First Time Shopping in a Salvage Yard for Jeep Cherokee XJ Parts

so brandon and i were recently invited


an adventure trip as you would call it

over landing expedition

the issue is is that i need to get this

fixed up before then and brandon needs

to figure out if he can

fit it in his schedule now it's a month

from now which gives us

a good amount of time to figure it out

but since i don't have any experience of

really doing things it's going to take

me a little bit longer and my schedule

up to there is getting pretty busy right

now so i'm going to hurry up and try to

see if i can get this done within this


week and then that way i can tell the

guy that we are able to go or at least

i'm able to go

and then hopefully brandon can go and

we'll be doing another trip

so stay tuned and we'll figure out if

that's gonna happen

but in this video i need to figure out

what i still need to fix


so when i was with michael in florida

expeditions we found

that the coolant temp sensor was causing

the engine not to start

and inside you can't really tell but one

of the

leads or whatever you want to call it is

corroded so what he did was he

disconnected it

and then he completed the whole circuit

so that i guess the vehicle just

thinks that it's there and is able to

start and i was able to get home

so i'm going to have to go and replace

this and hopefully my temperature gauge

is going to work because it's not

working currently

and that's going to help drastically

because these engines are known to

overheat and

hopefully i can you know have an eye on

that and talking about overheating

we have found that over here it's

leaking coolant so in the reserve tank

we're thinking that the reserve tank was

cracked i ended up pulling it out but

i couldn't find a crack in it but i do

think that this connection right here

was a little bit loose

which was causing it to you know spill

and leak everywhere so hopefully that is


i did fill it up back up with some

coolant and i'm gonna see if there are

any leaks

but then if there aren't any more leaks

i'm going to do a whole flush and figure

that whole thing out

another thing that i'm going to have to

replace is the power steering pump and


fan it's i think it's called a high

speed fan so i'm going to look for this

at the junkyard and i already purchased

one of these i'm just waiting for it to

come in

and it should be an easy install

hopefully i haven't done any of this

so we're gonna find out if i can do it

so that should be it in terms of the

whole engine compartment and the other

things i need to do are brakes all the

way around

when i was with michael at florida

expeditions we tried to replace the

front rotors

and brakes but the issue was that the

rotors were the wrong size we got them


autozone and online people were having

it's the same issues that we were having

it says that it's the right fit for the

vehicle but it's just

ended up being too large and then i also

looked at another auto parts store i

think it was auto parts

and people are having the exact same

issues so i'm gonna have to try to

figure out

where i can get for the proper size of

rotors or figure out what people are

saying online

another thing that i'm gonna have to do

replace is the front passenger side

wheel bearing and u-joint

i did see michael replace the wheel

bearing on the other side and that's

simple enough but then the u-joint

i saw online on how to do it so i'm

gonna have to figure out on

how to do it i've never done this before

so we're gonna see it

first hand here and then i also don't

have bump stops i'm not

too sure how i'm gonna do that because i

know i have to drill inside the

the coil perch so i have to drill down

and i have these hockey pucks that i can

put on there as the extended bump stop

so i might save that if i go meet up

with brandon and see if we can do it

there because i'm not sure if i have the

right tools to be able to drill

in through to where the bottom of the

coil goes and then i'm going to also

have to extend the brake lines

another thing that i'm super excited to

fix is this exhaust hole it is so

annoying to turn on the vehicle and it's

just super loud and it doesn't sound


and so that's what i'm going to do today

too is try to figure out and go to

muffler shop and see how much it's going

to cost to fix this up and hopefully

it's not too much

hopefully they can just you know maybe

put a patch on there and just weld this

back on

i don't know i've never fabricated stuff

but i tried to look online to see how

much it would cost and

michael said it should be underneath 100

bucks so hopefully i can get that fixed


another thing is that i need to fix this

o2 sensor

it looks like this is a brand new o2

sensor because these

lines on here look pretty clean and this

wire it just looks

it looks brand new and i think that they

were going to try to wire it back in

but these of course have different

colored so i could

technically get wire and connect the two


i'm not sure if i'm going to do i can

probably look online to see what colors

these are or when i go to the junkyard

to get that fan

i can go up mike this is what michael's

told me to do is you know come back here

go to the junkyard cut cut back here

because there's a connection

similar to this that connects these two

and then just take the o2 sensor from

the junkyard jeep cut up here and then

just try to solder those together and


that works and i don't have any more

check engine light on

and going and one really annoying thing

is that harbor freight ended up

recalling their jack stands not these

ones specifically but

it was their second time recalling their

jack stands and

they said that you can return these so

i'm not going to take any risk with that

because that's life or death so i'm just

going to return them get my money back

and go somewhere else to get my jack


and so on the agenda today is i need to

figure out the whole coolant issue

and this whole temp sensor and then i'm

probably gonna have the

that cleaner i forgot what it was called

