Things You Might Not Know About The Cast of Sex Education | Netflix

- [Principal Groff] Good morning, Mooredale.

- [Narrator] With a brand new series

of "Sex Education" upon us,

we thought you'd like to learn some facts

you might not have known

about the people behind some of your favorite characters.

So let's start, of course, with Otis Milburn.

- Okay, oh, yeah, ha!

- [Narrator] The show's lead is played

by Asa Butterfield who is no stranger

to the small or big screen.

He's been acting since he was nine years old

and gained world-wide fame at 11

for his role in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."

In the show Otis and Jean,

played by the incredible Gillian Anderson,

have an interesting dynamic.

And Asa says his real-life relationship

with his mum isn't so different.

- I've noticed you're pretending to masturbate

and I was wondering if you wanted to talk about it.

- [Narrator] This may have something to do

with the fact that she just so happens

to be a psychologist and therapist, also.


Outside of acting, Asa says he leads a pretty boring life

with his cats, Lyra and Atlas,

although he says he does make a mean beans on toast.

Fans, of course, will know Gillian Anderson

from before "Sex Education",

from shows like "The Fall", "Hannibal",

and the absolutely iconic role of Dana Scully

in "The X-Files".

- Mulder, are you suggesting

that the military is flying UFOs?

- [Narrator] She admits when she first got the script

for "Sex Education", she threw it in the bin.

Before her partner, "The Crown" writer, Peter Morgan,

convinced her to take another look at it.

They'll be teaming up next year

when she takes on the role of Margaret Thatcher

in the "Royal" series.

- S-E-X

- Didn't you wank off a courgette?

(audience laughing)

- [Narrator] And Gillian isn't so different

from her character, Jean.

She's also written a book about women's empowerment

and regularly shares Penis and Vagina of the Day updates

on Instagram, seriously.

Ncuti Gatwa plays Eric in "Sex Education"

but before becoming Otis's more-than-lovable best friend

in the series, he was on the stage.

He even played Demetrius in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

- I think it'll be nice.

- [Narrator] Eric has amazing style in the series

and Ncuti says he loves seeing

what he'll get to wear each day.

- Love the kimono.

- Oh, love that jumper! (growling)

- [Narrator] One of his favorite outfits

was the iconic prom outfit, a made-to-measure suit cut

from traditional Kente Ghanaian cloth.

Two suits were made for the scene

- Ready? and he says he struggled

to choose which to wear.


This season, we get to take a deeper look

at Ola's character.

Ola's played by Patricia Allison

and, like many of her Sex Ed castmates,

this is one of her first screen roles.

Although, last year she was

in the TV adaptation of "Les Miserables."

- Fire! (cannon booming)

- [Narrator] In season two, Ola catches her dad,

played by Mikael Persbrandt, with Jean.

Allison admits she didn't even have to act horrified

in the scene because she was so genuinely embarrassed.

- I'm sorry!

- [Narrator] Another cast member who was a theater buff

before jumping into the screen is Connor Swindells

who plays Adam Groff.

He landed his first lead role completely by accident

after making a bet with his friend to audition on a whim.

- And that's my dick.

- [Narrator] He initially wanted to be a professional boxer

before an injury made him step back and rethink.

Although their relationship was doomed in the series,

in real life Connor is dating co-star Aimee Lou Wood,

who plays his ex-girlfriend, also called Aimee.

- Where's the spunk, Adam?

- [Narrator] "Sex Education" is Aimee's screen debut,

although she did study acting at RADA.

And though her character is a fan of ham sandwiches,

Aimee herself is a vegan.

- My ham.

- [Narrator] It's impossible now to picture her

as anyone other than Aimee,

but she actually originally auditioned for the role of Lily.

The cast member who did end up landing that role

is Tanya Reynolds.

Before Sex Ed, you might have seen her

in shows like "Outlander", "Rellik",

and the Dawn French comedy, "Delicious."

She was also in a Diet Coke ad last year.

- [Ad Director] Mango from your hands so just more exotic,

more mango, you're a bird of paradise!

Oh, it's horrible, nope.

(imitating bird call)

- [Narrator] She's also a keen photographer

and her Instagram is full of her work.

Like Aimee Lou Wood,

Maeve Wiley was Emma Mackey's first professional acting job.

She says she didn't even have head shots before auditioning.

- You know you are so dark.

- What?

- Your humor, it's dark, I like dark humor.

Okay, bye. - Bye.

- [Narrator] Emma grew up in the Loire Valley

in rural France and is fluent in French.

She moved over to the UK only at the age of 18

to go to University in Leeds.

She says if she wasn't playing Maeve,

she'd like to play Eric.

Her Mooredale on-screen boyfriend is head boy

and heartthrob, Jackson Marchetti,

played by Kedar Williams-Sterling.

♪ And girl you're breaking my heart ♪

♪ but what can I do, baby ♪

♪ Baby, love really hurts without you ♪

- [Narrator] Kedar was familiar with the acting world

before joining the "Sex Education" cast.

You might have seen him in the CBBC series, "Wolfblood."

- Does he play football?

- Is that all you ever think about?

- Basically.

- [Narrator] Like Asa, Kedar loves his pets.

He's got five, three dogs, Jaffa, Angel, and Zulu,

and two cats, Marmalade and Toast.

So there you have it, some facts you might not have known

about the cast of "Sex Education."

Know any more?

Why not drop them in the comments below.

- How could you ever be broken?

(upbeat music)