50,000 Subscriber Special: A Serbian Film Movie Review

warning this movie contains adult

difficult to comprehend situations it is

offensive it will make you question

humanity it will make you gag it might

even make you cry but hey no human

centipedes so there's that happy fifty

thousand yay


I originally planned to do this one at a

hundred thousand subscribers I figured I

was safe then this channel really

started to grow it was kind of blowing

up a little bit but then it started to

slow down again but I still wanted

something outrageous to celebrate fifty

thousand so here we are be infamous a

Serbian fil


before we start I need supplies cat

pictures liquid refreshment edibles and

mime it's okay hit me what I I gave him

a job I can't say no to that face


20:54 things have gone downhill since

outby died hey someone scored get our

room still this is a very quo it's one

of those movies eh oh hi Cinemax what a

way to open a movie I grew up with

Indiana Jones out running a big rock we

go right into the business

oh this is less fun now close your eyes

kid funny story growing up I was

introduced to horror movies by my mom so

I'm there watching coeds getting stabbed

slash eviscerated murdered left and

right one nipple on screen and she would

cover my eyes doc turned out fine

so junior stumbled across Daddy's porn

stash old story it could happen to


that's not mommy oh [ __ ] the parents you

are in so much trouble Junior when I

said this was Daddy's porn stash it

literally is daddy's porn stash his


Melo's played by this guy is the star

Maria his wife played by Yelena

got real Oh Vic yeah it sounds right

cool mom they are much more

understanding than I would have expected

but I'm afraid juniors traumatized by

the sight of Daddy's enormous throbbing

schwanz if they really wanted to be cool

parents they would have come back in a

few minutes with a wet nap and a chicken

burrito a cartoon for grown-ups

I don't recall seeing porn stars on

cereal boxes it also comes in chocolate

but it costs more back in the cabinet

with his weed and handgun ah the glory

hole days some backstory me Louis was a

popular talented porn actor very good at

his job

great yelp reviews

10 out of 10 would bang again he and his

talented weiner retired from the

industry when he got married but now

money's tighter than those virgins in

every one of his movies so he meets with

a former um co-worker Layla played by

her she's got a tip tip get it because

it's born about a new job a new market

for their industry and it pays well

they'll be set for life remember this

line it'll be important later you still

have to address the video yeah but when

I have the talk the birds weren't doing

the bees in a dirty alley

oh [ __ ] he's got midi-chlorians to relax

the couple watches his old movies and

chill I mean really she's totally cool

watching him bang other women he's

hesitant to take the new job but it

doesn't mean he can't go in for an

interview he meets with a filmmaker book

mirror played by Sir J Trayvon Novick I

am NOT good with Serbian names nice to

meet you can I have my hand back he must

really want Melo's to work with him he

lays it on thick just aim at his chest

okay so what kind of package are we

talking shouldn't that be my question

he's one of those artistic filmmakers so

are we making cinema or theme parks I'm

making a trilogy so Disney can make

terrible sequels contract here just whip

out that big veiny pin and sign away

he's hesitant but he remembers needs

braces he's apparently gonna be making a

lot what the [ __ ] are they paying by the

sperm back in the game it's time to get

back into fighting shape and to lay off

the bottle he's got a little treadmill

for his dick his brother Marco is

something of a slimebag Brother Bear has

the thing for the missus the kids right

there man yeah go splash cold water on

your face or you could just go some and

sticky marry work for Ben Stiller I

guess book Mere still won't tell him

what the movie is about I bet I have a

basic idea he describes it like a

reality show

Jersey [ __ ] survivor Temptation Island

now there's a helicopter overhead oh god

it's YouTube on the way to the shoot the

driver Raza gives me Lois and earpiece

so the director can guide him and keep

in touch with the Avengers I hate this

Gonzo's [ __ ] hello I'm me Lohse I'll be

reaming you today I need to fire my

agent Jerry Springer born parody yes


the next scene is shot on location and

pee-wee's basement hello nurse

I'll try to warn you when I oh if you're

gonna work in show business

invest in smudge-proof mascara trust me

my wife has a makeup channel me low

starts his next scene but wants to stop

when his scene partner couldn't get a

sitter but they encouraged him to finish

the scene I think this is how jared leto

works and she gets a little toothy he's

told to hit her which seems

counterintuitive but she continues

working him until he glazes are like a

Krispy Kreme alright enough rehearsal

let's shoot for real word on the street

buck Mir is a former psychologist who

has worked in children's television you

and he still wants to apparently you

know [ __ ] hmm man-up nancy boy oh yes

now spit on me do I need to call HR

Melo's wants out the kid thing kind of

freaks him out when he asks who's your

daddy only one person should answer book

Mere seems to be looking to capture the

experience of being victimized and

thinks audiences will identify or maybe

take comfort in watching someone else

suffer I know

art critic but that sounds like artsy

double-talk for wanting to make

something so edgy people just won't shut

up about it the art itself becomes

secondary to controversy but whatever

keeps you in the spotlight right at

least he's passionate about it

he shows him some dailies high school

health class we meet again a woman gives

birth and a man does things to the

newborn none of this is shown but

meiosis disgusted reaction is very

telling like season two of the

mandalorian come back we're gonna get

pizza and watch the human centipede so

Melo's he is so done man while at an

intersection he's approached by a

strange woman no I don't need my

windshield cleaned she's looking to

clean something else he's feeling

