How To Post On Craigslist In 2020 Step By Step Tutorial

hey everyone is Honda and win how's

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hey guys today I'm gonna show you guys

how to post on Craigslist okay so if you

have something you want to post for sale

or for housing or a job or whatnot I'm

gonna show you guys that all right so

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alright guys so let's go ahead and get

started here on my last video I show you

guys how to create a gmail account okay

so if you guys don't know how to create

one go ahead and watch that video before

this one it's gonna show you step by

step on how to create an account because

in order for you to actually post or

list something on Craigslist you have to

actually have an account and you're

gonna sign in to make that posting okay

alright so let's assume you already did

have a craigslist account now I'm gonna

show you guys how to post one okay

alright so I'm gonna do a real life

posting so you guys can see how it's

done if you guys follow my mouse here

I'm gonna go ahead and all the way to

the left right left top left I believe I

said I mean go to the create a posting

okay go ahead and click on that and then

once you click on create posting it's

gonna ask you to choose the location

that fits best

okay so right now I am in the Bay Area

in San Jose

so my city is gonna be in South Bay area

if you guys are in or the other area you

can click on those other area okay but

before I choose a location I want to go

ahead and and log into my account first

so go all the way to the right here

follow my mouse all the way to the right

top it's gonna say log in okay

so go ahead and tap on or click on login

and then once you click on login you

should have a email that you know you

can login with okay so let's say like I

said if you guys haven't to create a

gmail account yet I do have another

video on how to create an gmail email

and another video on how to create a

craigslist account okay I'm gonna leave

both of those video down in the

description box okay so I'm gonna go

ahead and type in the email that I have

I am so it's gonna be right there cuz I

already typed it in earlier and then

just go ahead and put in your password

and then once you put in password now

you're logged in if you look right here

now on the top right it's gonna actually

have your email now okay saying that

you're logged in and then you can also

log out next to it alright so we're

going to do now is I'm gonna pick on

South Bay Bay Area and then I am in the

East San Jose so go ahead and click on

East San Jose and then you have a lot of

options here but today I'm gonna be

selling my Apple iPad Mini so I'm gonna

go ahead and do for sale by owner okay

and then this is all the categories that

you can choose from so let's say if

you're selling a car then you click on

this one I guess now they charge $5 for

one post ok per post back in the days it

was free so I guess par because a lot of

people have been posting too much so I

guess now they charge you so you can't

post a lot but what we're gonna go in

art category is going to be electronics

okay so electronic is free so go ahead

and click on that and then it's gonna

pop up this other page here which is the

description page go ahead and type in

your description of the product

that you're gonna that you're gonna sell

make this bigger a little bit here so

you guys can see better so I'm gonna put

I'm just gonna put iPad meanie for sale

okay you can just put whatever title you

want and then I'm gonna put $200 and

then zip code I'm just gonna put nine

five one four eight and then in the

description you want to put a little bit

of description for your iPad or the

things that you're selling I'm gonna go

ahead and put I am selling my excellent


Apple meanie iPad it will come with

everything seeing everything you see in

the picture okay and then you could put

asking price or whatever you can put the

price you want to sell it for normally I

would always put the first person with

$200 picks it up questions email me okay

so this is the important part right here

most of the time I like my you know the

people that want to buy the stuff I like

them to email me first okay because I

want to make sure they're not a scam or

anything like that I got a I want to

basically scan them first before I reply

back to them because I don't want to be

giving my number out and then you know

there's gonna be a lot of people calling

you know I mean you could if you want

okay I'm not saying that you shouldn't

but my preference is only through email

okay but if you guys want to put your

number go for it and then that's a first

person with 200 all that picks it up

email me with questions email me I can

also put pickup at local location local

stores okay

so or a location where you know you want

them to pick up like let's say most of

the time I always meet people up like at

Starbucks or at one of those big

supermarket or drive-through like

fast-food restaurants like McDonald's

and stuff because you know you want to

go somewhere where there's a lot of

people so it's a more safe okay so just

meet people up somewhere safe okay don't

just meet them in the boonies or you

know somewhere like you're by yourself

or whatever okay so just be careful with

that and okay once you do that go ahead

and just put continue and then it's

gonna show you a map here go and put

continue again and then you want to add

an image so you know they can see the

product so it looks uh interesting so

that way you know they more likely to

buy your product versus a listing

without an image okay so I'm going to

add an image because I really have an

image I put an iPad Mini here so I'm

gonna go ahead and double click it so it

opens up here and then that's how my

iPad Mini looks like I got the iPad with

the original box okay but done with

images and this is exactly how it's

gonna look like alright guys it's gonna

say iPad Mini 4 sell $200 I am selling

my excellent condition Apple mini iPad

blah blah blah okay you guys got the

point right and then it's gonna ask you

to publish all you gotta do is go ahead

and click on publish and then that's it

okay so it's gonna send it's gonna you

know basically said that thanks for

posting we really appreciate it you can

view your posting right here you can

manage your post and then you can return

to your account page so let's click on

review your post and then we're gonna

see the posting that we just did and

then there it is so this when it when

it's live you're gonna see it like this

okay guys so you see your picture there

see if you have a picture more likely

people will you know want to buy your

stuff because it looks pretty nice and

it looks good

versus a listing with no pictures you

know I don't want to guess when I buy

something you know so with a picture is

always good and if you want to manage

your post go here and then you're gonna

see your your posting that you just list

and it's gonna show you all this it's

the same thing you can edit a posting

you can update the image edit location

or even delete the posting itself okay

so they don't see it okay and then we're

gonna go back here press back and then

let's go to return to your account page

okay once you click on that it's going

to show you basically everything that

you've listed okay so let's say if you

list like ten items it's all gonna be

popped up here right here we only listed

one item the iPad Mini so you only see

one there but yeah but if you have more

than one item for sell it's all gonna be

listed there okay and then you can also

go here right here and just click on it

and it goes back to your posting okay

and then that's it guys okay guys if you

guys have any questions or comments

leave them down below like I said I have

the other video showing you guys how to

create a craigslist account and how to

create a gmail email if you don't have

one because in order for you to create

it creates this account you have to have

an email either you know hotmail yahoo

AOL Gmail or whatever okay but I prefer

using a gmail so I made a video for that

so that way if you guys don't know how

to make one you guys can watch that

video okay and then the other video

watch it after and then when you're good

you go to this video so you can start

listing on Craigslist alright well I

hope you guys enjoy the video and hope

this video helped you guys out once

again thanks a lot for watching and I'll

see you guys next time

take care guys bye bye