Asa Butterfield On His New ‘Honest’ Series Sex Education & An Awkward Moment From Set | PeopleTV

Asa butterfield is starring in the new Netflix series sex education

It's about an inexperienced teenager who lives with a sex therapist mother. That's good

He teams up with an edgy high school classmate to start their own health club. It's a little interesting here. We're intrigued by it

I opened up about reading the script for the first time and he told us what we can expect in season one take a look

The students at the school need your help Ursus

And we need their money. I haven't really worked out the details yet, but I'm good with numbers

So I'll deal with the business end of things and you can do the therapy we charge for every appointment split the cash therapy

Yes sex therapy. You have a gift it would be irresponsible to waste it. What was my reaction? It was I

Mean, well, I think it does. Well I'm walks I wanted to do

it solve have a kind of a

Tea like a TV show or something. Yeah, something like that

You want it to be?

Something you're excited about doing it back for potentially multiple seasons across many years you want you want to enjoy the character?

You're gonna be spending a lot of time with this character exactly, right?

So you wanted to be so something about I really I think it was just the relationships with the characters

it was so kind of honest and funny and Otis says that

he's kind of he's the you know, the

Experienced high school kind of bit awkward, but he's got this

funny knack of just being

Having having this understanding about sex and this inability to do anything about it

So it's a pretty interesting spin on that character, which we see quite a lot and the notice

Adds something to it and I

Just enjoyed the aspect in relationship with his mom was early in as well. There is a lot of sex in the show

It's called sex education

But it's never there to be kind of Cotuit us or sexy or or just for the sake of being there

It's always either awkward probably it was awkward

It's always there to kind of inform a story and and then inform Otis's cases or for his for his sex therapy

Yeah, I don't know if I trust me 16 year olds to provide sex therapy

Nathan plays the wit even awkward teenager named Otis something. He definitely enjoys I

Enjoy playing awkward characters. I think there's there's

Liber8, I think I can bring a lot of myself into it

Not that I'm an awkward person, but I can be yeah, I think for Otis

I mean there's the there is a lot of similarities I see with him

some of it came I think after I joined the part and they asked me what do I think will do and is room to

Look like so I brought a lot of my own

Parts of my life like some he's a bit of nerd

He plays a lot video games

Like Japanese movie posters war so I walked into the set of his room and I was like, ok. Yeah this feels

Ok. Yeah, I love talking to him and that kind of you know

The things that felt like home to him were the video games

Of all the things going on here his mom though was played by the brilliant Gillian Anderson

She plays a sex therapist things got a bit awkward when we asked him if there were any

Comparisons between his TV mom and his real mom

did not know she had this very

His knack for very motherly humor, which felt very close to home my mum's ed

Psychologist says again more similarities, which I didn't even realize reading the script and I was like, oh my god. Yeah

What did your mom think about this project? Yes, she's very excited to see

Her you know watch with your mom probably not

Yeah, probably not

I mean for me like

Otis's character doesn't he gets off quite easy compared to some of the other guys in terms of like this or explicit action

I mean he has his moments as as moments, but no I will not be watching

Oh is very cringe-worthy moments that will definitely start a conversation at home school everywhere

Jeremy and I kept thinking about all the funny or awkward moments that had to happen while the cameras were rolling

I mean the show is called sex education

Was it hard to get through some of the scene

Or do you have some like a memory or like sometimes with filming where you guys you couldn't keep a straight face? Um


There are were a lot of awkward moments definitely

I think that's all ye that's actually where you get a lot of great stuff in

Shows like this cuz unique have that kind of tension and behind it

You can everyone just like about to burst into tears or laughter. I had my first wank scene ever. Ah, in fact

That was interesting and how does it play out? Well, yeah, I mean he'll have to watch