Easy Rocker Switch Install: $50 Jeep Mod Series

hey guys thanks for tuning into this

video I'm gonna start a new series a

50-dollar gmod serious where all my

Honda due to my Jeep are going to be on

$50 or less and you guys can do them to

make people pretty sweet mods for the

first mod that I'm going to be doing is

involves two products it involves these

nick tuning rocker switches for your

light bars and a housing down for that

by Daystar now basically what this does

it just houses all your rocker switch

rocker switches in one place so it gives

this clean look and it also gives a

pretty faculty look too so it can be

pretty sweet and hopefully you guys can

do too

okay so I'm actually gonna open up the

box and show you guys what's inside now

this is relatively cheap they go for

about 1750 on Amazon and you know for a

product that kind of houses everything

like this that's a pretty pretty good

deal already open this up there's not

too much inside use a star sticker which

is pretty cool that you can add your

Jeep if you'd like you get a pretty good

manual on this in color so here is the

actual housing panel as you can see I

already tried it to cut into it but I

just wanted to wait for the actual video

so you guys how to do that so that is

from me the texture on it is much like

that of the stock interior of the JK now

this goes right below the the gear

shifter kind of where that little mesh

part is where you can kind of put stuff

so it's not taking away anything vital

it's just replacing something that's

that's there so pretty cool thing about

this is is that the panels even though

it may not look like it on the front you

can kind of see the outlines of where

the switches are going to go but it's

not a good it's not very traceable to a

commuting like a dremel or okay exacto

knife you're actually go on the back

right here and if you can see that the

switch panels are right there they can't

really pop them out with your thumb you

have to take like an exacto knife like I

said and start cutting them out and what

you do that this should pop out and it

should be a pretty clean cut so I'm

gonna start doing that and we'll get

back to you later okay so that actually

went pretty pretty easy much easier than

I thought

one thing to note when you are cutting

this is watch this center piece right

here because I did see it start to flex

when I was cutting it so if you snap

that you can easily just reglue it with

some super glue or epoxy put it back in

there but just be careful when you're

doing that I just used an exacto knife

and I thought I was gonna have to use my

dremel but I ended up not having to so

now I'm going to put these switchings

make sure it fits okay so I have the

switches installed they are a little bit

close together but that's okay because

that just things I can get more of

if I want to do another couple switches

or an accessory port it's really up to

me and all I have to do is pop this out

and cut these out and I have an extra

port right there for me

already having started wiring right here

next thing you do is go down to the Jeep

and actually get this installed and get

the wires hooked up to the existing

light bar okay to show you guys what

we're going to be doing before we

actually head out to the vehicle we're

going to take our switch right here and

we're going to cut off the head of it

right here and then once you do that

you're going to see that there's will be

three wires exposed this one's going to

connect to the black wire on your on

your rocker switch this one's going to

be connected to the battery red wire and

this one's going to be connected to your

accessory or your light bar on red wire

and then we're making a connection with

these heavy-duty female connectors and

you should be able to just plug right

into your rocker switches okay so before

we can actually get this panel right

here out of its place we first need to

lift off the center console portion

right here okay so what I just did was

be with the painting mission and put the

gear in second gear and then I put it in

for high and I was able to actually just

pull up on the center console part and

use our pry tool to get this undone and

then once you do that it should this

should just be a little right up and

that's the piece that we're going to be

replacing with our base star huh switch

panel and in here you can see that where

my previous lights are right here

I got to go disconnect the negative

battery terminal and you want to come

back in I can start cutting the wires

okay so I just got all the female

connectors attached to my previous light

bar switch and now what we have to do is

take two of the pins from the previous

panel and put money-based our panels I'm

gonna go ahead and do that and I'll show

you the next okay so just a little tip

for removing the clips on use a flat

screwdriver small one and lift straight

up don't lift don't pull back because


we'll just break the clips and what you

have a mod they simply just slide down

and lock into place there you go now we

can connect our male connectors to our

female connectors and we can put the

negative terminal back on the battery

and we can see if it works okay so I

have all my rocker switch male

characters collect to my light bar

harness female connectors this fall this

games the same schematic as I said now

putting this in is going to be a little

tough because for some reason I can't

get this petrolatum

off so I'm going to have to put the

camera down again and just slide her in

and I'll show you guys on what it looks

like after that so if everything

reinstalled I'm able to turn out of

lights and they work just fine the

lights are on continuously even when the

keys not in the mission now that's

something that you can just change very

easily just by pulling out one of the


okay so fast forward a couple weeks I've

actually had this in that vehicle for

some time now and I can tell you some

things that like and don't like about it

doesn't start with a negative aspect on

the Daystar panel on the I got for some

reason the bottom feet on the panel our

slopes will slide into two previous

holes from where the original panel came

from now for some reason this won't

happen on mine so I'm not able to slide

them in all the way and this is causing

it to not give it a flush look and I

can't push the top right of the panel

went into its place so what I actually

had to do was cut off the bottom sheet

and then then I was able to put the top

portion into its place now I thought

this wasn't going to give me a very arm

very lined up look but actually worked

out to my advantage is that I was able

to put the center console portion back

into its place and I actually push the

lower portion of where I've cut the feet

off up against the original interior and

it gives it a nice look anyways so those

little disappointed actually had to cut

off the feet on it but ended up working

out in the in the end some things that

you like about it is that it's a very

fast read look it's written was really

cheap and it's something that were on it

was seventeen dollars and for under the

$50 rule that I had you're able to add

on two and three switches I'm depending

what strategy to go with if I was able

to add two ISIL has um this is a little

bit of money left to add on one

another four so that's a cool mod that I

did a very impressive thing and it looks

really good so if you have any questions

just comment them in the comment section

below and if you have any other

suggestions for upcoming videos please

let me know I just have another one

coming out we're going to show you how

to make your own GoPro stand which can

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