Rose cut diamonds, how to buy, know quality and price

you might be aware of this shape of

diamonds or if you're not aware then let

me introduce you to Rose cut diamonds

where you see you know the different

faceting style of diamonds in black

yellow or white color and these are also

natural natural diamonds they have a

very different faceting style which is

very shallow almost see-through but has

very you know different design or beauty

to it I have you know or I source these

diamonds right from wholesale suppliers

and with the help of inspection I am

able to select better quality of of the

shape of diamonds you can see yellow

color you can see smaller size or

different shape and white color Rose

cuts and when set into a proper design

they can really turn out really

beautiful you know piece of jewelry like

a ring or a pendant or necklace or

bracelet so you know you know buying

with this process you know while buying

loose diamond and setting in jewelry you

are going to save a lot of money and

also buy much precise and better quality

whereas you know if you buy these ready

from retailer they're always going to

add their branding and other you know

operational cost to it and make it more

expensive so if you want to save more

and buy a better quality then get in

touch with us and I'll help you how can

get these done yeah thank you