How to start a smoke shop for less than $5000 / How much does it cost to open a store / LOCATION Pt2

something about orientation is locked

rotate device back I don't know why I

said that but how do i unlock it

it was saying rotation luck but they're

gonna have to take their rotation oh oh

do it I don't know how to take the

rotation off I'm doing it right

I don't know somebody that's gonna watch

this shut me out when I go live how to

take the rotation off my phone I just um

dragon in charge but I want to show I

want to show y'all like how I find my

locations for my different storefronts

my different businesses so I'm leaving

one of my stores right now it's like my

stores help my stores right here so I'm

leaving one of them now I want to show

how I look for store locations and find

my locations for the different

businesses I got so most y'all know I

got a

smoked some some bookstores restaurant

catering company a recording studio and

I got a couple of different businesses

that I that I run or you know my own and

stuff like that my shirts off I'm in the

car but how far my locations first of

all I'll be you have to know like where

you want yo first of all you you want to

know like where you want to have your

store anything about like publishing I

forgot our own publishing companies in

bookstores so email me my email I'm

gonna um end up putting

while my email is no break CEO act no

calm yeah that's my publishing I want to

come in here and talk about books and

publishing right now but if you want to

get at me and my email is there's no

breaks CEO at gmail but like I said so

what I'll do is the location is wherever

I won't like the open editions matter in

which business I'm trying to open up

I'll Drive like certain areas like if I

want to be in the trenches like if I

know like if I've got some hood a pair

of artists some Street stuff I'm gonna

go like towards the ghettos where we're

out where I see it can sell like you got

to know your location your ideas of what

you trying to what you trying to put out

to the public like what you selling and

your product is stuff like that also

another number rule number one rule to

its location of it matter like what kind

of environment is that location is it

real trifling is it real ratchet is it

real because you got to know your crowd

and the neighborhoods you moving in and

you got also most of people going to

support you and stuff like that

especially like they're from LA knowing

if you if you from certain hood or

certain neighborhood you know you can't

go to that neighborhood are just certain

politics that come within moving into

certain ghettos and stuff like that even

in certain like um suburbs and white

neighborhoods and live there so just

rich people everyone because rich people

that banging you to for coming with that

rob rock so you got to understand like

the location location is always key so

that's what's the whole thing about

today what I decided to do I haven't

been on live in a minute so even my

YouTube in general because

stuff when I said a lot of different

stuff it's more a person with that I do

um I said I got to run all my businesses

I started a new record label and a

multimedia outlet for it's called Grand

camp in LA I just signed a lot of

artists and stuff and they getting a lot

of us so I've been busy with that that's

a lot of stuff like I've been tied up

with but I just thought I wanted to come

back on my YouTube and and I don't know

if y'all seeing the video from how to

start a smoke shop with less than five

thousand dollars that video video is up

to show y'all the location it's like I'm

in a car right now so a lot of stuff

I'll be stagnant what I'm saying like

you'll see I'm in a car I'm right here

in LA right now this is off like San

Pedro between its own century between

San Pedro and Avalon so it ain't gonna

be too many locate these widespread

streets with a lot of residential

residential houses on them but I was

going eastbound so I'm gonna turn back

and go like westbound like towards like

the west side and stuff like that so

what I was saying is like you gotta find

a location where you feel is profitable

to you you know you grew up in a certain

area if you know a lot of people over

there and you know if they do that area

might be profitable to you but then

again it might not because some of the

people probably feel oh that's you they

feel that come get stuff from free and

then get mad at you and you don't this

is like different stuff like you just

look for stuff like this burger place

right here this burger place empty if I

was looking for a restaurant what I'll

do I hit these people because they got

it boarded up gang Teddy windows bus so

that mean they not really making no


I mean they not making no money as in

sitting whoever on that property that

property is getting vandalized that

property is all a different type stuff

so that have been a good interest for me

knowing that I know a lot of people in

this community around this area and

knowing that okay if I find a good cook

or something like that and I'm into the

rest around and I'm and and I'm looking

for a restaurant that'd be good for a

good restaurant y'all but the thing of

it is like I say you also has got to

know your area where you want you just

can't go set up and know anybody

neighborhood or know anybody like cuz

like in the suburbs you know people

stretch like the ages and stuff and like

don't call me racist but some people be

everyone taxes Mexicans aces this

everybody blacks I'm not gonna

generalize no people but I'm just saying

just know where you go before you go in

all so like that's what I just showed

you that spot look like you spent

vandalized that spot looked like the

people who own it it's not making no

money off that spot and I might could go

get that spot right there for if the

property around here rental property for

let's say restaurants for that square

footage is worth about 3,000 me being

Who I am I'm gonna talk them down to

about 1500 because what I'm gonna do I

won't go I'm gonna go tell them like

look I'm an assets to you you need me

your property is not making no money

right now a person like me gonna come

upgrade this property I'm also gonna

protect this property because it's in

it's gonna be in my interest you kind of

get I'm saying so you want to tell a

person like look just don't look at me

as a tenant look at me as an asset and

right now your property is not being no

value to you it's getting destroyed and

people like that you'll be some God like

I got somebody that could manage the

property for me oh my god I got somebody

that's looking at upgrading my property

II see a vision just like I said this so

I didn't took the value of that property

apparent 3,000 a month to 1500 money he

agreed so then I'm pocketing 1500 a

month just by who wanna go to a location

where you you know I'll talk when you go

somewhere your plans is to go upgrade

that location them for your customers to

feel that it's safe to come and it's

better to come and it is Vista

restaurant you don't want people to feel

that it's a hole in the wall because

they're gonna think rats and roaches and

they don't want to eat there so with

that being said you have to think in the

origins of your location you also have

to think what it really you want to do

