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is going on from building crazy

mind-blowing sets to hilarious

shot-by-shot comparisons of sex

education and eighties movies

heartbreaking revelations from shootie

and secret literature easter eggs you

didn't notice all in our behind the

scenes of sex education video 80s movies

versus the series you've definitely

noticed that stranger things in a sex

education have lots of similarities

concerning visual style from missing

posters to clothing and lighting as it

turns out this is not a coincidence at

all both shows were immensely inspired

by john cues and his 80s movies you'll

be so surprised to see our scene of

scene comparison from sex education and

Hughes's movies the most obvious

reference in sex education season 2 was

an episode 7 when girls spent a couple

of hours of detention in a school

library which echos the plot of the film

Breakfast Club kids from totally

different school gangs are forced to

spend time together and finally bond in

the end yep the idea in both cases is

basically the same sex education writer

revealed that she took a lot of

inspiration from Hughes's sixteen

Candles as well just like Samantha maim

is trapped between two boys a nerdy otis

that's obsessed with her and reminds us

of Anthony Michael Hall is character Ted

while she is in love one of the coolest

kids in the hood who is super handsome

romantic and dreams of having a loving

girlfriend just like Jake Ryan from

sixteen Candles plus let's don't forget

that it was Maeve's birthday in season

two it's kind of an obvious reference

don't you think one more reference comes

from pretty and pink where the main

female character is in love with a cool

guy that likes her back but keeps the

relationship secret while another guy is

obviously obsessed with her but she

doesn't want to be with him

sounds like the description of sex

education season 1 just look at Mays

hair here it literally is pretty and

pink the most copycat scene in sex

education comes from Ferris Bueller's

Day Off when the school director who by

the way talks exactly like mr. Groff is

peeping in the window of Bueller's home

and slips while trying just like mr.

