Shopping Craigslist Safety Tips - How To Meet Safely When Buying On Craigslist

hey gun people gonna think the birds

just heard me talk get a little snow

here in Texas uh toward the end of

February or March so I'm gonna go out

make a video on a shooting in a cold

shooting and snow with gloves after this

but I got a couple questions on figured

I'd talk about this on the inside when

it's not too cold not too wet I think my

horses are out there somewhere I can't

find them there they are I think they're

right there I don't know if you can see

them out there standing in the snow they

got a shed over here but for some reason

they wanted to be out there so hey who's

that cat and all that smokey where is he

Owen these that's our huntin house

they're huntin for little birds that's

why the birds are all flying anyway

talking about Craigslist here

guess you can watch the birds while I'm

talking here but um when you're buying

on Craigslist I got a couple questions

about it I was talking to somebody about

it and they were they were asking kind

of you know what's the best way or

what's the safest or should you is it

too dangerous look Craigslist is a is a

great tool for selling things it's a

great things a great tool for finding

things you know has a cop we used to use

Craigslist to find things that are

stolen we would go on there and if

something's stolen that we figured they

were price sell on Craigslist we would

check it every once in a while see

something match it up you know if we

could catch them would that didn't

happen often but every once in a while

we would figure out oh this is the

stolen property that we call you know

from a blocked number and say hey you

know we want to buy this will give you

top dollar blah blah meet them and then

when they give us stuff or Rustom

but as a cop you know we'd have a lot of

people we'd have you know radio

communications we have several people

from different angles we dent back up


when you go out there as a citizen

you're you know just a private person

out there buying things on Craigslist

you need to realize that there's there's

some bad people out there

now obviously things to consider when

you're buying on Craigslist is what

you're buying I mean if you're buying

the top-of-the-line new Nike Jordan air

limited edition that people are fighting

and trying to kill each other to buy and

you see one on Craigslist for you know

half price those people are just trying

to get somebody there with some cash so

they can rob them so what you're buying

is a consideration on when you're doing

your Craigslist you know search or

trying to figure out what's going on you

need to realize what you're buying is

gonna dictate who you're probably

dealing with okay if you're buying a

table or a piano the odds are you know

and you're going to someone's house the

odds are that they're they haven't

stolen a piano and now they're trying to

sell it out of their home so be aware on

what you're buying what the likelihood

of the theft is are you bringing cash

communicate with the person before so

you have a phone record you call this

person at least you have a phone record

that you talk to if you email keep a

copy the email maybe ask for a phone

number so you can say hey if I get lost

if you want to text the person again

you're creating a log in a record in

case something goes down on who you're

dealing with so if you just go there

blindly with no communication and

minimum communication you don't leave a

trail so what what you're buying leave a

trail communicate make sure someone else

knows where you're going I always like

to if I'm buying

sometimes I'll buy silver somebody's

trying to get rid of a little bit of

silver on Craigslist I'll meet them in a

parking lot and I usually go to a gas

station or somewhere I know if I'm going

to their area then I will meet them

where I know there's a camera either in

a bank parking lot in a play in a mall

parking lot where there's people around

you know the more people the less

likelihood they're gonna kidnap you or

they're gonna get in a struggle they may

rob you and run off and hopefully if you

do it an area with a camera you're gonna

have some video evidence on what

happened and if you communicate it with

them you're gonna be able to give the

cops a phone number or an email text

messages things like that so creating a

good record meeting in a public place

weather where there's lots of people you

know I always go what I'm doing sabayon

or selling I'm always got a gun on me if

I'm meeting somebody in the area I don't

know I usually have two guns on me case

they see one gun or there's a couple

guys and they they search me to find the

gun they would take one gun they

wouldn't find a one on my ankle it may

take them on the hip but you know if you

can't carry a gun you don't have access

to a gun then you're a little bit more

vulnerable you can't defend yourself

which is you know the liberal way we

don't want you to offend yourself we

only want to be able to you make you

depend on the government so therefore

you have to depend on us you don't need

a gun only we have guns and then that

way if we want to come protect you we

can but if we don't want to we don't

have to and again I've talked about this

in several videos if you notice any riot

during le riots or any riots anywhere

cops usually don't go in the violent

areas it's too dangerous even though

they got guns and they've take the guns

from people you're pretty much on your

own so you're always on your own when

things get really bad so you know when

liberals tell you about how they how

they you know they're gonna protect you

and how you don't need guns and guns are

dangerous but yet they have all the guns

well they basically take away the

ability for you to defend yourself and

depend on them so you know me being an

anti-government control power and all

that crap seeing it firsthand being in

the government all of my adult life I

see how the abuses and the power gets

divvied out to the the better class

depending on who you are and who you

know depending on what type depends you

know that will dictate what type of

service you get how quick of a response

if they really care what you're calling

about the lower down totem pole you are

the less service you're going to get and

the less priority you're gonna be and

that's just the way it is so I mean you

can believe otherwise but I'm telling

you from seeing

first and many times you know there's

cases that we wouldn't work because we

were too busy but if that person knew

the DA or the sheriff or knew somebody

and made a phone call knew somebody

guess what

we dropped other cases of higher

priority that had greater victims to go

work some poo but somebody stole a purse

out of a car you know or developing all

these resources because they know

somebody so you know my reason for that

but I guess I digress off of my

Craigslist deal Craigslist is a good

deal just use common sense where you're

meeting again try to be on camera so if

you get cars pulled up when you're

texting somebody or you're emailing them

ask them for a description of the car so

hey how will I know what you what kind

of car will you be in now a lot of times

they'll give you different color cars

anyway and I bought before and the

person showed up with a different car

and right away the hair on the back of

my neck stood up I went alright wait a

minute this guy's got a different car

he's the only guy in a parking lot I'm

beating him in a parking lot he's parked

over there like he's waiting to meet

somebody and you know again the hair

stands up I'm a park I make him move

don't know don't if you if you have

something like that and you want to you

just feel a little uncomfortable park

somewhere and make them come to you park

at the front door maybe wave them in a

store maybe drive up in your car roll

down your window and say hey you know

what I want to make a story I need to

get some insight can you come to store

let's do this inside that way again you

have a witness you have video evidence

you you you just you decrease the odds

and you take away the advantage of them

dictating where I'm gonna meet you is

somebody hiding yeah I don't do

Craigslist deals at night I mean that's

just to me that's just really an

unnecessary risk yeah and if the guy can

only meet you at night and you've had a

lot of communication you feel

comfortable with it again public place

gas stations usually have cameras

somewhere where you want to meet him

well-lit not you know meet me in this

parking lot that's closed in the dark

area where nobody else was around cuz

you know I've got a warrant I don't want

the cops to see me if you're meeting a

guy like that well then you deserve to

get robbed

but Craigslist's a good deal use common

sense pre-planning

you know just think ahead about what

you're buying who you're buying from how

much communication how are they

communicating or they given short

answers are they being open here's my


here's my address I live in this area

you know here's my car you know can you

give me a nice plain car so I know it's

you sure here's the license plate all

these things are great and that's gonna

decrease the odds if somebody is being

open and providing that information okay

so that's my spiel on a Craigslist and

the birds and snow I hope that helps and

we'll end that dear