Opening a Smoke Shop Part1


we are starting with that spokes up

YouTube channel this is the first one


we got bono here go with it the infamous

cord my actually we've had this smokes

up open for a little bit over a year now

we're in the process of opening up our

second smoke saw which is going to be on

the South Austin location I've got one

of my best friends flash realtor here

what up Ryan

repping that wizard at cert we're on our

way down to the South location I'll post

the address right here

I'm super-excited to see the place we my

brother and I I think he's going to meet

us down there but my boy and I

originally came down there before we

just started on the place to make sure

it's an old liquor store which is really

cool when we went in there the first

time there was a bunch of like bottles

and stuff so I'm not sure with all they

took out or whatever I think it was

called PJs well your heads down there

bracelet ready are you headed down there

slowly we just arrived at the new

location right here the old PJs liquor

is now renew with your dad's bookshop


voiced it out here bird you have some


the firework our thirties there it is

we don't have like Justin here yet


come on in whoo dig in this physical

honking later there's a dollar do they

leave the trees to God but getting home

use that

okay in our YouTube channel we're going

to be converting this place into a smoke

so right now we have to rip out all the

carpets there's nothing here but soon

this will be a grand serious place at

the cabin here summer now there is a


how at least yeah the rain just like

history attackin I don't like mean vol I

think if we sit on cover if increased

and on walls I do like that window this

window there's another air just for the

oh yeah which that Mitnick site but this

looks like I don't know it's a little

really good way to go I mean let's go in

the back we're not sure if we're going

to tear this wall down and extend the

shop this this primary is pretty big

this is where we got these get affording

the own work everyone's well to

celebrate the new spokes off

dude doesn't work is it going hey what

go on use me they're dangerous well

celebration the celebration was it had

to come to do hope that doesn't

represent how this is going to go the

secret best thing about the new smoke

shop is actually right around the corner

with the meat market austin roller rink

we're going to have parties at the

roller rink no way

often it is escaping

victus but I should have an adult night

sponsor all smoked I completely didn't

smoke tonight that's the next concert

brought to you by Wizards take it


Leatherhead smoke show with my friend

show just we just walk next to her we

right next to this uh meat market and

the guy in there we met the owner he's

really cool so we hold we're super


yeah what's new about the new saw first

about to get some food and then I come

back here for a little bit

wait for traffic design on our way here

we set into every for 45 minutes so I'll

say was not fun

yeah sexy play the best is often

a third we have what's up today your

yeah yeah about to drop down hardcore at

the working the shop did Johnny as me so

Daniel helped us uh open the first shop

so he knows what we're in store for here


we got a lot of stuff going on I'm gonna

go over a little list of things that

we're going to have to get taken care of

first and foremost yeah this is our list

of things that we found so far that

needs to be done one is gay electricity

is hot as hell any area move on foot but

we also need a light to work at night I

will help with the cooling process

working at night plus I'm a del Sol

that's probably most of work will get

done we're going to get all new tiles in

the ceiling we need to rip up this

carpet we're going to have to get the

glue off of the bottom of it and then

stain and seal it we might get a

professional last time we tried it we

messed up pretty badly no harm in trying

y'all alright we're going to get the

windows tinted right now it's like half

way today it looks kind of grabby we get

rid of ugly towards two right over there

definitely good for that then we've got

to get a security system first and

foremost when we get our our prizes in

here our merchandise with this water

protected and if you watch this video

thinking about it don't even try oh I

would do some maintenance on the a/c

make sure everything's good get the

filters change see if the a/c even works

hopefully it does get the city in here

make sure that we're up to code so you

don't give in you

in fractions there and we're gonna have

to get all the paperwork done new bank

account new license is tobacco and all

that stuff for this location you shot

them but other than that we're going to

be doing a lot of cleaning the space

meets a lot of tender love and care has

been without that for a long time but

now that we're here we're going to get

this place shaped up and looking good

for you guys if he was dealt into Belle


come get some was your husband's house

we just had a guy come to open the door

and was surprised to not see a liquor

store but he's excited about the wizard


I just got back from the South locations

Barnum's hold it down


howdy friend

my name is Bono I work at the original

wizard had smoke shop here in North

Austin Texas you guys have not been here

come check it out we are expanding some

new location so that means that hold on

to your dicks because we're coming at

you with the most highest quality

affordable blast out there and

maintenance we have eight products here

for those of you who are trying to wean

yourself off of the tobacco products or

if you just a douche you are welcome