Colorado vape and smoke shops ignore orders to close amid COVID-19 pandemic

as we never spoke the term social

distancing before coronavirus we also

never asked ourselves what constitutes

an essential business under the

governor's current order liquor stores

and dispensaries are necessary however

vaping shops are not as contacts have an

investigator Jennifer Kowalewski reports

some have refused to close from Lakewood

are you guys considered essential how

are you stay in open bright who's trying

to shut you down was it the county the

state contact seven investigates found

vape and smoke shops across the state

staying open despite orders to close

would you recommend what do you like

puff smoke and vape and Westminster told

our producer it's essential because the

shop sells CBD guys actually open

high-roller smoke in lakewood told us

the same thing

so are you guys considered a dispensary

or but the state says that's not true

a store can only claim critical status

if the sale of CBD or other medical

marijuana products is their primary

business nearly stalking and selling CBD

is not enough the governor's kovat 19

website clearly lists tobacco and vape

shops under the no category no meaning

they have to close tri county health

recently shut down mile-high pipe and

tobacco three the douglas county shop

has this warning letter threatening

legal action posted outside smoker

friendly and brighton admitted to

getting its own letter from the health


keeping the shop going while still

breaking the rules

governor jared Polis called out

businesses not following his stay at

home order the more folks are violating

that the more it causes delays for the

rest of us then there's this anonymous

smoke shop owner she asked us not to use

her name because she fears retaliation

but wants to tell her story she's

playing by the rules in watching her

competitors break them

upsetting I mean I'm all for free

enterprise and I'm all for fair

competition this is not what this is do

you think that the state and the county

are doing enough to enforce the rules

the governor down she wants more done to

enforce the rules well she's just trying

to survive

I'm contact seven investigator Jennifer