GTA 5 Real Life Mod #184 Custom Peterbilt 379 Semi Truck With Working Jake Brake

hey what's going on guys see boy its

pilot 2k7 and we are back for a new

grana 405 real-life mod video welcome

back to the channel hope you guys I

having a great day and I appreciate you

guys for checking out today's video so

we actually have something extremely

special today guys something super

exclusive from the man himself bag

customs just hooked us up with a brand

new Peterbilt and this thing is so cool

guys it has a lot of cool features such

as custom sounds and a working Jake

brake as well engine brake and it sounds

amazing guys so I want to get ready to

hop into it I'm gonna customize it a

little bit show you guys some of the

cool things that it could do cuz so

right now I kind of have it just set up

like in a sock way now we're gonna kind

of try to customize a little bit so

hopefully you guys do enjoy if you do

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so let's jump into the video so let's

first get our truck ready um like it's

gonna road words it's already Road

worthy but I want to customize a little

bit second we're gonna actually do a

government delivery we're gonna pick up

from a gum rat location and we're gonna

drop off at another government location

can't really tell you guys where it's

going because it's kind of secretive so

you guys just gonna have to watch if you

want to figure out where we are going

and what we are hauling so let's start

with customization so the cool thing

about this truck 1 it is matte so you

could put a livery on it we may put like

a a strucken with

or something like that on it later on

but the cool thing is you can change the

color obviously I'm gonna keep it

blacked-out and I'm actually to go for

like a full blacked-out look so I'm

gonna change a firm curl for our

secondary color to all black and look at

the huge difference it makes

already guys so take a look at that so

we have that now let's go to our extras

and let's start turn on some of these

extras so extra number one is going to

give us these extra mirrors right there

so well turn those on extra number three

is gonna cover up the rear which looks

good extra four is gonna be back here

and extra five it's probably gonna be

one of my favorite edits it's gonna be

the shield right there to the Sun Visor

so that makes the truck look so much

different I feel like I should have done

the intro with the truck looking like

this but I kind of wanted to show you

guys how it gets set up so it looks like

a completely different truck so like I

said if you guys are interested in it

definitely check out his youtube channel

also check out his patreon page because

he's gonna be uploading mods such as not

this exact one but a similar Kenworth

version on his patreon page so let's go

ahead and hop inside the truck I'm gonna

show you guys some of the cool things

that it has

okay so first thing you guys are gonna

notice is that cusp of the sound you

guys hear that that sounds good

I love the small stacks too

that idle sounds so nice there really

does alright so interior is nice as well

you guys can see all of the mirrors are

working and looks like I have traffic

turned off so let's turn traffic on and

let's get out of here guys so we're

gonna be picking up a 53-foot trailer

from the observatory which is right here

and we're gonna be dropping it off again

I can't really tell you guys where we're

dropping off there's a lot going on

right now I can't even tell you guys

where it's going but I mean if you guys

watch you guys will figure it out but I

can't tell you guys but it's complicated

we're working for the government is

complicated you guys understand so let's

get going

oh I gotta let you guys get a Jake brake


alright so I'm gonna hit the Jake just

so you guys get here at one time I'm

gonna fix the weather I thought I

already had all this setup I do


I got to get up to speed so we curlies

here we go Jake break ready

yes as I was pretty cool all right so

where we'll be easing out a lot more

because heading down from the

observatory we're going to be doing a

lot of downhill driving and that Jake

break is definitely going to come in


let's hit it one more time here

that is really cool so for those of you

that does not know basically a Jake

brake us a engine brake and it's

designed on diesel trucks it does pretty

much slow it down

using the power of the engine oh really

hopefully you guys

I've completely forgot to turn these

lights on too

take a look at that with the lights on

you know I was gonna tent the windows

and put HID lights on I forgot all about

that I was just so excited to get into

the job

they sound foul sound


okay so the trailer is going to be right

up here

alright guys we are here and we're gonna

be picking up 53 footer right over there

blocked up trailer it looks like I have

to kind of go down the sidewalk there

oh yeah we also have a sleeper back

there which is pretty detailed and nice

as well spc are fed some storage areas

oh so we got it hooked up let's just

double-check make sure everything's good

connect our Airlines the trailer

make sure to gears are up and we are

good to go everything looks good

all right guys so let's get out of here

and let's head to the location that

we're gonna be going to today guys

hopefully we don't get like attacked or

anything like that I don't know the

government's kind of iffy sometimes I'll

have you transporting some crazy stuff

that they're trying to keep under the

radar so I don't know it's about to go

down but hopefully it's just a regular

cargo load so let's head to the drop-off

area that we're assigned so I'm not even

gonna put on the map yet like I said I

just don't want to I don't know I just

don't trust the government that much

they may they may try to set us up and

I'm just joking with you guys so let's

head out we're gonna go down this way

over here and it's gonna be a pretty

steep hill social better use the Jake

I hope I'm going the right way I think I

am gonna try to do this without GPS for

a little

honestly don't know if I'm gonna left or

right now

so let it downhill we're doing right now

there's a big help

I don't know the chance let's go

and I'm in check the map really quickly

yeah we are supposed to go to uh okay

alright so we're gonna head right there

there we got just over our just under

three more miles to go

I hope the truck isn't too loud I did or

turn off my game volume nor more than I

would normally plants all please not so

loud actually turn it back down till I

normally play it just in case but it

just on is so good especially I know I

really wanted to hear it

there goes I can work over there

probably can work plants

alright guys I had to teleport over here

because for some reason every time I got

to that area over there I kept crashing

I don't know why like we literally

crashed like 4 times and the same exact

spot it was kind

but we're gonna teleport over here and

it seems like we're okay now should be

good to go we got out of half the mouth

to do actually a little bit more of a

half a mouth because I didn't put put

down the GPS in the exact spot that

we're going to

oh yes I had to reload the game I did

ten hour windows I also put the hid

lights on and also put some deflectors

on the side of the trailer as well

that guys are just about there some of

you guys probably already know where

we're heading by now


Maddox unstuck

alright guys we are here so yes this

delivery is going to the humaines


as I says deliveries go to oh right I

don't know if I could cut that time too

I love this idle sound it just sounds so

good just keep this truck nice and clean

there we got it in

I are they show where whistles have

backed us up so I guess well really

we'll just leaving a trailer here


I guess maybe we could just back it up

for it there and leave it

isola leave this trailer right there

just trying to make sure it's as

straight as could be that's good right


didn't open it off you should have open

the door

Gortat gate hey guys thank you guys so

much for watching this episode I really

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you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys

in a next one