What is a rose cut diamond , it's anatomy , price guide , google trends

as I keep busy with working on rosca


many people ask several questions about

a rosca diamond its price its millimeter

size chart its anatomy and you know

these are very you know basic questions

which commoners don't understand in

first place and they deserve every

answer before they make their purchase

and myself as an expert you know makes

all the atoms I can do off for all the

details you know that I can offer you as

an expert and show you in that guidance

so first thing if I have to talk about

is the anatomy of the roaster diamond

you can see it is quite similar to a

round cut diamond it is round in shape

it has it has a table a very large table

I would say if if I have to measure it

in percentage it will be anywhere

between 80 to 90 percent table size but

because these are antique er damaged

there is no proper facet numbers to it

so unlike round brilliant cut diamond

which has 57 56 57 facet numbers fixed

numbers these diamonds don't have those

numbers but these are very shallow cut

diamonds you can see if I even if I hold

it in a tweezer you're not able to see

the entire diamond right from top to the

bottom this is how thin they're so very

flat large press it on the table and

very few facets on the pavilion that

makes it a very antique vintage kind of

styling for this diamond which looks

really beautiful if set in a proper

beautiful design coming to the mm sizes

I am NOT able to offer you that at this

moment but you can always ask me for any

particular weight and I will actually

measure every diamond and give you a you

know a prompt answer right then

that time that moment and if you want to

know more about the pricing let me tell

you it can start right from $500 a carat

and above all depends on what quality

cut shape you buy so my job is to offer

you amazing product source right from

the wholesaler market based in India

which supplies 9 out of 10 diamonds in

the world and inspect every time and so

that you buy it at the lowest price and

the best quality possible-- I have some

interesting figures that I'm I was

working on right now is if you put it on

Google Trends you will see the most

popular for Ruska diamonds is is United

States followed by Australia Canada UK

and India so if you are from any part of

these countries then reach out to me

with a ten dollar of initiate estimate

field I initiate your enquiry I inspect

several parcels with the help of right

tools select the one which is best in

price and quality and offer you those

details so that will help you save great

amount of bail great amount of money and

buy much precise and better quality we

can send these diamonds into any piece

of design it can be Chandeleur necklace

ring pendant earrings hoops and offer

you a wide range of customisation and

deliver securely at your doorstep so if

that interests you then reach out to me

and I will guide you further thank you