Craigslist safety

we begin tonight in Lancaster County

where police are looking for this man in

connection to a violent attack started

on Craig Craigslist thanks for joining

us I'm Rob Hanrahan and I'm Tanya foster

authorities say the victim was meeting

up with the suspect Zachary Morin amber

councilman at the movie town cinema they

were to make a deal to buy a television

when the victim was beaten with a

baseball bat now it's just one of

hundreds of stories across the nations

of crimes connected to Craigslist and

for safety a new trend among police

departments they're offering up their

lobbies as a safe place to do Craigslist

deals CBS 21s Donna Krueger Morgan has

the story from Middletown where the

chief is now considering this idea we

came to Middletown because we knew they

were having a public safety meeting and

the police of chief was going to be

there so we threw this idea at him and

he said he wasn't aware of this trend

where people are using police department

lobbies to do these Craigslist

transactions but he says he's not

opposed to the idea the lobby is small

here at the Middletown police department

and it does have limited hours but Chief

John Bay was open to the idea I have not

heard about any trending of conducting

those transactions and a lobby of police

departments but that certainly makes a

lot of sense throughout our country

there have been reports of people robbed

duped assaulted even killed because of

meeting up with somebody a thought was

selling an item on Craigslist it's an

unfortunate unfortunate interesting

trend that people have to go to those

measures in order to ensure their safety

tonight we quickly researched what

departments in Pennsylvania are now

offering a lobby for Craigslist

transactions many of them are in the

Philadelphia region we also reached out

to the executive director of the Chief

of Police Association and here's what he

thinks of the trend

he writes any Police Department offering

their stations as a place of safety is

providing a true public service not all

departments have the facilities or the

staffing to be able to offer this

assistance however there are many public

places such as a mall that are easily

available where citizens should feel

that they are safe to meet for a

business transaction unfortunately we


a front lobby person he only works

part-time from 9:00 to 2:00

so that if there's anybody that wants to

come to our Police Department to conduct

those transactions in our lobby it will

be best to come between those times or

give us a call but if the lobby is

closed it's always been the advice to

come to a police department parking lot

that's always a good idea because they

do have cameras around here go to a mall

like he said and do it with a lot of

people and be wary if they changed the

meeting location at the last minute in

Middletown Donecker Morgan CBS 21 News