Safe buying and selling tips on Craigslist and Bag Giveaway

everyone bill Nichols here bill Nichols

TV today I'm going to pick the winner

from the last phantom case review that I

did and give you a number of tips for

safe buying and selling online on

Craigslist from my experiences stay


so recently I've sold quite a bit of

stuff on Craigslist and I over the years

I've sold tons of stuff online offline

as well but I want to give you some of

my tips from recent experiences in

Craigslist and recently in the past

couple of years things that I've

experienced to help you when you're

selling online and some things that you

can do this might interested me this

might not and I'll tell you that overall

over the course of a couple of years

I've had a couple of people that have

tried to scare me some that have got

really close one that did get away and

then I'm just some general safety tips

when I moved to LA you know I would look

on Craigslist for things like a MacBook

Pro for things when I was looking you

know to sell stuff or to buy stuff so

I'm gonna give you a couple of my really

quick tips for safely buying stuff on

Craigslist so tip number one meeting in

public I don't ever go to somebody's

house and I generally never let somebody

come to my house

even if they're buying furniture and

they do to come they do come to my house

I have some different some different

tactics that I use there to make sure

that me and my family remains safe so

buying on Craigslist I almost always

meet somebody at a well-populated safe

area Starbucks or directly at a bank so

when I get to a Starbucks or what I'm

going to meet somebody there just a

couple of really quick safety things if

I'm coming up to buy um let's say that

I'm going up and I'm gonna buy a MacBook

or a camera or something like that they

know how much money I'm gonna have with

me generally right so I can tell you a

story about a number of years ago where

I was going to buy a MacBook Pro from

someone as meeting the meta Starbucks is

for $1,500 I told them a time for us to

meet at Starbucks I get to Starbucks

ahead of time so that I was inside the

Starbucks to begin with and then I

texted them and let them know okay I'm

already inside Starbucks and this is

what I'm wearing but instead of saying

that this is what I'm wearing I'm

wearing a

you know a light blue or gray shirt I've

got lasses on I tell them I can wearing

a baseball cap and a red jacket so then

they would come in and I could see who

was coming in from you know from

Starbucks and in this particular time I

would say that it really saved me from

having a potential email altercation of

the Starbucks so what happened was I

went to the Starbucks in Hawthorne I was

gonna buy a MacBook Pro $1500 cash the

only way that I was gonna do that was if

I was already inside the Starbucks so I

got inside Starbucks told the person

exactly that that I was wearing you know

a baseball cap in a red jacket and told

them just to meet me inside

well they then proceeded to text me hey

I'm outside of my car come outside meet

me I just said no way I'll meet you

inside and then from then I saw somebody

that was really suspicious walking

around the outside of the Starbucks it

was all glass looking inside and looking

for that man saying oh I don't see you

inside you know where are you I just

simply said come inside you know and

I'll meet you I am inside of Starbucks

and this is what I'm wearing and I

continued to get text messages from them

just meet me outside at my car if this

was at nighttime she'd meet me outside

of my car just meet me outside of my car

I wasn't comfortable with it I was

pretty sure that they're gonna try and

just mug me and take the money or

somehow rip me off so tip number one I

don't really tell somebody what I'm

wearing I'm confident and being able to

defend myself whatever but I really

don't want to have an altercation so for

that I'd like to minimize that


so I gently tell people I'm wearing

something that I'm not and then when

they come in I'm gonna know who they are

and then I just explained to them hey I

just told you something different just

because I didn't want to have you know a

situation where you know how much money

I have on me and you meet me outside so

at that Starbucks inside told them I was

wearing one thing I was able to just get

up walk out and leave and the person

that was outside that was definitely so

when I came outside and saw their car

because they didn't describe their car

to me there were them and three other

people that were in that car waiting

some pretty should they wanted to do

something so number one I don't really

describe what I'm wearing and I make

sure that I'm inside of a Starbucks I

try to meet only during the day and a

well traffic Starbucks that's in a safe


so that's one so that was me buying

something the other way that I do it is

that I'll meet somebody instead of a

bank so I'll just really easily tell

them meet me inside the bank especially

