How to start a smoke shop for less than $5000 / How much does it cost to open a store / business Pt1


don't y'all I have to come today I've

got myself covered up because I got to

hide myself because there's something I

don't want you guys to know I don't want

you guys to know when I'm about to tell

you see this right here getting me

kicked we're doing this [ __ ] for my

people man [ __ ] all that this what it is

man straight up so the other day I went

to the black Business Expo and I was

getting a lot of questions on a lot of

different businesses I got and stuff

like that and how did I how did I come

home from prison and open up a lot of

businesses so how did I open up a smoke

shop how did I open up a clothing store

how to open up a bookstore studio and

just different little things that I got

for my catering company just different

little stuff and a lot of people are

feeling around especially like in my

community growing up if we if we know

more of what we know we do better as a

whole like especially like my people cuz

we get money sometimes we don't know

what to do with the money and I have

learned like been in this industry that

our men had just been in the business

world period the people black people

they consider us to consumer and they

don't want us to know that how easy it

really is to start a business to operate

a business to own the business and

become your own boss because the cycle

of it is if I think the longer I can

keep you working for me

the longer I could keep getting you you

could keep getting me rich that's what

that's that's the theme of what America


we're not gonna be on no racist stuff

white America won't so and I won't even

say white America because there's more

people outside the black community that

know about stuff and they they won't

teach us so we have to teach ourselves

so I decided today like I said they

might kill me for this later on and in

life but the truth of the matter is you

don't take the hundred thousand to start

a shop it don't take a three hundred

dollar to start some they don't take

fifty thousand if you ask me

starting up when you come from nothing

from nothing to something you gotta take

what you've got and utilize what you've

got to get to where you go see you gotta

take a look but you gotta utilize it all

this stuff right here when you see all

this stuff - 70,000 80,000 hundred

that's for rich people with money

something we don't have money like that

so we gotta take what we got a lot of

these expenses like how they was saying

like payroll you do it yourself

um equipment you go find some of the

stuff you're gonna you're gonna go to

let's say different little stories that

got you stuff like offer up in all these

different sites so that's 70,000 I can

show you I'm gonna show y'all how to

knock that down real fast but the whole

game point in is is getting a store

started like I said it's only gonna take

us 5,000 get in the store started so

let's say if you work a minimum wage job

and I said and then kind of went ten

dollars an hour right and you work eight

hours a day

eighty dollars a day eight dollars what

day if you work five days a week that is

$400 a week right so that mean in a


that's $1,600 so out of East check if

you could save let's say just one

hundred dollars just one hundred dollars

of that east check right within a month

that mean you should save in the bank

out at 1600 you should you your bills if

you got I don't know how your bills and

stuff go but let's this give a tape you

put up four hundred dollars a month

within a year which is twelve months

you're gonna have $4,800 I must show you

I'm gonna show y'all today how to take

$4,800 and start your home can see what

I mean by $4,800 we're gonna run it off

to $5,000 this store right here that you

seen right now I started with $5,000 and

the whole thing about it this is the

breakthrough the average the average

store make anywhere about a hundred and

fifty to two hundred dollars so you do

the math for profit profit margins but

check this out know what I'm about to

tell y'all I call it a lot of people say

LLC's y'all know that limit liability

company LLC everybody had to do that

when they starting a company but I call

this my what I'm about to teach our

we're gonna call it the L L P we're

gonna start this off with three steps l

LP if you want to open up a smoke shop

set with me l LP l LP mean your location

that's one your licenses and permits

that's two and then licenses permits LLP

but we another P is for your product and

we starting off with $5,000 we're gonna

have a basic product whatever location

you add we're going to find out what the

people in that location in that area

consuming and you know products we're

gonna get you fit I'm saying so starting

off first is location

so like I was saying you just live for

stuff like

you look for stuff like that that's a

for sale for rent or whatever my owners

and you just look for different builders

to open up yourself

like first location so you want a city

where it's trafficking it out there too

