GTA 5: How to Open Truck Back Doors & More (HD)

hey guys it's hack tutorials and today

I'm going to show you how to do

something pretty cool it's how to number

one open the back of trucks and number

two put vehicles inside so while I'm

going to be driving to the location I

want to go which is my garage I just

want to say I want you guys to tell me

what videos you want to see for my

channel because pretty much most videos

that I've been making videos of my

knowledge of my prior knowledge and

videos that are pretty significant to me

that's that was the day driving fail

right there

but yeah so you can comment on this

video our other videos and I made a

website and put a forum on it so if you

want to go there I'll be more than happy

to respond to you the link that websites

in the description and it's on my

channel like alongside the banner of my

channel but yeah so I just want to see

what you guys wanna what what you guys

want to know because but I mean I know I

cannot I can't please everybody but this

is a place to start I mean if you guys

tell me what to make chances are I'll

probably make it besides I'd say a video

like how to Jailbreak because I'm never

gonna be I'm never going to be making

one of those videos reason being it's

not possible about the version of 3.55

if you're probably heard me say it's

already plenty of times and you got I

mean I could show you how to jailbreak

355 ps3 but if you are in 55 355 I'm

pretty sure you have your your basic

knowledge on how to do it yourself

already so all you guys are asking me on

the latest version it's just not

possible I'm not

be more than happy to if it was possible

because number one I would get like 20

times less Commons and we would just

leave give me a lot less work to respond

to all these comments that ask the same


but yes so before I even do this I just

wanna let you know that you need if you

if you're planning to put the vehicles

inside the back of trucks you need a

good amount of money because you need to

be a Ford you need to be able to afford

the cheetah that the car cheetah I think

it's like six hundred something thousand

dollars I mean you you could probably

afford it even if you didn't finish the

game yet but I suggest finishing the

game because then at that point he'll

have like fifteen sixty million dollars

if you decide to do the fascination

missions correctly you can get like a

billion dollars or so but yeah scaled

afford this car because I mean I figured

this out on myself completely everything

I did not figure out myself how to open

the back of trucks but figure out how to

do this by myself so yeah I'm a

Franklin's garage I forgot to I mean I

forgot to save my cheetah when I bought

it so it's not in there yet so uh okay

so here it is

okay here it is

I shouldn't forget out here a little bit

communica get a truck it's right around

the corner of Franklin's garage you

might want to be careful and keep an eye

on your cheetah because in the

neighborhood that Franklin lives indoors

go Raja's I've got my car stolen like

plenty of times I've even gotten

carjacked while I was inside my own

parking lot and it was pretty depressing

because I just bought a new car I didn't

save the game then so luckily I didn't

hold any money

what's wrong the drop-in centers a

myself together

well my car's still there as good so

so just drive this into your garage

okay yeah I don't like my part that I'm

a cold or straight

por que no tiene

okay so now get in your cheetah

no sorry sorry don't get aren't read yet

so jump on top of the truck first just

as I'm doing and foremost trucks The

Doors don't open so easily

then I feel clicking the wrong button

paint what you gotta do is pretty much

stomp on the doors

like this and just keep on doing it

eventually it'll open

here I think you got to be hitting kind

of the center of those doors

does take a little bit of a while oh

there we go so we got one door got to do

the other one but I think the other one

takes a little bit less time

there we go okay so you got both doors

open not only can you just get cars and

your vehicles in here which is pretty

cool but if you're playing online the

reason why this is also pretty cool is

because you can get a but you're all

like the people in your in your party

inside this truck and you can drive them

all at once and you can just it just

pretty fun but otherwise you take your

cheetah and line it up to the back of

the truck as I'm doing okay

now we're going to be using a Sanchez

for this video and you can fit a few

centers in here but the reason why I

have a cheetah is I need to get the

Sanchez on the truck somehow and I know

there's no ramp spawning in this game so

I have to have a cheetah and this

cheetah is so like like flat and low

that you can just walk on it without

even jumping so the Sanchez has an easy

time gripping under the car and driving

straight into the truck

so you can do yet you can fit like four

or so sanchezes all at once but I don't

recommend it because by the time you

spawn all four I think your trucks going

to like disappear so real quick I'm just

going to go pull up some sheets because

I can't memorize all and spawn the

sanchez okay so I got a Sanchez relax

theme parks and car parks developing in

national parks and all the other ships

Oh No so you see what happens your truck

just disappears

so yeah that's thanks to the pursuit

yeah I'll be right back we got another


damnit okay that was a fail I just got

it right back and it disappeared again

on me I'm gonna do this one more time

this is really annoying

okay so I got my truck back if it

disappears I will be met so let's go

ahead and spawn the sanchez amor circle

xl1 circle circle Allen circle r1 r2 l2

l1 l1 okay there we go

finally this thing disappears right this

moment don't have to do this market

stone again

okay so still there just go ahead and

drive the sánchez right on top of the

cars into the truck it's that simple

okay you can put a few in there but

again truck will disappear and you'll be

pissed okay so I don't really care about

this car if I lose it really honestly

it's not going to be saving this game so

I'm just going to go ahead and go back

to the truck close the doors

drive this truck to some other location

and you'll see the Sanchez will still be


it's like just transporting my Sancho's


okay so let's go ahead and go check on

my sanchez i think the trucks doors open

much easier it's still in there yeah you

can see that it's right there if you're

blind here is knife and rifle it's right

in there and I can even go drive it

right out of the truck

see it works completely fine

so yeah you can you can do this you can

transport Sanchez's multiple Santa's if

you want can be pretty useful online you

can transport some vehicles for your

friends as well yeah trying to spear I

don't care I don't know if what reason

you would do that but I don't know you

can transport your friends maybe you're

like all the huge police chase and you

saw one again - a truck so just do that

and you can escape altogether so yeah

it's pretty useful and if the putting

vehicle isn't useful I just thought it

was pretty cool I mean I don't really

have that much juice out of it it's just

I find it pretty cool well I have to use

this rent

where was it

oh there is

that was the worst thing ever done in my

life okay those it was really bad but

anyway anyway so you get the you get the

point of this video again go ahead and

tell me what you want to see for my

channel so that number one I can make

more videos number two you can be

pleased and you can go out by commenting

or go on the website and going into the

forums but anyway thanks for watching