11 Salvage Yard Tips and Tricks

hey guys it's Matt with bleep and Jeep

and today we're at pull-apart in Atlanta

Georgia I've got 11 tips and tricks for

you while you're out on the yard let's

get started

all right tip number one go ahead and

remove your part before you come there's

two reasons to do this and that is you

know which tools to use

I needed an 8 millimeter socket and a

pair of dikes so I can just bring those

if that's all I'm searching for but also

if I were to break something else like

this wiring harness then I could just go

ahead and grab it while I'm there at

pull part tip number two I've got a lot

of tools that I like to bring with me

sometimes because I may not know what

I'm looking for but the best thing to do

is leave them in the car because you

never know if they might have anything

that you want or they don't and it's

hard to carry around all this stuff back

and forth once you find everything you

need then you can go back and get the

tools go get your stuff

tip number three when you pull apart

make sure to get the nuts and bolts and

screws that go along with it I can't

tell you how many times I've brought

apart home and I didn't have the screws

the nuts or the bolts to attach it tip

number four let's say you've got a nut

or bolt that's just too stubborn and you

can't get it look through the yard

find yourself a tailpipe introducing

breaker bar tail by give this shout tip

number five if you've got a really

stubborn bolt that just won't come loose

it's always best to bring a penetrating

oil like PB Blaster but if you forgot

the next best thing it's going to be

brake fluid grab something you can stick

down there get you a little bit of brake

fluid and put that on your nut or bolt

it'll loosen it right up and then you

can take it off tip number six check out

what I found in a van down by the river

I need to get out of this Jeep but I

don't want to get in the wetness it just

rained but I also don't want to get that

on my back so I found this you can find

all kinds of stuff you can find carpets

you can find floorboards anything put

that down on the ground and save you


tip number seven

check surrounding vehicles for your part

let's say somebody was trying to get an

engine out of this vehicle they might

have been throwing parts onto the ground

when the cleanup crew comes they need to

clean up the aisles so they might pick

up that part they don't know where it

came from so they'll throw it into that

vehicle so whatever you're searching for

something and it's missing check the

surrounding vehicles see if your part

might have gotten mixed up tip number

eight when you're done with your tools

always put them in your toolbox

immediately if you leave them in there

you're going to forget them and you'll

never see them again tip number nine

keep your eye out for special gems you

know anything about the Cherokees you

know that's a find right there

but it's not just this fan it could be

anything aftermarket parts specialty

bumpers even your compressors so keep

your eye out for those gems if you see

them not only could you keep them for

yourself but you could sell them on eBay

and make a profit here's a good one tip

number ten you probably know that you

can't bring full-size batteries on to

the yard but you can bring these like

for your cordless drill a little Ryobi

battery so what you do is you just take

some electrical tape wrap it around

there then you stick two alligator clips

in there on the leads now you can use

the other ends to do all sorts of things

like roll up and down windows unlocked

doors test fans anything like that

I can even test this fuel injector so

check it out I'm just going to take one

end put it on there now if you listen

real close when I touch the other end

you'll be able to hear it click

that means it's working tip number 11

extra wire find yourself an old van like

this or maybe a long truck and take the

wiring harness out now you're not

supposed to tear apart people's wiring

harnesses that they might be able to use

but if you're cutting this out and

you're buying it then it's yours so get

yourself as long a piece as you can and

you just have probably 300 foot of wire

right there now can you imagine how much

that would cost at the parts store 300

feet of wire that's like $75 maybe 150

depending on the wire and it only comes

in three colors right here I've got

pinks I've got blues reds any color you

can think of so when I go to add that

accessory I can use different colored

wires so I don't get all mixed up all

right I know I said eleven but here's

two more bonus tips for your junkyard

pros I'm using my Ryobi powered battery

drill here I've got the battery out what

I want to do is pull the engine out of

this cheat but I don't know how many

miles it has on it so what I've done

I pulled the dash out now I'm going to

probe behind light this up see how many

miles it's got so I just put black on

black negative on negative then I probed

around I found that the pink was

positive and I don't know if you can see

that but it's got a hundred and thirty

thousand miles 130 thousand eight

hundred and fifteen pretty low mileage

awesome Lotus tip number two now pull

apart does a great job with labeling all

of the vehicles on the rear quarter

panel here we've got the year we've got

to make the model we've got the date

that it was put out on the yard so the

newer the better I'll have more parts on

it and you can check this all through

the website but it also has right here

on the tag the VIN number so there's two

websites that you can put this VIN

number in and get all kinds of other

information decode this and then

decoders with a Z so we'll put those

links in the description below if you're

on your smartphone out here on the yard

you can check that really quick find out

all kinds of other stuff

on this cheap alright guys thanks for

watching this is matt with bleep and

jeep i do hope that you got a lot of use

out of those tips and tricks we'll see

you in the next video