What to Look for in a Salvage Yard Engine or Transmission

greetings viewers Eric our guy here in

the pull apart salvage yard today I'd

like to talk to you a little bit about

what to look for in a salvage yard

engine and transmission some vehicles

are marked that at one time the engine

was running however do a close

inspection of the engine just to make

sure a lot of things can happen once a

vehicle reaches a salvage yard if you

see standing water inside cylinder wells

or spark plug wells move on the first

thing I recommend you look for is

vehicles that have been in a collision

you could reasonably assume the engine

and transmission we're running at the

time the collision happened and

therefore there's a pretty good chance

that those things are still operational

if you're inspecting an engine or

transmission in a vehicle that's been in

a collision look closely at the mounting

bosses and look for broken parts either

on the cylinder head or where the engine

or transmission mounts to the body

inspect the oil pan and engine block for

damage if you see holes or pieces

sticking out of the side of it like this

one it's definitely not the engine for

you if you see an engine with missing

parts you might want to move on and look

for another one another check is to see

if you can spin the crankshaft by hand

if you can't spend the crankshaft by

hand the engine probably can't move

another thing to do is pull the dipstick

at the time I shot this video I'd

forgotten that they remove all the

fluids from engines and transmissions

when they place them out in the yard

therefore you're not going to be able to

check any kind of fluid levels however

you can look for discoloration or signs

of contamination on the dipstick that

could indicate a problem with that

engine or transmission if you remove an

oil cap and you see a crusty build-up

like this I say that's an engine to be

avoided another tip if possible pull the

spark plugs out of the engine and have a

look at them if you see abnormalities

and the spark plugs that's an engine to

be avoided now looking at these plugs

you see this one here how it's darker

than the rest and has a little bit of

residue on it it's probably burning oil

or something I wouldn't choose this


now automatic transmissions are a bit

more tricky they're up underneath the

vehicle and difficult to access one of

the things you can do is pull the

dipstick just like he did on the engine

and once again inspect it for any

discoloration burn fluid bad smells that

type of thing but really automatic

transmissions are going to be a complete

guess on your part is whether or not you

want to use it so proceed with caution

when it comes to

automatic transmissions you can do a

visual inspection of the outside of the

transmission and look for leaks but once

again you're really just guessing when

it comes to automatic transmissions

there's very little you have to go on

with manual transmissions but you can

get inside the vehicle move the shift

lever around and see if it moves

smoothly if it does well it could be a

good transmission much like you did with

the shift lever operate the clutch and

check for any binding or anything that

might indicate that there could be a

problem with the clutch mechanism if

there is you might want to consider a

different transmission much like

automatic transmissions look for leaks

on the outside of manual transmissions

and if you see a bunch of them like this

one it might be something to be avoided

there is some risk associated with

getting or used engine or transmission

from the salvage yard however you can

save a great deal of money by taking

this approach to help minimize some of

that risk pull apart offers a 30-day

warranty on their used engines and

transmissions so I hope the tips in this

video helped you if you're going to the

salvage yard looking for an engine or

transmission now keep in mind these

things are in a salvage yard for a

reason and most likely there was some

repair that exceeded the cost of the

vehicle and that's why they were here it

could have been the engine or

transmission that brought them to this

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