Navigation and Anchor Light Rocker Switch Wiring Guide

hi my name is Eric with new wire marine

and today we're gonna be looking at how

to wire a navigation anchor light switch

with a VJ d 1 D 6 6 B this is the 7

terminal double pole double throw on/off

own switch and we'll wire it today we're

switch position up to both running

lights and anchor lights switch position

down is pinker lights only now let's

look at the wiring of the switch from

both the pinout and schematic

perspective we've got to get power into

the switch so we'll bring that into the

terminals 2 and 5 activating both poles

of the switch on the schematic

perspective that looks like this a

second jumper between terminals 1 and 6

and then out to the anchor light allows

that light to come on in both up and

down positions finally the nav light

goes on terminal 3 and the negative goes

on terminal 7 now the switch is

currently shown in the center off

position but if we rock the switch up

you can see how the jumpers that we've

applied allows both the nav and anchor

light to come out whereas in the down

position only the anchor light will

illuminate alright now let's go back to

our example switch we need to bring

power in to terminals 2 & 5 we'll use

this special jumper we've made for that

with 3 terminals we'll put the double

terminal on the breaker and use the

single terminals to go up to terminal 2

and 5 on the switch this uses a lot less

space on the back of the switch and

allows you more room for our other

jumpers that will come in next the

second chopper will go from terminal 1

to 6 and to make that happen because

we're also going to have to come out of

this to the anchor light switch so we'll

use this biggie back and jump 1 to 6

right there

so let me show you this little test

light we've got made up we've got a red

green LED and we've got a white LED the

red and green are attached together and

the white has attached to a single lead

this as anchor and red and rain say map

just like you'd expect so I'm going to

take the anchor lead and put it onto

terminal 1 and 6 this is on the

piggyback with that we had the jumper

that we flat earlier and then I'm gonna

take the nav lead and put it on terminal

I get to here in terminal 3 that's the

output to the nav lights and now I'll

take this negative for the indicator

lights put that up to our power supply

negative and the positive own to the

input of the circuit breaker oh I almost


let me get the negative for the switch

light so this is going to terminal 7 on

the nav anchor switch alright and it's

the top right terminal looking at the

back of the switch is channel 7 there we


and then that's pretty much it so we've

got our three test lights here and we'll

demonstrate that up on the switch is all

three lights and down on the switch is

gonna be the white light only four

anchor modes this is when you're not

running a knife with your anchored up

all of them down anchor and the very

last thing I did want to point out is

that on the back of the switch here

terminal 4 is not used so that one is

just left open not necessary to hook up

thank you for watching please check out

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