A Serbian Film (2010) | DISTURBING BREAKDOWN *Viewer Discretion Advised*


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will cover arguably the most disturbing

film on earth nobody even considered

that I was waiting for this day for a

Serbian film it was the plan before I

even uploaded the first breakdown now

let's talk about a Serbian film which

details are prematurely retired porn

star named ELO's who struggles with

money problems and the glory of his old

porn days in need of money he accepts of

vague offers to star in the porn movie

of a rich fella but this porn movie is

sickening to the max now if you haven't

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what happens then come back if you still

have the stomach for it though now are

you all ready I've been waiting a year

for this if you want to see what happens

including all the messed up terrible and

sickening parts stay tuned for the

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the movie starts off with the beginning

of a porn scene it escalates pretty

quickly but all you need to know is that

it's being watched by a little boy Peter

what makes it worse is that he is

watching his own father a retired porn

star known for his vitality named ELO's

but Lois and his wife Marla come in and

catch Peter but the only one who gets in

trouble is Milo's for keeping his old


Maria calls - porn car tool for

grown-ups and takes Peter away leaving

Milo's to have a nostalgia trip into his

porn good old days just to make it worse

Milo's has money problems having to

scrounge up as much money he can for his

son same lessons

melosa also spends a lot of time

drinking but one day he is visited by a

old porn friend named Layla Layla knows

of his troubles and all that but she got

troubles on her own she makes bestiality

porn now anyway

she tells Milo's that a big professional

shoot is happening and the director

named buck meer but me and the director

named buck Mir wants you and he'll pay

extremely well as they talk a figure

comes into the frame and he is Marko the

policeman brother amylose that tries to

hit on Layla but he just gets her milli

ated really this plays into his thoughts

and feelings later he don't even really

talk about none so let's get away from

this joint back with the family melosa

and Marla put Peter to bed but the young

child mentions that after seeing that

grown of video he feels a little weird

like he feels like he has a family down

there that's kind of right right


I know it is but just go to sleep boy as

Kratos would say we are getting a lot

more family scenes than I assume we're

probably just to make us all feel bad

when the inevitable happens while Peter

sleeps the grown-ups watch porn videos

and Marla as how come her husband

doesn't smash her like he did those porn

stars slept

okay Milo's beat it up after this rough

sex let's keep it going that sex must

have inspired him to earn some money

because he didn't cause buck me here

about that professional job buck Mir

sends a car outta my saying his name

wrong I bet I am

puke Mir is ecstatic to meet the famous

porn actor and brings him to sign a deal

buek Mir is in the business of real

situations and presents a contract to

Merlot's promising a huge amount of

money Milo's does read the fine print

though and sees that there is a lot of

uncertainty and what he is actually

going to do one said so he takes some

time to talk it over with his wife about

it and her reaction to hearing how much

money he gets inspires him to sign that

[ __ ] while Milo's is gone

Marko is talking with Marla but the

obvious truth is that he is extremely

attracted to his brother's wife he's so

attracted that he goes into the bathroom

just the rug went out I hate that people

that movies got a rolling out so ugly

looking though Milo's goes to view

mirror's mansion again but this time he

walks past some individuals who are not

important at all trust me they aren't

going to be meaningful or important at

all speaking with view c'mere though

reveals that view c'mere makes porn for

a secret organization and his clients

want cruel performers we see later

though that maybe that secret

organization could be the elite hunting

club melosa is concerned because he

doesn't know what he will do or what the

movie would be about but he is told

everything will be fine next it's time

for some principal photography and

melosa is taken to the set and is told

to put an earpiece in as soon as he gets

out he has a cameraman following him and

view camara tells him to enter the

building which is some old orphanage

right inside is another cameraman

waiting to record the natural reactions

he walks down the hallway getting

intercepted by a nurse who shows him a

young girl named Jacob who probably

isn't even 18 yet

Amina's woman comes and scolds her

daughter disappointed in her entire

existence really the gars didn't drag

