Are rose cut diamonds expensive , do they sparkle ?

our rooster diamond expensive do this

sparkle is what I'm going to answer you

know taking questions from Google and

other social media networks I have been

working since quite some time on on the

Rose cut diamonds of various shapes so

if you see a rosca time and yes it does

sparkle to to some extent being a very

shallow cut diamond there is a lot of

light leakage in the center so it means

the the sparkle what do you have in the

regular stone is not as much

this does not sparkle as much as the

regular cut diamond building and diamond

and the part the question about

expensiveness I would say it is Italy it

is around 20 to 30 percent cheaper than

the regular cut diamond although it all

depends from what combination of size

shape color clarity that you're looking

for and depending on the availability in

the market but you know in general it is

cheaper than the regular cut diamond but

they look beautiful they look they have

that indignance they have that vintage

Ness in it if you design it properly

they will give you a much better look

compared to the regular diamond you can

see how they look so I hope that answers

some of your question so if you want to

buy these diamonds and or one further

guidance about these diamonds then you

can always write us on Georgia College

rotten and music I do in depth or we

will guide you how to source these from

the right place so that you save a great

amount of money and buy much precise and

better quality thank you