if it's a large transaction that I won't

even have the money out they get there I

look at everything generally a bank has

a waiting area or a little public area

that we can take a look at something

that we need to look you know spend a

couple of minutes on then I'll go and

actually just make a withdrawal right


give them the money and then generally

that's it they've got the money now they

have what they want I have the item we

both walk away and we're happy if it's a

Starbucks or a bank

I generally try and park right in front

of the exit door or right near the exit

door or a clear line so that I can see

everybody that's coming in and out and

I'm keep in mind I'm coming to you from

a for years hours a risk consultant I

worked at a really cool place where we

did a kidnap for ransom type stuff I did

physical pentesting social engineering

so I know a lot of the tricks that

people are gonna use to try and rip you

off and generally I'm utilizing my

knowledge of that to make sure that I

have a safe transaction so for buying

those are the two main things meet in a

public place preferably for me it's just

a Starbucks or a bank and I'm gonna

generally describe myself as something

different so that somebody's not

earmarking me before I come in and

they're not identifying me and trying to

you know get to me outside beforehand

might seem a little bit paranoid a

little bit overly cautious but always

better safe than sorry

now most my tips come from selling I

have a ton of experience selling on

Craigslist and selling in other places

as a matter of fact recently I sold my

technical camera and my technical camera

lens that I was selling both of them for

a total of about 10k and with both of

those once somebody flew in to meet me

because it wasn't that is that rare ever

lens that they couldn't get in they're

getting a good deal on it another one I

actually sold it somebody that I shipped

to in Japan I'm gonna explain how I

safely did that and how I felt confident

enough that I wasn't going to be ripped

off so let's just start right there my

number one rule it's not a hard and fast

rule and I will break this on occasion

is that I generally will not ship

anything that I'm going to sell now have

a couple of forums online that I sell

through besides Craigslist and on those

forums is generally high in professional

photographers that I can get a reference

from externally to verify who they are

so recently I had a technical camera

body my arca-swiss that I was selling

and I had a number of people approached

me and on this forum I can see if

they're novices on the formal so if

they've just joined or if they have a

lot of history one person I ended up

contacting me had over 2,000 posts I was

then able to take their name asked many

people in the forms that they had heard

of him he had a really good rep and he

was willing to wire the money directly

to me so he was comfortable my

reputation I was able to give him a

couple of references for me who he could

go talk to you to make sure that

was legitimate and then I had some

references for him so in that case I

gave him the wire instructions to my

bank he actually wired the money into my

account and then after that I found out

what the shipping amount was going to be

he then paid me the shipping amount and

then I've shipped that camera out to him

in Japan insured it everything it's good

to go I know with the wire that he's not

going to be able to pulled out those

funds back from me that was it a problem

that I had a little while back where I

sold something that was shipped was I

had a Profoto backpack which is an

external battery they were about 1,500

new back when I sold it I was able to

sell it for about $800 it worked

perfectly I'd put it on Craigslist

somebody in Texas saw it and asked if I

would ship it to them I did the same

thing with them I checked him out online

I was relatively comfortable with them

and I let them pay through my merchant

account I used square they paid I

shipped it out to them right away

packaged up everything they got it they

had it for about three or four weeks

then they got in contact with me and

said oh hey this thing doesn't work I'm

gonna send it back to you and I want a

refund and I had sold it as is and I

told them I said you know I'm sorry I

can't take it take a refund if you'd

like though I have somebody locally

that's really good at working on them

he works on Profoto gear and if you want

to ship it back here I'm more than happy

to take it in to him and then he can

give you an estimate and you guys can

deal with that he wasn't happy with that

he notified his bank started to a charge

back but on the documentation that I had

I had our initial emails in those emails

I had that this was being sold as is

that it works perfectly but it was being

sold as is it is used and I couldn't be

responsible for anything and did he want

me to ship it insured he did not want me

to ship it insured so what I actually