vulnerable and betrayed and he needs

someone to talk to

dude you're a married man I know he's a

porn star but that was for work anyway

she doesn't seem the jealous type and

the rest is kind of a blur he wakes up

days later at home alone this doesn't

look good at all he could use some

cranberry juice and a tampon hello porn

guys and it starts coming back to him in

pieces that friendly lady actually works

for book Mere and drugged him before

dragging him back to work Mondays am i

right he's drugged into a suggestible

state where he'll mindlessly follow the

director that's actually how they shot

The Wizard of Oz he's super aggressively

working with his scene partner it might

be consensual it might not be but it's

at least scripted to look aggressive but

apparently not aggressive enough so they

hand him a machete what could go wrong

you gave him the doll stunt machete

right cut I mean stop he finds

videotapes evidence of what's happened

and fills in a few blanks well that

explains why he has a spare

all of a sudden also there's some

incriminating footage erased that will


I will you won't forget no lastly his

friend Leila won't play ball so the ball

plays her she gets her teeth knocked out

and murdered kobayashi style there is

some symbolism here going on that I

really don't want to explore then there

was the time the mother of the woman he

killed offered her granddaughter instead

he takes his own dick hostage everything

is falling apart he hides in an alley

for some reason where he sees a girl

being bothered by thugs so he springs

into action

soft Punisher hey he's sexualizing her

let's get him

oh thank god the pornographers are here

to help leave the wallets

take the cannoli Tim Burton and Johnny

Depp have an odd relationship more drugs

but Melo's finally decides to say no and

me most remembers his final scene he's

in sort of a drug-induced episode so

he's just going along with everything

he's told he starts having sex of two

people hidden by sheets and bags over

their heads

his Japanese game shows are getting

crazy but soon he's joined by someone

else hey bro laughs that's kind of a

dirty sucker punch the bags come off the

victim's head Marco has Maria well he's

got don't bleep bought a [ __ ] sneak bum

oh god I know where this is going yeah

yeah Oh God


I'm so sorry guys

we're going to renegotiate allowance old

man and at this point everything just

kind of goes off the rails

mellow starts bleeding boutonniere just

pounding his head into the floor and

momma bear attacks oh my what a lovely

tea party

Melo's takes on Raza and what follows is

the craziest way I've ever seen anyone

killed in a movie

I'm gonna make this pencil disappear

he uses his still erect pencil and

literally skull [ __ ] them in the eye

socket I wrote a few jokes about this

part but I couldn't decide so I'm just

gonna throw everything on the wall and

see what sticks here they are say hello

to my little friend I never thought I

would actually see a literal murder

boner this is such a mindfuck the penal

system is kind of harsh you should see

him make jack-o'-lanterns when he died

the last thing to go through his mind it

was kind of sticky not now I have a


professor plum in the library with a

schlong meet Marvel's new superhero

cockeyed Cyclops is already taken didn't

see that coming

I really have to ask did he finish in

there wifey is still mad yeah there's

gonna be a lot of explaining to do

everyone's home but it's not like

anything will go back to normal after

this how do you get past this no kid

will want a pony after this and all the

ice cream cakes in the world won't make

up for this they come to an agreement

that there is no real other way of

getting past this


you missed you can't do anything right

here give me the gun

fine here you're so [ __ ] soon

apparently the contract isn't over at

death oh geez

oh all right that was a Serbian film

that wasn't so bad was it


this movie was designed as an anti

politically correct movie a commentary

on soulless passionless movies created

to make a buck such a tragic story

usually begins innocently enough a need

for money leads to people to take risks

that throw their lives out of order

often this leads to an initial success

before the other shoe drops and

discovered their success comes at a

price here we don't have time for that

his life essentially ends when he signs

the contract when drugged

Melo's becomes a mindless sex pot and

everything that happens afterwards isn't

even his doing he's forest hump but it's

more heartbreaking knowing he's not even

in controlled book Mere is an insane

sociopathic artist not much of a

character to latch on to it's about

telling an f-duct story do you wonder if

there are really directors like this

maybe it's bloody violent misogynistic

unpleasant the themes and ideas range

from gross to revolting to crime against

humanity that said this is a pretty well

shot and acted movie the subject matter

is batshit but at least it's competent

batshit part of the movie has Melo's

trying to retrace the steps like the

hangover or dude where's my car this

approach would be wasted on a less

intriguing plot but at least you get

hooked you want to find out what

happened during that blackout the

flashes piqued our curiosity but they

still don't prepare us for the results

gratuitous just doesn't cover it was the

newborn scene necessary did it add

anything except push a bunch of buttons

that should never be pushed but the

twist of an extreme porn industry and

the extreme gourd violence makes this

movie stick in your mind will you stop

using that image we need this cross

/ I know I won't remember this movie for

the story but I'll remember the


if space keeps the momentum going but

it's also relentlessly unpleasant

thankfully doled out in chunks I don't

think I could take it one after the

other a Serbian film is one and a half

B's it's a good-looking movie and that

concludes the redeemable factors it's

about ideas that are gratuitously tough

to stomach it's designed to shock

appalled and revile this is not cinema

it's going on a roller coaster and

losing an eye well thank you so much for

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