What is a Smart Home? Video Example of Smart Home Technology in Action...

imagine coming back home in the evening

and your house wakes up this is not a

dream of the future but it's already a

reality for the intelligent KNX building

system technology from young through the

networking of individual system modules

precent scenes are executed which make

your everyday life both comfortable and

safe the garage door opens the driveway

is sufficiently illuminated the blinds

are raised and the alarm system is

deactivated when you leave your house

KNX technology also puts your mind at

rest at the touch of a button you can be

sure that the lights are switched off

the blinds lowered the hob is switched

off but heating is turned down and the

alarm system is activated the door

communication station installed at the

entrance is extremely robust due to its

weather resistant and solid metal

housing and push buttons as well as the

single pane safety glass above the

illuminated nameplates because the

station can only be dismantled using a

special tool it's well protected against

sabotage depending on the system

configuration when the bell button is

pressed in the dark the exterior

lighting is switched on to welcome your

visitors optimum communication and

safety is of course always guaranteed

the camera which is not visible

externally supplies sharp images and the

digital signal processor guarantees the

best speech quality the image which is

transmitted externally is transferred

onto the 2.8 inch TFT color monitor of

the indoor station it's possible to

shift or zoom in on the image detail by

the on-screen display with touch

function for the best communication

conditions the integrated full duplex

operation with the digital signal

processor enables error-free and

synchronous speech as well as making a

telephone call

moreover the automatic calibration to

the ambient conditions with active

suppression of Street noise optimizes

the comprehensibility

the indoor station has video and audio

functions a simple and convenient

adjustment and operation is guaranteed

by the touchscreen and the four large

push buttons individual messages are

recorded and saved with the voice memo

function hello darling the kids and I

are visiting Grandma and Grandpa we'll

be back at 7 p.m. if a message has been

left an LED on the keypad flashes by way

of indication the message can simply be

retrieved when the doorbell is pressed

the camera image is automatically stored

together with the time of day it can be

determined at any time who was at the

door while you were away the menu is

retrieved by touching the eye info

button on the touch screen after

selecting memo and image that

chronologically stored picture messages

are clearly displayed you can then

simply select or retrieve the picture

message using the arrow keys

you're greeted in the hallway of your

house thanks to KNX technology the

blinds are raised and the ceiling light

is switched on other scenes can of

course also be programmed on the elegant

KNX room controller with the presence

detector you control the lighting in the

room dependent on presence this saves

energy as the light is only switched on

without fail when someone is actually in

the room the LED pilot lights with a

downward outlet perfectly illuminate the

individual stairs so that they can be

seen at any time that creates optimum

safety on the stairs even when the

ceiling light is switched off

the right mood is always created with

the KNX room controller even in the

quiet room whether it's a game of chess

or a cozy evening by the fire to do so

simply click on the buttons of the room

controller thanks to the led socket

outlet you can avoid switching on the

lighting when walking through the room

in the dark the integrated pilot light

is sufficient and makes you aware of

trip hazards in good time

the kitchen diner as a focal point of

the house is ideally suited to the

installation of a KNX panel it's clearly

understandable touchscreen enables the

room functions throughout the house to

be managed you can network the building

functions in your house simply and

conveniently with the KNX system the

central functions of your house can be

controlled and visualized without any

problems by the control panels installed

in the individual rooms with the

intelligent facility pilot software for

example a bundle of windows applications

with a standard operator interface this

type of control is also possible via any

PC the facility pilot creates the link

for the implementation of multi rooming

you can therefore listen to the news in

the kitchen rock music in the bathroom

and a radio play in the children's

bedroom smart metering or the

intelligent efficient handling of energy

is a current topic

it would seem logical to continually

record display and evaluate the

consumption values for electricity water

and thermal energy with the facility

pilot the facility pilots informs you at

a glance about the security status of

your house you can see whether any and

if so which doors and windows have been

opened existing network cameras are

visualized here and you can see what's

going on in or near the house the more

expensive art primary energy becomes the

more important and innovative and

sophisticated heating control system is

this task is made easier with the

facility pilot who likes going from room

to room adjusting the thermostat

depending on demand and presence thanks

to the visualization screen you can see

setpoint and actual temperatures in all

the rooms at a glance and influence them

blinds shutters and awnings also

contribute to heat protection against

solar radiation in the summer and to

reduction of heat transmission in the


automatic time and weather-dependent

control is absolutely recommended the

lighting control via the facility pilot

has two benefits increased convenience

and energy savings in addition to the

possibility of switching and dimming the

lighting from one location the software

can of course do much more for example

combine several light fittings and

blinds in one area into individual

scenarios the young combi sensor on the

roof supplies the weather data in

connection with the weather station the

connection is carried out by the

facility pilots the facility pilot can

even display Internet content bar its

browser function as soon as it's linked

to a network with internet access bar

its lan interface whether it's simple

surfing or the convenient remote

interrogation of your building functions

the facility pilot offers you the full


the energy-saving automatic switch

ensures that the light is switched on as

soon as someone is located in the area

of detection and switches it off

automatically after a preset period

this is particularly practical for a

short walk in or through the kitchen in

the dark when the window is closed with

an open fireplace and the extractor hood

is switched on flue gas can get into the

living room due to low pressure the

extractor hood may therefore only be

operated when the window is open the

radio transmitter protects you in this

regard as it is used for window

monitoring if the indoor stations are

placed in several places throughout the

house this ensures optimum convenience

due to short

roots the front door can be observed for

example from the kitchen and opened to

trusted visitors

when entering the bathroom you're

detected immediately as the ceiling

presents detector senses your movement

and automatically switches the lighting

and the radio on the young radio is

space-saving and can be integrated

harmoniously into the ambience of the

bathroom it's persuasive primarily due

to its optimum tone thanks to bass

reflex tubes which create real listening


via the KNX facility color touch panel

you control room functions such as the

lighting lines and temperature very

simply from a central location in the

bathroom by the color touch screen with

the color touch panel you regulate your

personal well-being and wellness scenes

in the bathroom via touch monitor

directly installed at the bed the

function button of the indoor station is

assigned by default as a light button

you thus immediately switch the room

lighting on installed at the bedside

table in the bedroom the video indoor

station carries out an important

function as regards security aspects by

pressing the menu button you access the

camera selection and retrieve the images

around your house if you detect danger

pressing the panic button is sufficient

to trigger an alarm

communication between individual rooms

is possible without any problems with

the indoor stations bar an internal call

whereby indoor audio stations can be

combined with indoor video stations

several indoor stations can be linked

with the outdoor station of the front

door so that it's possible to open the

door from several rooms

the young weather station is also part

of modern building system technology in

addition to wind and rain

The Associated combi sensors on the roof

records Twilight and brightness values

as well as the time by a radio signal in

addition to ensuring your protection

from the Sun the blinds are raised

automatically in the event of wind

warnings are attracted in the event of

heavy rain the weather station also

controls the exterior lighting or even

the air conditioning in your

conservatory if required you also record

the weather data for the long term

whereupon you're able to optimize for

example your heating curve

Bishan to the classic room functions

such as lighting and shade the complete

multimedia range be it the music system

or the TV can also be conveniently

controlled in the lounge

using the KNX room controller