I am

checking with the certificate and they

both are matching now okay so this will

first test is that second test is

checking the inclusion inside the

diamond okay so when the flaw I see is

in the same position and of the same

nature as what has been plotted over

here in the diamond so these two most

important things will determine that you

know you have got the right damn it and

further you can go on and check the

color of the diamond if it is mentioned

say here this e if I see the shape card

this proper EcoLog so it means you know

your diamond you have the right diamond

as what you have bought especially when

you buy online so if you are a consumer

you might not have these tools to to

identify but we as a diamond expert or a

gem consultant

or a diamond guy we help our consumers

you know you know inspect these damage

so that they buy the right damn it and

we help them source right from other

diamond bourse with supply is nine out

of ten diamonds in the world so sourcing

from these manufacturers will help you

save a lot of money so saving a lot of

money with the help of our inspection is

only possible to all those bills is it

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the type of jewelry you want to make we

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you you can compare that estimation with

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my guarantee is that our estimations are

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it into a piece of jewelry which is

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now you can select the color of gold the

finish of gold for the view offer

complimentary service like engraving

your personal message one-year

maintenance we have affiliations you

know across the world like New York Hong

Kong and then to buy and our member of

gemstone jewelry Export Promotion

Council all these diamonds are

accompanied by a certificate from

repeated liberties like GI AIG I hid so

many more things you know to offer at a

very low cost only possible through all

your skills it reminds me of a quotation

by Steve Jobs he said that to offer the

best product to the customer you have to

let go many frills you know which is

which comes with the product like you

know the fancy marketing or you know the

old heads off of marketing

if you pass them to the cast

you know you can help them save money

and deliver them the rest of the product

so we practice that you know that's

philosophy in our work and you will see

that when you place the order thank you