How To Get Rare Car Parts At A Salvage Yard For Dirt Cheap!

how's it going guys welcome back to

another video my name is Eric and today

I wanted to do kind of like a little

walk-around of a salvage job that I'm

trying now I saw some things online that

I might be finding today so hopefully I

do find those things this is gonna be a

short little video so I hope you guys

kind of find it entertaining in a way so

without any further ado I'm just gonna

go ahead and walk around this salvage

yard and see what I can find


so I found a 2006 Nissan Sentra it looks

like that's some pretty decent parts on

there these will look like they're okay

but I think one in the back is damaged

but nice little Nissan Sentra I don't

only see really any part

oh well there's this K&N intake I don't

know if that will fit my car well maybe

it would but I don't think it has

together part to it so I don't know how

useful that would be but yeah I don't

know how I feel about those wheels I

don't really like them standard of

course I've always wanted one of these


looks like these are 17 inch wheels drag

wheels I'm not really finding anything

that I like here so probably gonna be a

really short video but I did want to ask

you guys would you guys be interested in

like maybe like doing videos of me going

to the junkyard I've go along so maybe

that's something that you guys would

like to see let me know in the comment

section below

I haven't found much honestly but what I

did find is this 2003 Infiniti g35 now

the reason that I am looking at this is

because it has a standard transmission I

don't need the transmission or anything

like that but I do want that center

console because it has the armrest mine

doesn't have an armrest so we're just

gonna go ahead and basically remove

there somebody was nice enough to

already remove the seats so I just need

to basically take those out and take the

center console

well shouldn't be too difficult so we're

gonna go ahead and remove that and then

we'll see what else we can find

so that took a little bit longer than I

thought was kind of crowded in there so

didn't help that I didn't bring a

screwdriver to remove it but this is the

center console the armrest is kind of

bent a little bit but I'm pretty sure I

can fix that I mean any wanting it

because this is a different style than

the one that I have so in my opinion

this one looks a lot better I'm gonna

take that with me just in case I need it

but for now that's all that I'm gonna

get we'll see what else we can find but

I think that might be it for today so

that's all that I got for now I'm going

to be back next week because I don't

think you guys believed that I was gonna

leave those calipers now I wasn't able

to get them off because the vehicle

wasn't processed yet so something about

getting it cleared or something like

that so I have to wait about a week or

so I'm hoping that next week those

calipers are still there and if now I'm

gonna be killing myself because as you

guys know those calipers are super hard

to find and they're actually kind of

expensive and if you find them out of

salvaged or like this they sell them to

you for a pretty cheap one minute 37

seconds later so I'm still here at the

salvage yard I caught the savage art

people up and I told them that if

there's any way that they can maybe pull

the calipers off for me and hold them

for me they agreed to do that so they're

charging me $75 for the rotors and the

calipers the reason I want the rotors is

because I think new at like autozone or

like Ricciardo around 50 bucks so if I

can get them used and decent shape and

then I gonna go ahead and do that but I

am gonna pay the $75 because I just

don't want to risk coming back next week

and for them not to be here so if you

guys didn't know these nissan sentra

calipers will bolt up to this car which

is my Infiniti g20 $75 for Brembo

calipers and rotors is actually a pretty

good deal still so I'm just gonna go

ahead and pay that money just so that I

don't miss the opportunity of getting

these so this is the little invoice that

they gave me for the Brembo calipers I'm

the one who put that in there the stock

number is the same stock number that

they had for the Nissan Sentra was the

Brembos but you guys can see here for


each calabria was 25 bucks and I also

got the rotors which were 1250 so total

of like 75 taxes 81 90 out the door

which is still a great deal for these so

they're gonna be calling me

they said tomorrow to to basically tell

me that I can pick him up I work

tomorrow so I'm probably gonna have to

send my wife to come get them for me if

she's able to if not we'll be calling

off tomorrow the guys that glendol Auto

Parts actually gave me a call today

saying that the calipers were ready to

get picked up so as you guys can see I

have the Nissan Sentra Brembo calipers

right here I'm so excited to install

these on my Infiniti g20 but that's

pretty much gonna wrap up the end of the

video give you guys a little close-up of

the Brembos they look like they're in

good shape the rotors I guess they're

questionable but we'll see what we can

do with them the funny thing is that I'm

actually heading back to work right now

I was actually am a lunch break so I'm

kind of racing to be back on time it's

all worth it though these calipers like

I said are pretty hard to find if you

guys did like this little video please

make sure to give it a thumbs up and

I'll see you guys on the next one peace


how's it going guys welcome back to

another video as you guys can tell I'm

in my car and it's super dark outside

it's midnight right now where a man I

saw a post on off-road that I couldn't

resist so I had to go get this part for

this vehicle I've been waiting to get

this part for the longest time basically

ever since I've owned my p11 and up to

this point I have yet to found this part

they're actually the Burma calipers for

the Nissan Sentra se-r spec V so it's

funny because I started to do the

caliper rebuild for my P 11 which are

the community X calipers I'm still gonna

put them on just because I already

bought the rotors in the lines right now

I'm at a dilemma which is should I use a

Nissan spec v rotors or should I use the

300zx calipers and sell these spec V

Brembo calipers

I don't know so right now we're gonna go

check him out they're in rough shape but

honestly I'm getting it for 100 bucks

which is I think it's a decent price now

the reason that I'm showing you guys

this old video is because I wanted to

show you guys one of the colors that I

ended up picking up a year ago the

reason that I never showed you guys

these calipers is because you guys can

see they're in very rough shape they

will most likely need a rebuild and a

fresh coat of paint which is why I never

installed them or showed you guys but I

thought it would make an interesting

video for you guys to see