ON-OFF, SPST Rocker Switch Function and Wiring

hi my name's Eric with new wine marine

and today we're gonna be talking about

the v1 d1 b60 B rocker switch it's a

single pole single throw with one

dependent light at the top it has three

terminals on the back a negative a

positive input and a positive output

it's a very popular rocker switch we

sell it as a standalone switch body and

as a combo with an actuator

we carry the printed actuators with all

the marine loads with blue and red

lenses let's look at the wiring I've got

a 12 volt power supply black is negative

I'm gonna hook it up to terminal 7 red

is positive I'm gonna hook it up to

terminal 2 and the dependent light and

the switch comes on when the switch is

off now I'm gonna hook up a test light

to the output of the switch we use a

piggyback here to put the negative of

the test light onto the negative of the

switch so we have returned current flow

and the positive on the terminal 3

that's the output terminal I'll apply a

negative and you can see when the switch

is on the test light also comes on so

the dependency here is being shown when

the switch is on the lights on the

loader zone and switches off load is off