how to Buy a Solitaire Diamond for Engagement Ring

other folks and human Tucker from all

users in this narrative section I'm

going to discuss them out about the

diamond which I'm shipping to Korea for

engagement ring it's a one carat G color

vvs1 clarity excellent cut strong person

diamond certified by GI so five things

you need to make sure before buying this

kind of diamond first thing is the

clarity when you have a vvs1 clarity in

a diamond you need to make sure that you

don't have you know some extra comments

about manufacturing remnant or or save

indent and natural or a cavity or the

aura graining internal greening or

extremely thinning it is not affecting

visually you know to a diamond but it

will affect why many boy and resell the

diamond if you have to resell the time

and you know a pilot will maybe you know

has it will hesitate to buy this kind of

thing right so you need to make sure

that you don't have these kind of

amounts second thing is the color of the

time when you buy a G color which is the

beginning of the color color range you

know use notice portrayed or in country

nine you can notice that you know there

is slightly yellowish decimal error it

is absolutely alright if you have Co

brownish or greenish tinge in the

diamond mmm then that's something to

worry about worry about as in these

diamonds are and they're not like blood

diamonds or something but they come with

an extra price so if you have a normal

color for $100 you know

you have a brownish or administration

diamond for $95 or you know something

like that you will get an extra 10% or

20% stuff for such Stanley third thing

is the cut of the diamond when I say cut

means you know which I'm beating people

kind as the most important factor

because that brings the brilliance in

the diamond you know when you see you

know a fire you know nice brilliance in

the damage it's mainly do that cut off

the language so we make sure that the

the parameters of the diamond is is

proper like we have an excellent cut

here excellent is the best you can have

in a diamond cut you know spy hei so

here it is excellent so it means the

table the depth proportions they all are

in place they all are perfect right the

fourth factor is is the person of the

diamond here we have a strong person due

to a strict budget by the customer you

know he didn't wanted to compromise on

the size color clarity of the diamond so

they had to compromise on the frozen of

the diamond here we have a strong person

none being the best person in the

diamond and strong being the worst of

the person this is the most of the

person which is strong strong person

means it will react to an ultraviolet

lamp if I put this diamond under an

ultraviolet man

it will turn people turned blue right so

here it is a strong crosswind man and

the fifth is the laser inscription

online laser inscription a report number

which is inscribed on the girdle of the

diamond by laser will authenticate the

diamond with this certificate right if

you don't have a laser a laser

inscription which is the report number

of the of the certificate or the report

number on the diamond then there is a

bit of problem then it means that they

both are not matching it is very hard to


obvs clarity right because a trained eye

needs to put it under the microscope to

check the flow of the diamond no

matching with the diagram so the easiest

way is to check the laser inscription of

the diamond with with the report number

on the certificate so these are the five

factors you know which will matter to

you before buying a certified diamond of

PBS's clarity and gene color now these

things you would not get enough idea by

visiting a store or by visiting our

website a store cannot offer you too

many options in a particular color

clarity or a website can offer you but

cannot give you further guidance about a


so we try to bring a proper proportion

of advice proper guidance to the

customer who wants to buy a certified

solitaire diamond for an engagement ring

or or a pendant or or for any purpose

right so if you have any sitting buddy

we will go around in the diamond market

or Bombay where 9 out of 10 diamonds are

trade in the world are traded that will

not only help you save some money but

also elected by a much more precise time

thank you