but the coolant cleaner have it run for

a couple of days

and then i'll eventually flush it a

couple days after so i'm still waiting

for a bunch of parts and components to

come in

and that's going to come in the next

couple of days so i'm just going to do

as much as i can today which i think is


the cooling oh and i'm going to go to

the junkyard and i'm going to do the



i have made it to the junkyard but i

have noticed that there is some

like rattly squeaky kind of noises going


at higher speeds so i'm gonna try to

figure out what that is

i'm probably just gonna go get my parts

and wait for this to cool off so i can

really touch things and wiggle them

around to see what i can find

looks rattling






found one but everything that i need has

already been stripped so on to the next



found another and this one has a fan

that i'm looking for so let's take it


i actually forgot to check to see if

this was seized up like mine but it's


spinning it doesn't have any resistance

on it so

i'm going to assume that it works it's

not like mine mine has like

you can't spin it freely


i think that's good i've also noticed

that my

oil gauge is finicky so i'm gonna see if

i can just

replace the oil pressure sending unit

and hopefully it's fixed and this one

has one so we're gonna take it off of

this one too

i think i need to get an adjustable


i don't know what these ones are called

but the one that

you know spins so it's not this double

handle but it spins and it moves

thing up and down these are big when

they're like this trying to grab on

onto the nut so basically what i've been

doing was just kind of buying tools

as i go i just bought the necessities

like a ratchet and socket set

wrenches pliers just kind of like basic

stuff to get me started and then

as i see i need things i'll get them run

over to the store and get

them looks good to me

last thing i need to get is the o2

sensor and this one has been cut too

and i've also think i'm gonna get some

um armor and see if there's any ones

that have armor on here i doubt it but

it might as well look while it's out

here i know on the grand cherokees

the gas tank skid plate i think will fit

on mine so

if not you could probably just kind of

fabricate it jig him a rig it



so all the cherokees have their o2

sensor cut so i think what i'm going to


is just use the one i have because it's

a universal one and it's new and just

you know solder both ends and get some

wire figure out what wire i need and

figure out what colors matches up with

what colors and put them together and

then another thing that i forgot to get

is the like dust cover inspection cover

and this one has one so this is a

2000 cherry key so i'm going to grab it

off of this and then we'll be done for

junkyard i can't get my ratchet on this


here so i'm gonna have to come back

later with

wrenches sure about my wrenches well i

forgot that i needed this so

now we're gonna go back to my jeep and

see what what's rattling on that

so before i look under the jeep i

decided to maybe change the oil pressure

sensor but

the engine's still like really hot right

now so i'm gonna wait on that

but that guy right there doesn't look

like mine

so i'm gonna have to figure out if mine


in fact fit there or maybe i got the

wrong one so hopefully i didn't get the

wrong one

hopefully this one fits but based on the

looks of it looks like it's not going to


but let's check under the jeep to see

what's going on i'm thinking maybe it

could be my control arms

because they are greaseable but they did

come with grease in them but i

i don't know if it would be rattling

i'll pick up some grease and

grease them see if that works it sounded

like it was coming from over here but

i don't see what it could be


so my sway bar does squeak a little bit

i can't remember what the sound was like

hopefully it's that i might have found


hopefully that's it i know this the

quick disconnects there they're pretty


gone but i'm not too worried about those

i guess as long as it's connected

see if i can tighten it a little bit see

if that gets rid of the problem uh

what's left for today

is i want to replace the cooling temp

sensor and then the oil

pressure gauge the oil pressure sensor

thing and i do think even though the

sensor i think is slightly different i

saw online people have been

doing the same swap where they'll change

that sensor out to

another one like the one i have so

hopefully that gets to work i'm also

what i'm going to do is since i don't

have any more coolant leaking out i'm

going to use

this flushing cleaner now i think it's

probably best to

completely drain your radiator and

everything and flush it out

and then refill it and put this in just

so that you have like clean water

but because we just pretty much filled

the whole thing back

up back with michael at florida


it's all new fluids in there so i have

no leaks i'm going to double check it

after i change this to make sure that

it's not completely empty or anything

like that so

i'm going to change it and see see how

it goes crescent wrench i don't have a

crescent wrench

that's what it's called is what i need

instead of this

just to double check i was able to

disconnect it i'm just going to take the

current connector and see if it plugs

into my current one

and it does not so this one has

three prongs in it and the one that i

need to replace or the one that i need

has two prongs so

that's kind of an issue and that's a

bummer should have checked that should

double check

exactly kind of what parts you need and

what they look like take pictures of

them just so you know

when going to the junkyard i guess

that's basically a learning experience

and that's kind of why i'm filming this


who knows if somebody stumbles upon this

i'm like that's a good idea braxton or

like you

idiot you should have known actually i

think what i'm going to try to do is

just clean it up and see

if that helps it at all and if it fixes

it then i don't need to replace it

the inside of the plug does look a

little wet oh it might be oily