many people that got the same stuff

while I'm driving that and look like

okay they took these stores around this

way and what type of readies but smoke

shops uh speaking of area here

smokes Upson and stuff that's speaking

of here where and so within this radius

right here I haven't found them but I

see a liquor store coming up so you know

you're gonna go to liquor store first

but it's good if it's in matter what the

market is the area is and what that

liquor store got that you can put in

your store that they don't go see like

that liquor store so there's not able to

have a same stuff as to smoke sir so I

went from Normandy to Vermont

one that thank God

that that money's gonna be selling stuff

that akka

so that's what I mean by location the

location is key your locations also with

your budget you need a location where

it's key where you feed on get a good

crowd probably an area you know probably

area you feel that that you know some

people are our area you feel that's

going to be prime and in this it is good

with your budget as it said if you try

to start a smoke start with $5,000 that

mean you need to find a location that's

good for you in your budget and what I

mean by that is we need to find a

location I will say no more than the

rent and utilities you spending no more

than five hundred to a thousand dollars

five hundred to a thousand dollars in

their late whoa that's a lot this is not

I'm talking about in LA so if you went

let's say in other areas let's say like

Palmdale Lancaster even Las Vegas or

where when is cheap cost of living in

California especially Los Angeles since

the economy is big on here and everybody

come here

you know it's high so it's hard to find

the spot for 500 600 700 dollars but you

can find this body if you really look

for 800 900 dollars to a thousand so

since I'm in LA i'ma say a thousand

dollars I'm gonna find me a spot for

thousand dollars so what we're gonna do

we're gonna say right here excuse me

y'all I'm ripping and running trying to

make this time we're gonna say location

now your location rent and utilities

fine to a Down dollars so what you

always got to do when you rent anything

and this I don't know in other states if

y'all with me they make here and kind of

play they make you do what you paid

first and last for sure something you

say go around the neighborhoods you want

to be drive around and see if anything

for rent or sale but just in case you

don't know how to time or you don't want

to do that but you want to go look

online just go like Craigslist or any

all these other different sites then you

just click let's say like office laughs

commercial building then over here you

could put like your price and stuff like

your range of what your loan other

states is y'all with me they make here

and kind of way they make you do what

you pay first and last for sure some

spots make you pay a security deposit so

if you know in the spot you trying to

get it they make

security deposit so fast want you to pay

if your spot isn't done they want you to

pay that three times first and last

that's two thousand and your Security+

being $1 that mean you already in debt

three thousand dollar budget

so you don't want that you want to find

somewhere that's about seven five or

whatever Lord and a thousand but see me

what I say

I would negotiate I will find a spot

somewhere and if I wanted a thousand

they matter how big it is to some people

charge by square feet so like I said

we're going to talk more into depth

later on into the into the episodes of

the me teaching on how to do this so we

want to find a thousand dollar spot but

we ain't we're gonna try to negotiate

with the owners and say okay with my

first and last can you add that as

security or hopefully they don't want a

security deposit so let's say we spent

$2,000 on the location $2,000

find your location in $2,000 because you

got a free person last your rent every

month gonna be a thousand dollars right

here but if I was you I'll try to shoot

for less than that right location also

on a ll piece we have license and

permits now license and permits you

could get mostly online like you could

go to WWE which is border Equalization

dot ca.gov yeah so you could get you

could get your sellers for meeting your

tobacco license deer but you have to go

get your business tax license from

anywhere by your city halls and stuff

like that so license permits is easy so

like this right here this is a seller's

permit a seller's permit is like where

you could buy stuff wholesale and stuff

like that and sell and buy this right

here is your business tax license this

show business license this is the

license to operate a business in your

state you got to get that this one you

get from City Hall this show Trebek Oh

license right here there's the one you

still could get off like I said BOE

dot C a it shows the back allows you to

run a smoke shop you need

like oh no Chewbacca license is gonna be

200 right now there's two hundred and

sixty-five dollars so you got to ask

that to your buddy $265 right that's to

