GTA 5 Online - Hauling Cars In Semi Trucks ! How To Transport Cars In a Trailer (GTA V Online)

what's going on guys get you one two

three oh here with more Grand Theft Auto

5 and today I'm gonna be showing you

guys how you can pull your cars in the

back of a semi-trailer and then proceed

to transport your cars inside of that

semi you can fit up to two or three cars

16 motorcycles and in an entire lobby

worth of players so this is definitely

awesome it's great for ambushes

role-playing crew battles and it's just

downright cool so that's what I'm gonna

be showing you guys in today's video if

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get right into it

so the first thing that you need to do

is find a big goods truck it has to be

big goods

it can't be clocking bail it can't be

anything else because the doors on those

do not open correctly it needs to be big

goods because it has a door that folds

down towards the road while all the

other semis just have to swinging doors

they don't allow you to pull a car into

so here's the location that you are

gonna want to go to this is the paleto

Bay area right at the top of the map

here and this is where you're gonna have

the best chance of finding one of these

big goods trucks I'm just gonna tell you

now that it took me a long time I just

switched lobby's multiple times and I

must have looked for one of these for

probably two hours between all the

attempts that I gave it so sometimes

you'll get lucky and there will be ten

of them driving every which way down the

road other times you're gonna have to

keep switching lobbies until you find

one but once you find one they're

everywhere so once you find one of these

trucks you're gonna want to take it

somewhere a little secluded you don't

want to be right in the middle of public

because you are gonna need to be firing

a gun and you don't want to gain a

wanted level because that's just gonna

make this entire thing a lot harder so I

just drive down this dirt path here and

this is far enough away to where I can

fire my gun without gaining a wanted

level so you're gonna want to get out of

the truck and start shooting the back

door with an assault rifle as you can

see here I'm using the shotgun and it's

not working but as soon as I switch to

an assault rifle it's gonna open right

up as you can see just three shots and

just like that it pops right open so use

some salt rifle right off the bat don't

bother wasting your shotgun ammo and

what you're gonna want to do is shoot

the top of the door like this until it

gets low enough to where you can climb

on top of it you are gonna need to shoot

it quite a few times because each bullet

only moves it about an inch so you're

gonna have to unload quite a few rounds

and do it just to get a low enough but

then once it gets down to a certain

height you will be able to jump right on

top of it and then as you can see here

just shooting it like this it drops

right down so at this point the door is

entirely down and now we are ready to

move it back to where we need it and put

our cars inside I decided to drive it

right by the bulldozer spawn because the


gonna be easy to close the back door

because obviously once your cars are

inside you're gonna want to close the

door so they don't fall out so I parked

it right here in front of the bulldozer

and my personal vehicle is just a few

feet away so after a short run I got to

my personal vehicle and you can see the

truck right in the background over there

so we were going to drive it over to the

truck and we're gonna pull it right into

the back of the trailer obviously don't

hit it too fast you don't want to do too

much damage to your car or the trailer

so just get enough speed to get up that

little ramp and then as soon as you're

in you can get out of your car and

remember for this example I'm only doing

it with my own car but realistically you

can do this with an entire group of

friends putting multiple people in back

whatever you want to do make it a lot of

fun so at this point here I'm using the

bulldozer to close the door and this is

actually I think a glitch here see how

the door is closing on its own right now

I don't think that's supposed to happen

it didn't do it any other time however

this was the only time that I recorded

it so the door did go up on its own but

just to show you here what you can do

with the bulldozer is just kind of push

it shut then and it makes it a lot

easier what's nice about this is that

the trucks and the bulldozer pretty much

spawn in the same proximity they're both

in paleto Bay so makes this whole thing

really convenient however I should add

that the bulldozer is not the only

method to close the door there are other

waves you can get a low sports car and

drive it underneath the door to start

lifting it up and then hit it with your

players head and then getting back in

the vehicle it'll actually start going

up on its own after your head hits it

things like that you got to experiment a

little bit but for this example I use

the bulldozer but see what also works

for you from this point here you can

start driving your semi around and you

have a car in the back you can take it

wherever you want and if you're playing

with friends then maybe you have ten

people back there two cars a couple

motorcycles and you're gonna go ambush

some guy out in the desert you know it's

really up to you this is gonna really

set you up for a lot of role-playing

opportunities anything that you can

really think of it'll all be fun so with

that I really hope you guys enjoyed this

little video today this is just a nice

little trick that honestly I wasn't

aware of even though it's been in the

game since day one but I did not know

that this trailer opened this way and

then that you could even close it

afterwards so this is definitely cool if

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