Your Smart Home Explained

are you one of those people who complain

out loud to their computer or phone when

they're being slow with the rise of

intelligent personal assistance your

device can answer you now what's more

you can even get other devices to do the

nagging for you your devices and

appliances can now go online and

communicate with each other this world

of Internet connected smart devices is

called the Internet of Things and you're

already surrounded by it

you've probably got laptops and tablets

lying around they're all smart maybe

you've got a smart TV to stream your

favorite shows perhaps you've got a

smart plug to turn on your coffee maker

or toaster right before you wake up in

the morning to help you save energy or

maybe you went for an internet-connected

fridge that reminds you to cook the

chicken before it expires and even

orders groceries for you you might not

think of it as such but you're living in

a smart home right now and smart devices

are here to stay there will be 28

billion connected devices in the world

by 2021 and half of them will talk to

each other for you that means you'll be

able to automate and assign domestic

tasks with a simple tap on your smart

phone this will make your life easier

but it comes with some dangers

connecting your devices to the Internet

creates a gateway into your home and

family like a real door it can be used

by people who want to force their way in

and many of the smart devices available

aren't even protected by security

software and thus are vulnerable to

hackers simply put your new fridge makes

your life better but it might also turn

into a weak spot you may be thinking

really who's going to hack my fridge

your family life being intertwined with

the data you share across your connected

home makes you vulnerable when a device

is left unprotected sliver criminals

aren't interested in your food by

accessing your network they can take

control of your devices to steal your

money use your identity and

by on you on a bigger scale they could

use the processing power of your fancy

smart appliance to take down web targets

this actually happened already when such

an attack rendered popular Internet

services unreachable for customers in

the US so while your devices are getting

smarter it's still your job to make sure

they're safe choose devices with

built-in security always change the

default login and password check for

security software updates keep an eye

out for sudden spikes in Internet

traffic or devices running slower than

usual these may be signs of trouble and

ideally get a security solution for your

entire home network to safeguard all the

smart devices that share your Wi-Fi

connection be smart about your smart

home security that way you'll enjoy

putting technology to work on domestic

chores and still don't need to get

worked up if someone tries anything