GTA 5 Online - How to Haul Vehicles with an 18 Wheeler Semi Truck

what's up guys Xbox one 360 here and in

today's video we'll be bringing you a

tutorial on how to haul vehicles and

players in an 18-wheeler semi truck in

Grand Theft Auto 5 online so what you're

gonna want to do is go to this location

on the map right here and what you're

gonna do is look for any 18-wheeler

semi-truck it doesn't have to have the

trailer attached and you're actually

gonna detach it if you find one with the

trailer to make things easier so one

spot you can look is over here right in

front of the lo santos garage but the

most frequent spot you're gonna find one

of these in this little town is right in

front of the cluckin bell factory

they're always driving in and out of the

front of the factory and as you're gonna

see when I get up here there's one

driving into the factory right now so

you're just gonna take that vehicle and

the best way to do this is just cut them

off and hijack the vehicle sometimes

they'll try to drive through your car so

just watch out for that because they'll

run you over and they will ninety

percent of the time to chase you down

too so once you have the truck just

drive away far enough so that he stops

chasing you so once you have the

semi-truck you're just gonna hold right

on the d-pad to detach the trailer from

the back of the semi-truck and the

reason for hijacking getting this truck

is it will help your spawn rate of the

semi trucks and it'll help you find the

big good semi truck which are going to

be using for this glitch much faster

obviously you can bypass all that if you

come to this little town and you find

the big good struck right away but if

not this is a good way to get it to

spawn for you so once you have this

semi-truck this two methods we can do to

start getting other semi trucks to spawn

up in this little town right here so

this first method here I discovered by

accident and what you do is you just

park your semi truck somewhere on these

yellow lines right here facing the

highway and you just put your controller

down and go do something else and check

it periodically to see if semi trucks

are driving out of the void from the

highway as you can see I managed to get

one in about 15 minutes and this method

will work great for some of you and it

won't work it all for others so another

way you can do it is just take your semi

truck and drive up and down this road

right here this one long road that I'm

on right now and that will also help you

get semi trucks to spawn if you drive

the full length back and forth so once

you have your semi truck with the big

goods trailer on the back you're just

gonna drive it to this little

construction site right next to the lo


customs garage in this little town the

reason we do it here is because there's

a yellow tractor that spawns up in this

construction site and that's what we're

gonna use to close the back of the

trailer after opening and load again so

if this yellow tractor isn't spawned up

in the construction site when you come

here you're just gonna have to drive

away and come back and wait for it to

spawn up to do this glitch there is

another way you can do it once the back

door is open you can wedge a car

underneath and that may close it but

that only works sometimes so what you're

gonna do is go to the back of the

trailer and shoot at it with a heavy

weapon usually an assault rifle will

work and make sure it's silenced that

the cops don't come to your location and

once you get it open a crack like that

you're just gonna go to the side and

shoot it from the inside to get it to

come down as you see here I ended up

getting a wanted level because one of

the construction workers was frightened

by the firing if this happens to you you

can either get back in the semi truck

and drive the trailer down to the beach

to lose your wanted level and then come

back or you could try to do the glitch

quickly if you're confident enough with

yourself one extremely helpful tip for

doing this glitch is always be inside of

the trailer or looking at the trailer at

all times if you get out of it and you

turn your back on it it'll usually


instantly no matter how close you are a

way around this is to invite a friend to

your session and have him looking at the

trailer if you want to look away from it

for a second so once you've lowered it

to about this level it's gonna allow you

to climb on top of it and you're gonna

do so and you're gonna begin shooting it

from the top that'll make it go down

much quicker and you're just gonna want

to bring it all the way down to the

ground so that you can drive vehicles

and get players inside of it the back of

this trailer can fit two to three

full-size vehicles and a full lobby of

players but often you're gonna see a

little glitch where the players don't

see it open on their screen sometimes

you can fix this by having them leave

the session and then join back now once

you have the trailer loaded up with

whatever you want to put in it you're

gonna close it using that yellow tractor

right there this is probably gonna be

the hardest part because sometimes it

will not close to you no matter how hard

you try so what you're gonna do is

you're just gonna pull the tractor up

with the plow all the way down to the

ground and you're gonna try to get the

flour to be wedged underneath the back

of the door and then you're just gonna

lift slowly and gradually to flows the

door i speeded up the process because it

does take a while to learn how to do

this and this was my first take

things that may cause your trailer door

to not want to close in the back is your

back trailer being somewhat damaged to

the point where it won't stay closed or

if you just have a bad connection

sometimes it won't close for you either

as you see here I managed to get mine

and once it's closed it should stay

closed until you do the opening trick

that you did in the beginning so you can

just get back in your semi truck and

drive it wherever you want to bring it

an issue people experience with this

little trick is opening and closing the

door when there's a friend nearby so

what you can have them do is just walk a

hundred feet away and then it'll let you

open and close the door credit to this

glitch goes to get you one two three

zero I don't know if he's the original

founder but that's where I got it from

and that's all for this video from Xbox

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