Engagement Ring Guide: Rose Cut Rings

so a rose-cut diamond is in more of that

alternative option for center stones it

can be any any shape any cut we could

have Rose cuts that are round Rose cuts

out our oval Rose cuts that are emerald

you really you can choose most cut

options but the Rose cut being the

nature of the cut it's a flat bottom and

it's got a dome of cuts on the top how

do we make a Rose cut a timeless classic

look so you're already into a more

alternative option for a center stone

let's just use for the same at the sake

of of examples and oval so we've got an

oval shaped stone with a rose cut so all

the cuts are on the top it's flat on the

bottom if you pair this gray Rose cut

oval with a diamond halo a brilliant cut

like super shiny white diamond halo

then a classic look for the band we're

we're just doing pave on the band as

well you've taken a really really really

classic design and you prepared

something a little bit more alternative

in the middle which is a yes a diamond

but one that has an alternative cut in

there you don't have to do much to a

rose cut to make it alternative it it

already is very alternative because it

has a lot of color whether you're in the

Gray's blacks yellow beige is red

it already is alternative you can make

it even more alternative by pairing it

with a more forward setting so accent

stones on the side that have more color

black diamonds fellow rose-cut

alternative colored diamonds we've taken

a really alternative stone and really

push the limits from a design standpoint