How to Become a Trucker in GTA V in 18 Steps - Pisswasser edition

this video is brought to you by piss

water it's a rainy morning in Los Santos

today and Franklin is gonna go and do

some truckin because if you did not know

Franklin was recently promoted from drug

dealer to trucker because that's how Los

Santos works trucks are big things find

out all the trouble you see ahead of me

it's a cement mixer

there must be trucks here this is a

friggin place where trucks are oh here

yeah patience

oh boy why I'm making mischief during

filming oh yeah though the windows

that's how you are not trucks on that

alarm that's just a safety precaution

playing Euro Truck Simulator should help

immensely of this because euro truck

simulator is very serious vs. game is

quite closely ok here we go no no that's

good piss water

m60 enduring you to remember this I'm

not going to

obviously using a GPS cheating how do I

get pasta though I need to is legal you

know I pass away to outside

they died anyone today

right why would you turn left and then

go oh well crap I'm breaking the law not

going through be nice oh sorry

now dunder than just let me borrow you

off the way come on

I pulled the weights on my side dude

this is really not worth trying to fire

burn yeah okay we're gonna have to stop

in here little bastard ready engineer

one I can't


this is also legal yeah I would

recommend you move unless you want to

die nothing well I did tell you I'm

stuck as well and they've got a lot of

angry security workers on me and the

police van Franklin just run just run

just run anywhere

we go

the really well-designed petrol station

there we go I'm sold

that looks like the motorway yeah yeah

look motorway highway freeway whatever

you want opponent oh I missed the most


yeah Oh tomorrow he's running away from

me that smoke we need to that way

she made it

no how do we get that way this is not

working out I think I have hit the

jackpot maybe hopefully please please

released I think we need to go east

what's ours from Italy's it

Hey peace was a friend just sorry about

that sorry sorry I'm going the wrong way

no no we need to go up there oh sorry

sorry everyone just just just just no

just just hold your horses

and could you do so as well and dear go

and marry okay

turnout turnout people need to slow down

on Adam motorway seriously no stop

everyone let me go thank you Arisa shop

yay where's the parking space for Lori's

that's fine

bring doughnuts can I have a ring Donna

please oh sorry sorry

where's the shopkeeper let's see how

this turns out three two one oh the moon

goodbye Paul the computer got smashed

the computer not working anymore now I

know those screens but the telephone

paths we find see that that's more of

today's video telephones are invincible

how do you roll that's how I roll