Behind the Scenes of Sex Education with Asa Butterfield & Ncuti Gatwa | On Set


hello my name is Susie gasps wha and I

play Eric co-op in a film on sex

education on Netflix sex education is a

coming-of-age romantic comedy drama so

cop is quite a lot of genres but it

achieves in all of them I'm John

Jennings the producer of sex education

season 1 and currently season 2 my job

is to help get a show shot completed and


work very closely with our directors and

our executive producers and our writers

and our very talented team of art

department our designers costume makeup

bringing everyone together to make our

world which hopefully the world love and

which they seem to be my name is Rio I

am the production trainee on sex

education series - every day changes

this constant different tasks especially

in the production office you're sort of

like a runner for protection so you

can't sit in running errands running

things - and from set scripts change all

the time and they need to be handed up

to the career so friends on the same

page they go for different colors

I am Nathalie I'm the script supervisor

I'm basically the directors of bright


so it's my job to make sure that

everything written on this page gets

filmed that the actors say the right

words and that they're continuously in

the matches and every different shot

that we do say that the editors have as

many options as possible when they're

cutting the scenes together

the schedule is he's really full-on in

this one there's a lot of different

locations there's all the characters

houses there's the school more day of

there's the world the world the place

has been created in every week we find

ourselves putting in miles 5,000

different places all the time there's a

lot to do

hi there my name is Chris Allen I'm prop

master on sex education - we are based

in this old University and down near

Colley and in South Wales the production

company have been very fortunate in when

they were looking for this production

for this location but not only did they

find a great fielding to set most of the

Dutchman in throat they've got great

surround news as well which has given us

rivers forests

and a whole array of beautiful scenery

for backdrops which is really I fully

added to the whole quality of

well I'm Gus Wilkie I'm a construction

manager for sex education basically

where we've built all the sets typical

day is liaised with the production

designer Sam see what drawings we've got

for us

and so I'm Sam Holley

I'm their production designer and my

self and my department look after kind

of all facets of the show visually that

you see on screen that isn't an actor

like what they're wearing or their hair

and makeup so we look after the sets any

kind of special effects cars animals

everything down from like the big set

that we build to kind of wallet that

gene would carry so I monitor crowd at

costume supervisors so I look after

probably between 50-100 essays on set

every day we styled them for each

storied a huge volumes of people to

style in the morning so it's high energy

first thing that high energy looking

after them maintaining the costumes on

set every day and it ii imagine there's

a lot of maintenance as well because

there's four to five garments per

individual si and we deal with between

1500 a lot of maintenance so names might

come a crowd assistant director my job

is to cast and book all the featured

extras and the supporting artists that

you see on screen and basically every

time you see corridor scenes or any

extras our job is to get them to the

costume and makeup in the morning give

him a little briefing in the morning

with what kind of performances they're

going to do either hype them up or get

them into the kind of frame of mind they

needed to perform and then put them in

front of camera so this is what we do in

the job we can go stuff like this

okay guys I'm just going to ask for some

performances now so everyone pay

attention here we go so we've got stuff

like this cheer very happy everyone boo

like really annoyed


everybody like Mike's amazing you can

basically get them to do whatever you

want within reason we are a contemporary

show set in the UK but we're heavily

influenced by John Hughes the 1980s 90s

films what's being described as a love

letter to John Hughes which i think is a

really really perfect explanation of

this series it's very stylized it's very

funny that was everything and a surreal

heartbreaking moments in it as well

Laurie who's created the shows I mean

amazing and some of the storylines are

incredible and but they are real and I

think that's why the world's loves the

show because we are tackling subject

matters which I think other people were

scared to and I think we dealt with in a

classy real way totally blessed to have

one of the greatest casts I mean amazing

the world we're very lucky in terms of

Eric glory not just smashed it by like

writing a sick script and a sick

character who is gay and black and comes

from a religious background and this has

that hello

you know hello hi it just has like you

know just like a lot of a lot of layers


this year there's a lot of light engine

isn't there but he goes through his sad

times as well and so we see that all

there's a shot I think I got quite

easily in season one of them like in

terms of Otis's sexual performance

there's a lot of people had become quite

intimate scenes so this season I get my

fair share of stuff like that you know I

don't mean which year which has been

interesting it's a I've never done this

much and wanking on camera I'm Patricia

Allison I play polo

I feel super privileged and blessed I'll

show that is very currently and using a

dialogue that is exploring other areas

of sexual content it's quite

and a lot of the sexiness that we show

in sex education aren't necessarily good

or pleasurable a lot of the times and I

think that's really important because we

show about how to deal with it and and

also how you can overcome the