her away but after that foolishness the

nurse takes Milo's to a dark room she

excites Milo's getting on her knees to

suck him off as he sees a video of Jacob

sucking on a popsicle he climaxes as the

girl finishes eating it after the shoot

Milo's calls his brother Marco to ask

him a favor well first let me know that

Marco has family videos playing in the

background and then switches to a porn

video starring his brother his dialogue

after shows that he is jealous of his

brother anyway

melosa asked him look up everything you

can about Buechner then we cut to Milo's

blindfolded being delivered to another

point set his blindfold is taken off and

he sees the mom of Jacob being

disrespected to the max she's been

forced to slave herself and crawls

towards Milo's to give him a blow job

below stops this though seeing that the

woman's daughter Jacob is literally

sitting there watching winning his vocal

Pig is grabbed by the director and the

mother bites his penis

she ain't letting go so he does what the

director tells him to do which is punch

her she finishes him off getting an

unmentionable amount of kids on her face

but then Buechner comes in like Bravo

good job Mallos is still angry though

and knocks out the director with his

chicken stripping biscuit and now he

down there still eating it's nosing Luke

near follows to get Milo's to calm down

but it's gonna take some time I guess

later Marco reveals what he knows about

butan ear which is just that his full

name is Butte near mutineer and he used

to be a child psychologist whatever

right anyway let her at the house

melosa knows he don't want to do this

damn crazy porno more so he goes to sea

view clear and tells him straight up

that I'm quitting

Milou says he is bothered by the kids

and stuff but kids are what Buettner

specializes in he even believes his poor

videos will save the country of Serbia

pause okay so safe to say that the

upcoming scene is why everybody knows

about this movie I'm just warning you

but you should know what it is that I'm

talking about beauty mere dims the

lights and starts up a video a woman so

happened to be giving birth and she

spread out so he probably won't see her

then a doctor comes in to help her alone

graphically pulling the head out and

holds the baby up the man then rapes the

baby even worse but the mother smiles

edit the honest worst part about this

scene is hearing the baby

I got a disturb you also y'all know what

I heard

I understand that affected you but we

are done yet so charge your key and push

forward anyway that was the famous

newborn porn scene view c'mere screams

and Milos who dipped as soon as he saw

too much as he is driving though

melosa is hard down there but he's also

very dizzy

this hints that he must have been

drugged then suddenly the nurse lady

comes up to his car and he grabs her

titties he's been put in a drugged

sexual state in which he will follow

whatever order is presented to him then

subtly Milo's wakes up bloodied with no

memory of what happened the previous day

let me just tell y'all the previous day

is [ __ ] up

but let's uncover it together he drives

to where his car was intercepted

remembering he let the nerves drive him

somewhere in the present he instead

remembers that he was drugged and that

he participated in a savage crime the

mother of jeka is tied up and Milo's was

forced to sodomized her and beat her he

really beat her too he is then given a

weapon which is used to decapitate her

with two hits and he still has sex with

her dead body which is probably the most

messed-up part y'all gotta see that for

yourself though melosa in the present

finds more video tapes saying some of

the scenes he shot along with some new

ones he has no memory of he takes them

and watches each one saying that he was

raped himself by one of the cameraman he

also sees his friend Layla quitting

mutineers films as well but since she

quit she was tied up and had all of her

teeth pulled out then a masked man comes

in and kills her slowly by suffocating

her with his penis

another thing y'all will have to see for

yourself then we see another table in

which Milo's is drugged listening to the

mother of the mother of Jacob

congratulate him for decapitating her


I hope my wording didn't confuse you but

if you dare your grown-up figure it out

it's crazy how she can be glad about


and even checkered

is smiling happy that her mother was

killed in a graphic and savage way this

old woman also says that young checker

here will need her virginity taken so

she can become a woman just like her

father did to her when she was young for

some reason though my loss becomes angry

and he threatens to cut his penis off

but then dives out the window future my

loss rumors the in his drugged state he

called Marco but sat huddled in an

alleyway he saw an underage prostitute

walking around getting hassled and

decides to masturbate about it the thugs

