Rome Police Offer Safe Spot Meeting Place For Craigslist Transactions

so you buy something on craigslist and

then what do you do now come and meet me

at my house and is that doesn't make me

like it especially if Christine you're

even if you're a guy doesn't matter um

it's a little worrisome right you know I

always a different name on craigslist uh

to lure people in right I never meet at

my house no because there are so many

creeps out there so yes they can't meet

at your house whether you're selling or

you're buying Rome has a great idea

captain Tim Bates is on the line right

now and I love this a good morning Jim

so this is that this is a vicious a

solution to this problem what we think

it is we believe it's a much safer

alternative in regards to making these

face to face meets for transactions than

what exists right now what currently has

been done yeah now i would i would think

that if you're looking to do any illegal

activity and on craigslist it's probably

not a good idea to meet at the Rome

police station though it probably is not

but think of this bill if they are

chances are they're not going to want as

you say meet at the police station so

that should definitely be a red flag too

goodnight tential by that hey there's

something up here this deal's off well

you know listen craigslist is and I'm is

really an amazing website but I know

plenty of stories I don't want this

wouldn't really work for what you're

doing but I know somebody the book paid

for an entire they rented a house in

Florida and it was a whole week and they

got there and the place didn't exist

they paid for everything they lost

everything well really yeah we've we've

had similar stories like that right here

in Rome as well mainly with rental

properties yeah right so in this case

though you buy something they tell you

to come to you to their house and you

say no let's meet here so how does it

work how do people reach out to you guys

and uh is there a website they go to to

set this up how does the whole thing

work it's did there's there's no

appointment necessary certainly it's

posted on our website however they can

just make the agreement the buyer in the

seller to me at the Rome police safe

spot and they come down

and it's all it's all between the two of

them rate the action so in your and and

is this outside uh situation or is it

indoors no it's endorsed yet essentially

bill what it is it's our vestibule we

first walk into the police department

got it it's a fairly large area it is

covered by surveillance cameras it's

also step 24 7 by a police officer

working our front desk so the

transactions we take place under the

watchful eye of a camera as well as a

police officer sitting to that your feet

away I gotta tell you I think this not

only offers people a safe haven to make

the transaction but at the same time if

there's an awareness thing here right

you're really sending out a message for

people to be really careful we are and

you know we've we have been for many

years with is Craig not only craigslist

but any online yep site were you make a

purchase and agree to meet somewhere

publicly and we have always told like as

law enforcement across the country does

they warn their community members to

pick a safe what is considered a safe

spot a public area you should do these

in daylight hours and so forth yet still

robberies homicides and other crimes

occur during these meats yeah you know

the the craigslist killer was from this

area I mean I know that have see what

happened in Boston but he was he was

from here and you know that made made

people think a little bit about what

transactions you do so great deal it's a

it's a safe place to make your

transaction right of the Rome PD no need

for an appointment it's just a service

you guys offer I think it's awesome

thanks thank you Bill and I really

appreciate wi bx putting the word out

and and we hope the community this only

for Rome residents anyone is welcome

okay the safe spot especially if you're

if you're you know a lot of times you'll

meet halfway so maybe you're halfway

could be considered Rome it's perfect

spot to do it so you don't have to be a

Rome resident that's a big myth that's

that's a big plus right there yes yes it

is and and again no appointments are

necessary you just come down in you know

the two folks meet right in the festival

or the safe spot is

we're calling it outright and do the

transaction and it's hopefully our goal

is to eliminate or at least cut down on

the crimes that we've seen here in Rome

we have had robberies occur in broad

daylight in public areas where folks are

meeting to stew by yourself yeah items

that they've purchased or want to

purchase all right good good service for

anybody captain Tim Bates I appreciate

it good man wait your belt I have a

great day