Groff did when he peeps at his wife in

Jin's office

every book mentioned in the series in

the very first episode of season 1 we

spot Lily reading the tan girl comic

book created by Jamie Hewlett which

tells the story of a girl that drives a

tank which is also her home she goes on

missions and tries to stay alive in our

misadventures with her mutant kangaroo

boyfriend that's exactly what Lily would

read right in one of the episodes in

season 1 we also see a bunch of books on

a table including Silas Marner on

accustomed earth Emma and Pride and

Prejudice by Jane Austen a vindication

of the rights of women and of course

Maeve's favorite a Room of One's Own and

a passionate Apprentice by Virginia

Woolf that's a decent introduction to

feminism right plus there's a poster

with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's quote we

should all be feminists it also looks

like Maeve is a big fan of Bikini Kill

as their poster is hanging by her bed

but in real life

Ella Mackey prefers other music I listen


hello scissor control is my favorite

albums and I listen to a lot of nut King

Cole and Fitzgerald do you recognize the

location sex education is shot right in

the heart of rural South Wales but we

all have been wondering when it is set I

mean just take a look at their clothes

so alongside the modern phones and

gadgets the show's aesthetic resembles

the beloved 80s in many ways and it

turns out that that was intentional as

the director Ben Taylor and the show's

writer Loreen unexplained the eighties

inspired setting is an integral part of

the narrative both Loreen and Ben are

obsessed with American 80's teen

comedies and wanted to maintain the

spirit of the film's they were raised on

that is why they didn't want to go for a

Grange Hill style and wanted something

more quote-unquote aspirational and let

the jocks play American football instead

of regular football more Dale High is in

fact the University the creators of the

show wanted a big pretty building that

would match the mesmerizing vast

landscape of Wales and not ruin the

atmosphere they picked Cara Lee on

campus which is one of the former

buildings of the University of Wales in

Newport the shots of Otis's house from

the outside actually belong to a facade

of a B&B called the Chalet do you

remember when Otis his dad and Eric went

camping or basically any forest stroll

that the characters took well you've

seen this forest more times and you

could imagine it's the Forest of Dean

and is featured in Harry Potter and the

Deathly Hallows Part 1 King Arthur

legend of the sword Star Wars The Force

awakens some episode of Doctor Who and

now insects education

the majestic contrasts of natural green

and blue creates this fantastic color

scheme we love so much as Laureen said

in my mind more Dale is not a real place

even though we shot the show in Wales

it's very much a fictional place we see

it like a teenage utopia and I like to

think of it almost like a comic book

world where these teenagers exist they

have a whole team of designers and

creative contractors that look at the

designs every morning and build the

actual parts of houses or any other

locations they need for making walls in

a room - decorating jeans working office

heartbreaking truth from Shuji

and we've finally reached the unexpected

revelation from shootie gotra shootie is

already 27 10 years older than his

on-screen protege and yet the role of

eric f young was his first major success

turns out that before shootie was cast

for the series he was almost homeless he

moved from Scotland to London when he

was 21 and ended up working at The Globe

Theatre doing lots of work at the Globe

Theatre as he said I was constantly

working but I still found it impossible

to survive in London because it was so

expensive like many other starting

actors Judy had to pay for food his rent

bills travels and on days off he had to

go to auditions as Judy opened up so for

five months before sex education I was

couchsurfing among all my friends I

didn't have a home I was homeless the

only thing stopping me from being on the

streets was the fact I had friends but

you can use up that goodwill or you feel

scared to ask people for help

your pride kicks in turns out that for

his audition for sex education he had to

borrow 10 quid so we could top-up his

oyster card and that 10 pounds kindly

lend to him by a friend change Judy's

life for good Judy recalls the days when

he wasn't sure where he was going to end

up at saying I was thinking it was so

mad because if someone was to see me on

the street on my way to temping in

Harrods and my trench coat and brogues

because you have to be so well polished

and look the part they would never

believe I was about to spend two hours

on the phone at people trying to find

where I could sleep that night now judy

has agreed to become an ambassador for

the youth homelessness charity centre

point so we can now make a difference

for kids in need like he once was

himself fashion aesthetics have you ever

thought that absolutely every outfit

that features in a frame is deliberately

thought out in a Netflix short talk

about making the series crowd costume

supervisor explained that he has to

supervise over 1,500 outfits on set

every day and every system character on

the set has to be dressed properly

matching the colourful palette of the

Mane's character is outfits but the

ultimate fashion icon on the show is of

course Eric Eric's outfits are also

deliberately thought out by costume

designers but judy has his own fabulous

sense of style when Judy received his

role he rushed the department store and

got a whole fancy line of makeup he was

sure he had to learn how to do

himself some nice method acting we've

got there in the Netflix fashion

countdown should he revealed some

outfits that best describe Eric's

emotional journey on the show on the

first day of school all of Eric's

worries resulted into an ill button

shirt that he tried to cover up by

inventing a new fashion trend the uncor

which of course doesn't exist it looks

like it's an important moment that

reflects Eriksen securities which are

later replaced with new immense

confidence his second season blue and

yellow contrasting scarf that he wears

to impress a newcomer from France is a

reference to one of the world's famous

French attributes ethereal scarves on

top Evette judy is Rwandan and wanted to

embrace the culture in Kigali just last

year so he was very excited that his

prom outfit referenced his own African


he was absolutely thrilled to stand on

the set of the show and a fabulous

African Dueck and fascinating glitter

makeup felt nice the deal filming to

kind of just stand there on the Netflix

set and stand out unashamedly I would

say this is like the piece de resistance

snatched at the ways gave enough room

for the cake Lilly's flamboyant outfits

also express how deeply she's absorbed

in the search of her personality she has

too many fancy pieces that do not really

match Lily wants bits of everything

because she's yet to find out what

exactly she wants we choose one instead

of seven was thought to be a flop in her

interview with red the show's writer

Laurie Nunn revealed that she was

convinced the show was going to be a big

flop of course she was exaggerating no

one set for failure would write a show

and screen it but none was very afraid

that the audience wouldn't think the

idea was good enough to give her the

first view as she said and they'll lead

up to its release I had this feeling

that it wasn't going to go down well the

hook of it is so unusual the idea of

this kid giving out sex advice in a

toilet cubicle so I didn't know if

people would take the leap of faith I

didn't eat it but it was nicer in a way

to be surprised forty million

subscribers watched the show in the

first month

how wrong she was doubting her talent


were you surprised by our list what was

an intriguing detail you picked up on

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