didn't come and fight him but he is

saved by a few Kinnear and his bodyguard

who kills the thugs and kidnaps Milos

below them the present remembers exactly

where he was taken going inside this

warehouse in the past he was drugged

again but this time he picks up a needle

and jams it into the nurse rendering her

[ __ ] up melosa in the present finds a

gory scene inside the warehouse and here

is how it all unfolded we see a child

and woman covered up and Milo's wasn't

manipulated into sodomizing the woman

first he then moves over onto the child

having obvious trouble getting inside

then the masked man comes and helps rape

the woman via Kinnear then takes off his

mask revealing that it was Marco the

whole time he then reveals the woman as

milassas wife Maria and the child is

melosa son Peter below is disturbed and

what he has done but then the nurse

woman comes with blood all over her

perhaps Mallos did something to her that

we didn't see she drops dead which

distracts view Kinnear and Mallos jumps

right at him Milou smashes his head on

the floor multiple times but Buechner is

excited from seeing his definition of

true art maria buys a whole

out of Marcos necks while Milo's grabs a

gun and shoots and kills two of the

guards the white brutalizes Marco with a

bus and Merlot skills the final gar by

jamming his penis as far as he can into

his eye socket

after all that his wife holds up a knife

to her husband both shock to all hell

but he knocks her clean out he then

drags Peter and her away and locks them

in the basement at his home he tries to

kill himself but no bullets were in the

gun and that is how he ended up all

bloodied in the bed like that but it

also means the wife and kid were still

in the basement while he was doing his

little memory trip

melosa is full of despair now no hope at

all left and goes to the basement to see

both his wife and child in a really

disturbed state it's unknown how much

time passes after that but I'm assuming

it's the same day we see him getting a

gun ring and the wife agrees silently

with her husband that they shouldn't

live any more that they should die

together they get it to the band for

their last moments and he holds the gun

to their back pulling the trigger

off-screen things are not over yet

though because we see Milos and the

family is dead but the three figures I

told you to ignore from the beginning

are watching right there the bald man

comes in and says let's start with the

little one there you have it

a Serbian film a famous movie showcasing

sexual sadism to extreme levels I've

actually seen this and silo back-to-back

and now I'm sick of seeing these [ __ ]

up sex movies

the infamous nature of this movie along

with all I've seen transpire Gress this

movie the extremely sickening rank I'll

be honest though I'm just gonna forget

to shocking this at the movie just like

I do everything else so yeah now do we

see in a Serbian film let's talk about

the most disturbing moment and most

enjoy a moment and that spooky

q 2 gohan the director of this movie

said that this movie could be like a

metaphor of how the Serbian government

treats his people well I'm not from

Serbia so y'all gotta ask him about that

him or niko bellic which I'm sure left

Serbia because of this [ __ ] along with

that war he was talking about so don't

think about this movie being a creation

of a sick mind I mean sure it is but

think about it being a possible

reflection of real life there is no

telling how many poor movies detailing

sickening acts are out there on the

darkest corners of the Internet real

life will always ship on one of these

movies always remember that in fact I

think it's fair to say that the real

life makes these movies look like Disney

movies have you ever heard about

something called daisies destruction

basically a real example of pedophilia

and sexual sadism to the extreme in real

life and that is probably not even the

worst of it so let's talk about the

rankings the most historic moment is

honestly going to be a three-way tie

with the newborn porn - beheading

sodomizing and the rape of Peter the

newborn porn was brutal but beheading

just details how savage murder can be

and the rape of Peter was a lot worse

than any words I could use to describe

it trust me on that the most enjoyment

was taking note that I've done this for

a whole year now

I'll get this channel one year before I

end it just to give some more disturbing

films out the way and that's it with the

most requested film on the channel

without a doubt I'm happy because on one

hand it's been done like nowhere else

like so many people want to see it like

they've heard about this movie before

but they're too scared to see it well

here's a video for you that just shows

you all the important parts as much as I

can show on the other hand I don't have

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