and what show really goes with when they

come to location find it so like here

are you're right here now I'm going back

westbound I turned on century now I'm on

Colden I'm all like coding in San Pedro

in LA like I said I'm in Los Angeles

that's like my home base so what I

decided to do okay I'm gonna turn I'm a

turn right we will go back towards

Manchester's more like businesses

businesses - in Manchester but so now

I'm just looking at locations looking at

location C so this is considered like

inner-city ghetto ghetto or whatever you

fit on sin but this might be prime

location for me a lot of my prime

location is better in the cities because

Here I am I was born and raised in inner

city so I'm not a another I know how to

you know network with different people

in inner city then lookie here lookie

here look what I found look with our

phone y'all on San Pedro in 93rd if you

in that lay I'm gonna give y'all some

get y'all some game this is for rent hmm

this is for rent a little small step in

spot let's let me go look at that

say dear say dear look what I don't

phone all right so I'm probably about to

look at something I'm probably about to

look at something I know someone who was

trying to open over here in salon maybe

hit me and they won't one in LA now this

might be the prime location for now me

personally being the person I am a lot

of y'all know I was in the street life

so I'm just gonna hop out and just know

anywhere with a lotta you feel me then

I'm pulling up you see this see the gang

sit up you know so you gotta be careful

you like we meet like I'm not gonna say

rocket just pull up anywhere I'm this

big bad wolf no so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna keep my car running I'm also

gonna make sharper you know I'll make

sure I'm safe before I just hop out you

know can't say everything over over this

live so that [ __ ] said we're gonna let

y'all start looking 1 get prepped so

y'all see that that's a for rent you

feel me now I'm a hop out

look listen I want Sutter this Lawrence

ever seen


so you see this is this is like a little

step in I don't know how much they won't

for it but it's just a step in there

they look like it's a lot of trash in

here say no trespassing so I'm not gonna

trespass but it's just like a little

stamping I can see like a little salon a

couple chairs and stuff like that up in

here so that's what child look at when

y'all when y'all decide to pick a spot

that's all trauma P this right here next

door this look like this is probably to

two different spots so my whole thing if

I was come here then back up son so this

two different spots and they both look

like they close right check your check

your location to me personally like I

said I'm just watching my hood with my

back turned I'm out here filming and

stuff but so these two location me

personally what I do I won't both spots

if I was to get this you film

so what I'm gonna do I make sure I take

down this number I see y'all lookin I'll

see y'all liquor y'all on the spot but

like I said I gotta watch okay this name

you-know-who territory man who beefing

and stuff like that I know this Mexican

store I mean not the mess the store it's

a new dirt and marketing le right there

in the liquor store it's a church right


so it's different you gotta you know why

sure you got a look at the location and

see what you see

with that being sin also let me bust

this u-turn y'all also another thing is

I might can get that spot so is that

what I want what y'all say y'all come in

let me know is that something I won't

hurt can y'all see me taking over that

spot and making it something or can

y'all see yourself taking over that spot

and mechanism y'all coming y'all like

y'all so strive and stuff like that so

just so happen we happen to hit a corner

and it was something good like so let's

see what else what else we can find like

I say just riding I wasn't expecting to

find out right there let's see what else

we go

this was available one time they turned

from a story to it to a thing so I'm

seeing laundry man we over here you know

like I say stumping grass these mice no

grounds to Green Meadow Park you know

shoutouts all my boys be this way y'all

feel me the school you know this so it

might be good locations over you just

got to look and let's go to some

entrepreneur time stuff just why Mon is

why I'm here why - I have to go to this

entrepreneur stop stuff just let y'all

see I'm gonna turn around this way but

look a lot front one location I might

try to find another one but this for

everybody who came forward to go get a

location but you got extra space at your

house now watch this

one thing got salute and like I said I'm

not no racism in but I salute Mexicans

and in Spanish people because they will

get out there and get it black people we

too tired up we worry about what people

think about it but this right here

before I show you let me stop before

I'll show you this right here this it's

the effort - this is just this

definition I've been an entrepreneur

look so if you see this this is somebody

house so they took their house look at

see how they Shanae got the man against

they got the clothes they got all the

stuff for your look this is somebody

house and believe it or not somebody

gonna stop and see this and somebody is

gonna buy so even if they only make $100

a day you add that up 100 times 30 it's

$3,000 now if they only make fifty a

hundred times 50 times 30 is 1500 extra

a month income y'all think about that

man that's just something to think about

like I say we just out here looking for

locations but we also have to know that

sometimes you need certain permits like

that you don't need that many permits

like run in the from your house you go

get a seller's permit then you can sell

stuff from your house you feel me what's

up with everybody on here I see y'all I

see uh I'm trying not to lose my

thoughts don't think I'm you know don't

see y'all but if y'all got any questions

concerning what we talked about

locations and starting the business get

at me on that

people hit me up about publishing I'm

gonna do something about publishing

later about my book publishing and I got

starting something like that I'm gonna

do something later but I get a lot of

messages about this so back to the back

to the action ahead so here are your mom

backing I'm still in LA I'm right here

on Manchester in San Pedro this is

considered an east side of LA so we

didn't find one cool location you feel

me we didn't find one cool location

where it's isolated from theme and we

also could pull it look like both

locations closed so we could make the

the location ours because I if I want to

react on a police search but if I want

to lock up on a both location be

isolated on the line I will rent both of

them out and then I can use you know

extra room action space that's if you

pop the money if I had the money or not

and I'm just talking in general I'm just

not talking about me I'm just trying to

give y'all examples of what I will do

see I wonder if that barber shop is

still open

I think I don't know if my camera

stealing is freezing or not but like I

said the key to the key to starting a

business is location I make a part two

it is because I think my streaming is

going down I don't know if