felt like happened was that he probably

received it didn't use it correctly

because there was some strobes that you

weren't supposed to use with it then

burned it out and then wanted to blame

me for selling him something defective

so I went to my bank square when they

said that there was a chargeback being

done I gave them all of the

documentation as well as not recorded

but documented conversations that I've

had on the phone when I told this was

being shipped as is when I sold it on

the receipt I had that it was being

shipped that is being sold as is and

that there were no returns and I had him

acknowledge that afterwards in an email

just saying yes I understand that this

was being sold as is and there aren't

returns he was still able to initiate a

charge back when I said to everything

through to my bank

he then his bank then denied the claim

and the funds were they stayed with me

so that's one way that if you're selling

something that you're ever going to ship

or what I've learned now I generally

only deal in cash but if you're selling

anything that you're gonna utilize

PayPal for or you're gonna utilize

square or some other form of payment

where you can take a credit card now

what I always do is I sent an invoice

ahead of time even if I'm meeting the

person locally I have them pay on that

invoice I have it say that it's being

sold as is that it's properly working or

document anything that's wrong with it

the contents of what I'm selling and

then on that there's no return policy

then I print that invoice out they see

that when they pay they get that

electronically then I print that invoice

out and I print out one copy now I take

it to the sale where I verify the ID of

the person so that I'm looking at the

person I see their ID of who paid for it

that it is the same ID and then I have

them sign those things I have them sign

the invoice saying yes it's sold as is

there's no returns it's working properly

then they take it from there and they

they sign it they date it I retain that

so then if there's any charge back issue

I have all of that and I had this again

happened recently where I met somebody

locally I let them pay with a credit

card this is probably the worst one

that's happened I let them pay with a

credit card I met them they were very

nice they paid they came back later that

day to pick it up then two days before

four months was up so most chargebacks

have a deadline of four months two days

beforehand that he contacted their bank

said that they didn't recognize the

charge that it wasn't Thurs and then

their bank initiated charge back against


I was absolutely furious I called the

person on the phone he immediately said

that it was a mistake and he was going

to take care of it I told that I was

going to give him five days to take care

of it that I wanted the confirmation

back from his bank who's generally what

he would need to do is cancel that

charge back he had a confirmation from

his bank send that to me I could Denson

that to my bank and I would fix it

he didn't had a few more conversations

with him it was clear that he was trying

to defraud me so I grabbed all of my and

before that I grabbed all of my

documentation where I did have a bill of

sale that he signed and then I had

follow-up emails afterwards asking me a

few questions about using this drone it

was a large matrix drone that I had sold

he asked me a few questions he told me

how happy he was with it showed me some

sample photos and videos of it so I

all of that and sent that to my bank and

immediately his bank canceled the charge

back and return the funds to me so

that's just one way to protect yourself

so if you are selling anything you're

going to take the credit card

I'd recommend not to just because it

could be a pain but for some large

things you might have to especially when

we're dealing with camera gear with

drones whatever I always print out a

bill of sale I have them sign it I

verify their ID and then I just document

everything and by document I just say

like on that receipt I've got the dates

and everything so then later when I need

to go back to my bank if I do I can

there is one time where I was scammed I

was totally taken and I followed all of

these steps and the person still got


I was selling an iPad I want to say

about a year and a half ago an iPad air

I went to I met the person at Starbucks

middle of the day all cash they looked

at the iPad they liked it they went to

pay me and they paid me in 20s and 10's

everything looks good I took the money

they left later on that day I went to a

bike shop I went to go pay for some

clothing and I knew the person behind

the counter he's like bill what's going

on and they go what do you mean he goes

these are fake I'm like what are you

talking about they're fake and it hadn't

even occurred to me that I had sold this

iPad and got this money and and I looked

down and I had it mixed with regular

with real bills and then I could feel

the difference but these were the new

