SEX EDUCATION Season 2 | Bloopers & Gag Reel




i just need to get into sleep acting

which i mean

you've never even been on a date

dreams of dreams dreams of dreams dreams

are dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams

dreams dreams

dreams so what am i doing can we just go


as i keep saying ms milburn

i can't remember hang on wait wait i

need the clitoris


oh god

you should wash your hands i didn't do a


i was crying

sorry i shoot together i think the

lizard might be trying to have sex with

my head


i'm having some friends over in the


i don't want to get in trouble


it's fine i'll find someone else


[ __ ]

i'm sorry about your hand sandwich it's

too late

go for it why are you [ __ ]


have you been paying students at school

for sex




[ __ ] come on

say it say it say it okay all right

all right you're a stinky filthy dog

woman dog

and hound of the woman kind

it was a windy day i was paragliding

and the wind sort of blew my trousers

down yeah i was trying to

pull back up when i let go of the

parabolic you should have just let your

trousers go

i know but i've been done i had been

done for streaking too much

it's going to get some gel all the way


tough we all make mistakes though yeah

but you know

shout out

we finally got you smokey joe

you've been out on the streets for a

while now

and i wanted to have a little chat

got anything say

wiley wiley wiley we finally got you


so what's it gonna be you gotta fuss up

am i gonna have to lock you up and put

the key in the bin


i've got ways of making you talk yeah

you're under arrest

widely you know why don't you no

yeah you do is that right gibbs yeah

that's my name don't wear it out son you

think you know me

yeah i thought i heard a lot about you



oh that's great

that's the kind of framing i always


chlamydia chlamydia come over here

just to be clear because i know we're

shooting on 35 mil and i don't want to

waste any money

that's just exactly what do you want me

to say okay so what's your life before i

save on my report uh

do you want to hang out later

[ __ ] okay what do we do


didn't even think there was a camera on

you you're like i'm making moves

thank you nice one i told you i have a


that's a big dirty destiny you should

wash your hands you

dare to pee you dirty you should wash

your hands you

dirty pig that is dirty

dirty pig sucking on those titties


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