let me see i have dirty fingers so i'm

going to try to find these my middle


might be oil i'm not sure or dielectric

grease because i know people put that in


i'm gonna keep that disconnected maybe

it is water or wet maybe it's not

supposed to be moist like that and

hopefully it dries out by the time i

finish the

coolant temp sensor and then i'll plug

it back in before we start her up

maybe i have a socket a deep socket that

could go in there

let's find out what's interesting that i

found with like

ratchet and socket sets is that i

haven't really found ones that give you

a full set of like a full complete set

they'll have like

some of this some of that but it's just

not the whole thing which was kind of

annoying i mean i guess

you can get away with what you have and

kind of buy what you need but at the

same time too it's just kind of nice to

just have a set that you know you have


so i haven't really used this that much

so we'll see how well

it works i just know what this is the

harbor fry harbor freight one and it

doesn't have a lot of deep socket ones


i'm gonna have to go and get some deep

sockets because i know for instance like


is you want to be able to reach in there

and deep and

and maybe even have uh reach so we're

going to use

the non-crescent wrench that i have this

guy let's see how well

might be a little hard or tricky because

of this

pipe clamp here there's coolant in there

which is good i remember last time

michael checked it there wasn't any

coolant but using this guy's

really putting some grooves in there so

crescent wrench i guess or deep socket

and looking at tutorials online they say

double check everything

and these look to be the exact same

which is good

so i'm going to put this guy in plugs

right there do as much as i can by hand

and we'll put this guy together yeah

this is getting

chewed up it's called loctite the white

stuff that's around it

or not loctite something

it comes pretty with it on the threads

that's what i'm trying to get through

give you guys a little bit of a close-up

to see me screwing this up

i have a lot more room now thankfully

i'm probably going to look online to see

how far people have really put this in

because i don't want to do this anymore

and just completely get this

whole thing rounded but it's nice that

it is here let's see

yeah i can't go anymore so

wait a minute

i didn't need a crescent wrench i just

needed a wrench

i'm stupid but you know happens

i got the idea from looking at a youtube

video where he replaces it

thread sealer that's what that's around

the threads that he's saying

i feel like that's pretty tight tight

enough considering on what was on there


and how easy it was to take off with

this i don't think i'd be able to take

it off with this so it might be a little

too tight

but we'll see like that so i'm gonna put


oil pressure sensor back on and then

we're gonna see the gauges see if they


i also forgot to check my coolant nice

this is filled up

um i do need to get rid of some

to put some of this in i'm not too sure

how to do that a lot of people the way


they drain these xjs is that they'll

just remove the

bottom radiator hose they don't do the

little twisty thing because it breaks

easily on the bottom

so maybe a turkey baster maybe i'll use


so i did not find a turkey baster i'm

going to try to take off the lower

radiator hose just for a little bit

and then put it back on and then

hopefully that took out enough fluid and


i'm going to refill it with water after

after i filled that up i'm just still

water that i can fill it up with so

hopefully this works

all right


i think i need a bigger bucket

yeah that's not good i think i removed


and i know antifreeze is not good for

the environment so i said i need to get

a bigger container

i'm probably just going to spray some

degreaser all over this and water it

down like crazy

i know animals like to get into it just

gotta burp it

actually i'm gonna put this back

together of course before i

start her up so i looked online and

people were saying or guides are saying

the best way to clean up coolant is like

kitty litter or sand or something like

that to absorb it

but it's like in the concrete so there

really wasn't much it was just saying

use vinegar because it's a natural

degreaser so i'm using super green

super clean super green simple green

whatever it was

the green stuff to degrease it and

hopefully lift it up i guess

and then hose it down as much as i can

just to dilute it so

i have no idea kind of what the best

option for this is again it's not to

drop it or not drop it but to spill it

all over the place like i just did

but you know so i'm probably just gonna

let this sit here and kind of

soak for a little bit and hose it down


connect it all back up together and as

you can see it is dark outside

so this is going to be my last thing


check gauges oil went up

some tahee goes up sometimes sometimes

it comes down

my check engine lights is gone too

let's perfect

it's definitely going up so it said with

the cleaner said to

turn the heat on and let it run for 10

minutes so that's what i'm going to do

we'll see if it

gets off the temperature and see how

it's doing

all right so gauges are working there's

no more check

engine light which is still kind of odd

because i thought the o2 sensor was

causing it but i think

michael reset it i don't know it's not


i'm happy about that and the gauges are

working but there's still

more work that i need to get done on

this jeep before i can actually do this


that is coming up so stay tuned and

you're watching trailspin tv please like

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hope you had a good time because i did

i liked it it was fun but i mean i guess

this is like all brand new to me so it's

like all fun to me instead of like

people like wow

you get excited for changing a sensor i


i feel accomplished and good about

myself because you know this is the

first time that i've ever done this

before but anyway

i've already signed off see you in the

next one bye