5 Tips for Buying Safely on Craigslist

what's up y'all my name is Austin

benziger and we're here with episode 1

of Ben singer buys in which I want to

teach you all how to go about finding

deals online finding deals from

craigslist find deals from ebay amazon

any kind of e-commerce platform I'm just

here to bring you guys information teach

you how to find deals and hopefully give

you information that you can go out and

use on your own and pick up some fun

toys so for episode 1 I wanted to talk

about what I feel most people are a

little uninformed or most uninformed

about and that's buying on craigslist

I've talked to a lot of my friends about

Craigslist and I get the impression that

people are still pretty uncomfortable

with the platform and even if they have

gotten something on there before it was

a kind of one and done deal and so I am

here to make you guys hopefully feel a

little more comfortable buying on that

platform with a video i like to call

five tips for buying safely on

craigslist tip number one is to meet in

a public place I can't tell you how

important it is just to meet where

people are meeting a place that there's

a lot of traffic moving around the more

eyes you can get on your transaction the

less likely something shady will happen

I feel like as long as there are people

around they're going to be eyewitnesses

if something goes wrong so any place

like a starbucks or a gas station or

even a mall is great for doing

transactions on craigslist I would

advise though if you are buying

something high ticket don't pull out

that wad of cash with a bunch of

wandering eyes try to do the transaction

face to face and pull around the corner

or something like that to actually count

out the money you don't want to be

counting out five hundred dollars right

in front of an audience of people at

starbucks tip number two is to google

the serial number if you're going to be

buying especially electronics on

craigslist you want to make sure that

they aren't stolen there's plenty of

stolen goods on craigslist you want to

do your due diligence to make sure that

the good you're buying is not stolen so

simply turn that phone around turn the

lab side left turn the laptop upside

down check the serial number type it

into Google and see if there are any

police reports or any just forum

postings of the missing good the only

way for people really to identify that


is the one that is missing is by the

serial number so just Google that serial

number and do some due diligence tip

number three we're just going to keep

blowing through these is don't be afraid

to call the seller I can't tell you how

much trust I feel or how much more safe

and comfortable I feel having talked to

the seller over the phone and kind of

gotten an understanding who he is

there's only so much information you can

pick up from a person over a text

message everybody knows that so just

simply call that seller if the seller

doesn't want to accept a call or the

seller sounds shave you over the phone

it gives you good instincts in a good

impression of who you're buying from and

gives you an opportunity to back out if

you feel uncomfortable number four is

one that you may have not heard before I

think I kind of created it on my own so

take it how you will but it is to leave

your cash in the car and I say this

because leaving a cash in the car not

only gives you some security by not

having $500 stuffed in your back pocket

when you're walking around starbucks or

walking around the mall but it also

gives you a great opportunity after you

have seen whatever it is you're going to

purchase and ensure that it's the

quality you like and it is the item and

it's working and insured everything you

need to it gives you a great opportunity

to walk back to your car get away from

the situation think by yourself if this

really is a transaction you want to go

forward with think to yourself as well

whether it's the price you came in

wanting or if worse comes to worse it

gives you a great opportunity to just

hightail it out of there if you're

feeling very uncomfortable about the

situation as a whole number five is to

use your instincts this is the most

important of all buying on craigslist

there's something I've touched on a

little bit in the past for tips but I

feel it's important enough to just have

it as its own tip use your instincts

about the whole situation there's no

reason you should go into a transaction

feeling very uncomfortable if you're led

to believe that the seller is up to

something no good use your instincts

don't go out there and meet the seller

in person there are plenty of other

items probably the same exact item

you're looking for on craigslist it is a

huge platform and if not on craigslist

on other e-commerce platform

again just use your instincts don't make

yourself uncomfortable with that said if

it's your first time buying you might

feel a little uncomfortable in general

buying on craigslist so it just

instincts so there you have it there's

my five tips on how to buy safely on

craigslist things that i feel like i've

learned over the past six years of

buying so many things off craigslist

hopefully you can take this information

go out there and try to find a deal try

to score something on craigslist it's a

great place to find something meet a new

person and buy something locally with

cash avoid some tax I didn't tell you to

do that okay it's great if you want to

buy things cheap thank you guys for

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Austin this is Benzinger buys we out