GTA 5 Tutorial "How To Load/Haul a Semi Trailer With a Pickup"

now turn up what's up YouTube in this

video I'm gonna show you I just hit my

microphone accident but I'm going to

show you how to load or yeah load a

semi-trailer into the bed of your truck

so what you're going to want to do is

you can want to get a bulldozer which

spawns over there which is right here on

the map which is at the top of the map

where Pluto Bay is you don't know where

that is well I don't know so you just

get a bulldozer like mine this is pretty

much common sense but I will show you

anyway so what you're going to want to

do is you're going to take this bucket

all right so you're going to want to

back it up like uh-oh there we go all

right just just make it like that where

don't put it like to the side completely

just keep it like caddy corners like

that sort of get back in your dozer and

you're going to want to lower the bucket

the dozer and just get the dozer out of

here because you're going to need all

the room you can get with sinking whoa

whoa whoa there we go

alright once you do that you get getting

the same thing

now what you're gonna want to do in the

sand King is you're gonna want to just

give it gas it's gonna take forever try

to pull it and get it going straight I'm

gonna tell you right now if you try to

do this in a sand King swb which is an

its tinny cab you do that in that you

get your good luck getting in to move

because it doesn't have enough power

there we go

here we go I got walk on a wheelie right

now well anyway that's how you load this

in my Charlie thanks for watching like

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