hey guys what's up it's I'm stricken 0/6

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we're going to learn about switches in

front of you is your standard rocker

switch with an LED so that way when you

push the button the LED will light up

and let three wires that will be

required in order to make that LED light

up so the way it works is there's going

to be three prongs coming out the back

of every three prong switch the

brass-colored one is going to be your

negative the center prong is going to be

what's coming from a battery source or

positive in and the yellow or the

farthest one away from the negative is

going to be what's coming out to your

lights or accessory or whatever it is

that you want to power since everything

metal on a car is your negative or

ground all you have to do is ground the

wire from whatever it is that you're

trying to wire up that solves one of the

wires the other positive wire will go to

this yellow wire so let's wire the

switch up with some LEDs that I have and

see how this works out so what we're

going to do first is we're going to take

our plus and minus wire and wire to our

battery source

all right so we have the red going to

battery positive the black going to

battery negative now we're going to take

the yellow wire we're going to connect

it to the positive of whatever it is

that we're trying to power up the

meantime I'm just going to temporarily

attach it like so and we're going to

take the negative of the light and we're

also going to ground that now you will

notice the LED is off on the switch but

as soon as i filt it forward the LED on

the switch will turn on as well as our

accessory light that's how simple it is

to wire a rocker switch with an LED

light in it the other style of switch is

when I don't typically recommend it's a

two prong switch

there's no LED on the button and you

basically will have to split a wire

install this in the middle of it and

that will cut power to whatever wire it

is either ground or positive that you're

trying to run again I don't typically

advise you to install these this will

support up to six amps

I don't really like these I don't like

the idea of splitting a wire and popping

this in the middle I mean I typically

run everything with a relay anyway but

maybe for very small circuits like a

single LED or maybe just a few like half

amp LEDs something like that maybe I

would run this but typically if you're

doing anything on a car you're going to

be running into higher amperage so I

don't really like these but it's your

choice you can find switches like these

that will run 5 10 15 amps some will go

even higher but they'll be a little bit

bulkier looking they'll be a little bit

bigger for the internals in order to

withstand the current but like I said if

you're going to do stuff for a car where

if you're only running a very small tiny

little light and be for like under under

the dash light just you know for the

floorboards you can run maybe something

that small but typically I like to stick

and over protect myself with higher

amperage switches plus they're always

reusable if you don't like something a

mod you can take it out pop it into

something else and you could always

reuse a higher amperage switch even on a

very low amperage circuit it won't hurt

you can't do that with a low amperage

switch you can't use it on a higher

amperage circuit all right guys thanks

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