20s and new tens and they looked perfect

the only thing that I didn't notice was

that some of the serial numbers on about

half the 20s were the same so I called

the cops I ended up losing that money

and I learned a hard lesson there but

one thing that I learned about that is

where I'm taking cash now over

Craigslist when I have a counterfeit pen

that I just swipe across the bills to

make sure that they're not counterfeit

but if I don't have that pin with me a

really quick thing to do is just look at

the serial numbers and then I have a

couple of real bills with me that I

compare the paper against because on

their own these looked completely

authentic and legitimate when mixed with

other bills there was a slight

difference in the consistency of the

paper if I had to mix them with real

bills I don't think that anybody would

have known but so now I will look at and

make sure that the serial numbers don't

match so there they're not the same

because that's an obvious one and then I

use a counterfeit pin one thing that I

learned from the cops about the

counterfeiting is that there are a lot

of organized crime that are getting a

ton of very good counterfeit bills out

there they're then handing them to

college students and

in some cases to high-school students

they'll give him a stack of five ten

twenty thousand dollars tell them to go

buy stuff on Craigslist they go out they

buy that stuff on Craigslist they then

sell it and then split that money with

the organized crime or with whoever's

doing the counterfeiting and it's going

on all over the place and it's a ton of

money that's changing hands and then um

one last one that I have as a tip is

whenever I meet somebody if somebody's

at my house so I recently sold a set of

dining-room chairs and I've sold some

other furniture a large Restoration

Hardware leather chair that I had so

with that when I knew that I had a buyer

because I told them that I didn't want

to just bring that stuff you know down

for them to look at if they were serious

they could come and look at it and take

it with them and I would always

emphasize you know that I wanted him to

take it right then

so if they weren't able to then I'm I

just wouldn't show it to him and what I

do in those cases is I have a time let's

say that they're coming at 1:00 p.m. so

at 12:30 I just took the stuff outside

my house and then I'm out there with it

so with the chair I set it right outside

my garage close the garage and then

that's it with a bicycle that I sold in

the in the past I did the same thing I

had it outside and I actually put it

outside at my neighbor's house and then

had them meet me there they looked at it

that was it it was good to go they paid

me they left I don't want to have to

deal with anybody after the sale so if

they came to my house and they came

inside of my house they could be casing

my house they could see something in my

house they really wanted and then you

know come back later so I've never let

somebody in my house it's always outside

garage closed door closed no way to see

anything that's inside of my house I you

know for me the safety of my family is

number one so that's it but I wanted to

give you some ideas there and then if

you're ever looking to buy something

that's high-dollar on Craigslist or on

um you know through another place like

luminous landscapes or through get dpi

or some other forum ask that person that

they have references at a large camera

shop so like for me having my medium

format gear I could have people call

Sammis or I could have people called

digital transitions in New York I could

say go talk to Doug ask him if he knows

who I am he knows what kind of person I

am and they can vouch for me they'll

call them say Oh his building khalil

person and should we deal with him

they'll say yeah he's a stand-up guy no

problem his gears good to go then that's

it and they get more familiar sensing

guys I just want to give you some really

quick ideas on selling safely and buying

safely on Craigslist it's kind of crazy

out there

so just some things to think about so

with that let's get to the giveaway this

went really quick

about 80 about 80 comments so far I want

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replying back to you I tried not to

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let's get back to Christopher you'll be

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thanks a lot Christopher really

everybody thank you for watching the

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thank you everybody I hope you enjoyed

this video I just want to give you some

safe you know some ideas for safe buying

and selling online because a lot of us

have used gear that we're buying and

selling coming up this week there will

be new Lightroom video there's gonna be

a typhoon H with realsense video that's

maybe one more thing I should mention

sky boss drones calm right now the

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