apply it's gonna take like nowadays they

used to give it to you right on the spot

nowadays you take 10 days for Sacramento

to get back to you cuz they got to go to

the capital which is second listen

California so if you're in another state

make sure you check and see what's the

Western guidelines to go about that so

you applied and California plan for your

Chewbacca license you can get that you

can apply online

like I said Oh BOE when you apply for

your sellers for me once you do that you

go down to your nearest City Hall a lot

of people in California mostly LA we go

down a down or sometimes it's about LAX

of airport - it's a it's a court

building right there you go to and file

for your business license your business

license and stuff looks something like


I'm trying not to show y'all too much

information that's your seller's permit

and my business license it looks

something like that's when you go in the

stores and you see stuff like this

little stuff like that

that's your business license your

business license I think you pay on that

annually two days called taxes so the

only thing you pay for that your license

and permit to start off like I say we

just started off it's two hundred and

sixty-five dollars so so far we're debt

we know it's 2006 two of twenty two

hundred and sixty five bucks that's

where we add now your next step your

next step so that's less than $2,500 you

got your permits and you got your you

got your licenses and you got your

location now we got $2,500 to get our

product now like with that $2,500

to get your product also you got to

think about what equipment you're going

you start off you want to go like I say

like down 10 if you in LA you want to go

like downtown r2 where they got like

used equipment that's still in great

condition until you get enough money to

build enough money to start off and do

what you got to do

also you got to think about which

products you want in the store as you

see like in the video got I'll show you

I have like different products a lot of

and most smoke shops you make money off

of the zoom zones and WAM rams as i say

like the sodas the chips and stuff

like that tobacco is just to get people

into the store so starting off what I

would say is to be honest with you I

will spend alright so like we said we

had twenty two hundred and sixty five

bucks then we in if we find that that

place for a thousand dollars and with

the with the license and stuff like that

so really we still have about twenty

seven hundred

so I'll take let's say half of that half

of that twenty seven hundred and I go

put on tobacco Newports Marlboros all

the blunts and since it's a swisher

Sweets gang leaf Dutchess backwoods and

stuff like that and get as much as you

can that the people in your community

that they using so they're after you do

that you still have a let's sell bow if

you can we're in half of twenty seven

you still got about 1300 left now with

that thirteen hundred you have to be

real precise hype you want to do things

because you're gonna need a couple

equipments now being a smoke shop you

know like I said you don't need to zoom

zooms in well mom's so if you got 1300 I

will say take about five hundred and get

the sodas chips and stuff like that they

see my video I got a lot of different

cosmetics that's later on down the line

but like you know you want the little

different varieties or blunts and stuff

like that but sodas and chips and stuff

like that

other with the that's so take up by like

I say take about five hundred to do get

the zone zones and when lamps and then

other inspects I will say if I was you

I'll get I'll get like a little small

refrigerator going off of Craigslist

like I say and get you a little


sell some sodas and stuff like that you

don't want to budget spend about three

to four hundred on that and then you

probably could get you a couple of

counters and stuff like that for the

other three to four hundred but like I

said but like I said I'm for sure you

could get all this done in less than

five thousand dollars straight up so you

just got to think once you got the

location once you got the permits it's

all up on you how you really want to do

it it's all upon you how much you want

to spend on this product how much you

want to spend on that even if you got to

go to Home Depot and spend sending five

two hundred dollars on paint painting it

yourself and getting your stir up and

running you can do a smoke shop for

under $5,000 I'll promise you I done it

you can

do it subscribe to my channel hit me up

if you have any questions and with

marihuana becoming illegal tobacco shops

and smoke shops and dispensaries they

are popping up all over the city of Los

Angeles and all over California per se

so right now this is a good time to get

in so like I said if you have any

questions I'm also gonna I just touched

on how to start it with $5,000 I'm have

other parts to show what it's all about

and how to go about getting products and

stuff like that so subscribe to my

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