Rose cut diamond engagement ring from Bayco

right welcome to Baker I'm Marco Hodja

boy and I would like to describe to you

this beautiful rose cut diamond ring

from our white roses collection this

this ring is centered upon a one carat

29 oval rose-cut diamond and it's

surrounded by eight Rose cut diamonds

weighing one carat 41 the beauty of the

Rose cut is that these are old-world

stones these stones this style of

cutting was popular in the time of the

Maharajah's in India and they display a

different kind of sparkle because they

have less faceting than the modern

stones but they have a bigger spread

where the stones actually look bigger

than the weight that they have so when

you're making a piece of jewelry you can

get a bigger look for the price that you

have to pay and from that and for other

reasons this is one of the most popular

rings and designs that we have in our

collection yes these rings these rings

we designed them to be more as a

cocktail ring but it's been very popular

as an engagement ring because it's very

different and today people are looking

for different cuts and more unique items

to give their spouses and you know this

is something that is very special and

very unique so any woman would love to

wear it as an engagement my pleasure